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Contests & Prizes : Photo Printer (contest expired)

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Have you picked up a copy of our Halloween Special Issue yet?  It's full of ideas and projects for throwing the greatest, most ghoulish Halloween party possible.  One of my favorite tips is creating your own photo booth with a digital camera and a compact photo printer.  Instant portraits are a great way to capture all of the amazing costumes for you and your guests.


This week we're giving away an HP Photosmart A636 compact photo printer.  Leave a comment explaining how you'll use this in 50 words or less, along with a valid e-mail address by 6 PM Sunday.  We’ll choose one commenter at random to win this personal printer. See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.

Comments (190)

  • I would use this to get caught up on all my photos. I think at this point, I am two and a half years behind on printing out photos! I even bought some nice albums earlier this year thinking that would motivate me. I'd love to have my own photo printer!

  • I'll use this to print images for display at my craft fair!

  • Would be a great addition to my pumpkin carving party! Was just discussing with my roommate last night how many great templates are on Martha's site.

  • Goodness! I SO need a new printer! MANY beautiful crafting ideas that I want to partake in which requires a good printer for pretty colors! Mine only prints up black print & everything else it in green tones (even when I put new printer ink in!). Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • I would use the HP Photosmart printer to update all the pictures in my frames. Since switching to digital, I rarely get my pictures printed at a photo kiosk. They just sit on my computer, waiting to be admired.

  • i would print out and send photos of my kids to relatives!

  • i am getting married friday so i would DEFINITELY use it print those pictures out right away! :)

  • i would use it to print photos for my christmas photocards! the aunts and grandmas and cousins from kentucky to curacao will be so happy to get pictures of the kids!

  • I love the idea of a photobooth!

    I would use a photo printer to make a baby book for my brother and sister-in-law, and my brand new niece Sophie!

  • wow, i have been wanting a way to print out pics quick and easily and this cute lil unit looks PERFECT! we are having our annual boone's (farm) party for halloween this year(costumes mandatory!), so this would be a great way to capture the foolishness!

  • this would be great for using at parties and for catching up on all the picture printing i need to do. those pretty pictures aren't doing me much good in my computer!

  • I would use this for scrapbooking! Much easier than loading everything on the computer!

  • I would use this to catch up on my scrapbooking! I am so behind since I haven't ordered photos from my trips for the past two years!

  • I've designed a program in automator on my iMac to create my own "Vintage Photobooth" using my SLR to take pix and I need a photo printer.

  • Wow, what a nice giveaway! We've got 8 grandkids plus lots of trick or treaters I snap pics of plus a Halloween parade in our town. I'd like to make photo books for my kids' families. Sally Hackney

  • I would use this to print more photos from my recent wedding. We have so many I would love to frame.

  • I would love to have a printer - I don't have one at all. It would be great to be able to send photos of my crafts to my Grandparents who live quite far from me.

  • Adorable!
    I would finally get my honeymoon pictures printed and start making photo postcards for Christmas Cards :D

  • Would love to have this little printer dedicated to pic printing. My all-in-one does not do a good job. Thanks for the give-away!

  • I love to take photos of my dogs and of nature so I'd use it to print some of those and bind them into handmade books. my email is

  • I can't remember the last time I printed out photos, but I always need to. This printer would be perfect for getting my house speckled with portraits of friends and family.

  • I have been scanning old family photos into the computer and I would use this to print out copies to give away.

  • I would use the printer in my home fabric business to print color coupons, postcards, etc... It would be very helpful! I would probably sneak in a few printed pics of my little girl and her new baby sister/brother on the way to send to family!

  • I would use this printer all the time. I'm trying to improve my photography by taking more photos and using them in artwork around the house and in mini books. I have over 600 photos from my year of living in Ecuador and refuse to pay the excess fees to have them printed. I would absolutely love to be able to do it myself.

  • My grandmother recently passed away, leaving us a trove of old family photos. I've been planning to scan them into the computer, but it would be great to be able to print out copies for my other relatives.

