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Inspiration Board : Paper Dolls

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There's something enchanting about paper dolls.  They've been around for hundreds of years combining craft, fashion, and play.  Especially popular in the early to mid 1900s, they were a cheap accessible way to keep up with fashion trends and celebrity figures.

I love this Frida Kahlo paper doll by Don Hendricks. They really feel like fashion illustrations.

Frida Kahlo


Most of us probably grew up with a Tom Tierney book or two.  He's created many many many paper doll books, documenting period fashions, celebrities, political figures, and literary characters.  I like this book of fashions from the Twenties.tom tierney

Illustrator Emily Eibel searched through today's wacky fashions to design this set of paper dolls which just ran in L Magazine's fashion week issue. You can downloads the PDF from her site here.


Do you have any favorite paper doll artists, or do you ever make your own?

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