  • I would use the printer to print out all the fabulous photos I will be taking on my cruise next month to the bahamas.

  • My daughter is the first grandkid for both my parents and my husband's parents. They used to love the cards I'd make for them, but now only like them if my baby girl's face is somewhere on it. This would save me many trips to the photo center!

  • ALL my photos are digital and I never print them! This printer would help me with that problem. PLUS, I'm about to be a grandma for the first time, so I'll need to print photos for my brag book!!!

  • I miss printed photos - filling through a folder or box of memories was so much fun. I would print out all my favorite pictures since I went digital.

  • I would use it for a photobooth at my annual holiday party and for a photobooth at my wedding next year! And to print all the photos I have languishing on my computer!

  • I would use the printer to print out the zillion pictures I take of my four little cuties.

  • I have a 2 yr old granddaughter, who is the main object of my scrap booking and this would just add to the fun of all we do together.She loves having her picture taken and i can't imagine how she would love to see it print out.

  • I would use the printer as part of my photography project: New York Neighborhood Dogs and give people prints of the photo's I take of their dogs. I never go anywhere without my camera, but, getting the images printed can be a whole 'nother story. This printer would be a great help to me.

  • I would use this to print out all of the photos of our family (me, boyfriend, and our THREE dogs) and put it into a beautiful photo album. I love the idea of looking back at the photos in an actual book, and not on a computer. Especially, photos of us from the day we met!

  • I would take this on school field trips and print out instant souvenirs for the kids. And I would take it traveling and print out postcards to mail home. And maybe I would do the photobooth idea at my kids parties. And I could add printed elements to my collages. And ...

  • What a fantastic idea for our holiday party - a photo booth! Just connect this printer to our camera (on a tripod) hang some fun fabric as a backdrop & give guests the camera remote- so easy! They could take their photos home as party favors!

  • I run a daycare in our home, and take many, many pictures to share with the parents. Halloween is just one of the many events the kids take photos home of, but alas, I can no longer purchase the supplies for it locally. A new HP one would be the ticket!

  • Print Pictures! There is nothing better than capturing moments of your lil' ones that can always be treasured - you dont get this time back!!

  • I am always needing to print photos for family and friends of our little one and this would make printing pictures so much easier. I always have to run out to the store which is a big chore with a baby on your hip. Plus instant pictures for photo crafts and projects.

  • I would use this as a way for guests to document themselves throughout the holiday. It would make such a fun book, or garland, etc!

  • I would use it to do the instant photo booth at my Holiday party. What fun! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • What a great idea for our Halloween party!

  • I would make beautiful Christmas cards! Mixed Media Paintings! I am a mixed media artist and I use lots of elements including some wonderful vintage collages and these images when they are printed out look so real and life like, it would be a joy to be able to really get the look I wanted in my art, instead of images that are not that clear with my old printer XOXO Michele :)

  • I would use the printer to finally start scrapbooking by getting all my wonderful, I'll get to them someday, digital pictures printed!

  • I would use this to print out pictures from my wedding!!

  • I am a mother of 2 and am just entering into the school process. I am the Head Room Parent for my daughter in 1st Grade and help out a lot in the classroom for her and my preschooler son (4YRS)> I would be able to take pictures in the classrooms and print them out instantly for quick projects that can be taken home same day. This would make 2 classes happy.

  • I would use it to print pictures onto printable canvas. (and of course other craftiness I've been thwarting thanks to my current printer) After many failed attempts with my current printer I've given up! DRAT! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I would use the printer to print some photos immediately that guests at my upcoming small mountain wedding could keep.

  • I would use it to print photos for scrapbook layouts and making cards! I often think that it would be ideal to be able to scrapbook events when they are still fresh in my mind, instead of waiting until the next time I order prints from an online print source. . .

  • How cool! I'd use this @ my Halloween party. I'd take pictures of my guests and send them home with a photo of themselves in their costumes - fun party favors!

  • Take pictures of things you want to learn the names for in a foreign language. Put as many things together as you can learn reasonably and retain, and that go together as a category. Then print them, and use them as flash cards.

  • I have 5 birthdays coming up in the next 3 months, not mention all of the awesome holidays, so being able to set up a photo booth during each of these would be a fantastic idea. I'd love to be able to print them out quickly with this baby!

  • I would love to give it to my son, who is taking a photography class in school. He has some really nice photos that would be great to print and frame.

  • I would use this printer to make copies of all the beautiful photos from my recent wedding in Arizona and honeymoon in Costa Rica! All of our photographs are digital and we'd love to distribute copies to our friends and family, along with creating our own wall displays!

  • I would use it for scrapbooking my niece. She's a year and a half now, and every time I see her, I swear she grows another 6 inches. Her parents are so busy with her, the only pictures they have are on their computer.

  • Recently married and living in Indiana, my husband and I are far away from family. His being in Connecticut and mine in Illinois results in frequent mailing of photos back and forth across the country. This printer would be invaluable in the race to keep up with seasonal photos!

  • I would use it to print the pictures for our chirstmas cards. I'm hoping to get a jump start on our homemade cards!

  • I would love to use this for our wedding! We are building our own photobooth.

  • I would use the printer to print photos of my pets and make a little book!

  • I would use it for 1st grade classroom projects - fun!

  • I would love this as a new "addition to the family". I am very proud of my kids and grandkids and with such an item at my fingertips, I can start my photo wall.

  • Parties! My son's birthday party, and family events surrounding my cousin's upcoming wedding, so guests could leave with party pictures in hand; scrapbooking parties for tween girls: a photo of each guest with the birthday girl, one copy for the birthday girl's album and one for the guest's page.

  • Upcoming holidays! I plan to use this to print out photos for my grandma and mom. They're both non-tech savvy and having to print pics instantly will be so fun!

  • I would finally print out all the digital images I have stored on the computer! All those memories are hidden deep in the hard drive just waiting to make an appearance in real life.

  • I would use this lovely printer to print out pictures from my new Nikon D3000 SLR camera. I have been waiting for years to get my Nikon, and can't wait to post lots of pics on my blog. I have always loved photography, and would use the printer to share photos with friends and family. Of course, I have to learn the camera first! I'm working on it! Also, I love everything crafty: paper, fabrics, wools, threads, and this would be a great tool! Thank you!

  • I would use it to update my kid's scrapbooks and baby books. I am so behind!

    Thanks for the ad

  • I am an avid scrapbooker. I spend most of my time and money on scrapbooking for personal use and family. It would be nice and greatly appreciated if you could return the loyalty in the form of a photo printer.

  • I would use the HP Photosmart A636 compact photo printer to print out family photos, artist trading cards, homemade post cards and scrapbook photos! It may be compact but do I have the photo work I could print with that dreamy printer! Thanks for the chance!
    xx fingers crossed~

  • definitely a photo wall - photos of impromptu trips possibly strung on twine with mini clothespins.

  • I have taken my computer and lugged my ginormous printer to the skating rink to create party favors for the girls to take home, including a picture of the birthday girl. Oh how much fun I could have with this! Personalized goody bags...girls can decorate frames and then I can put a group picture in as a favor...personalized cupcakes pics...oh the fun I could have!!

  • Oh my - so many things! We just moved into our first house and are having a "Mid-autumn Nights Dream" themed party and it would be wonderful to set this up. I'm also an artist and avid photographer so my brain is just teeming with ideas for projects (photo wall montages, mixed media pieces...)

  • I would use it to print the artwork that I have scanned and stored for my children in my computer over the years.

  • Ooo, thanks so much for the chance! I would use it to print out photos of my kids and template PDFs from the Martha website so that I wouldn't have to send my husband e-mails at work all of the time asking him to print things for me!!

  • Recently I took some photography classes and have been learning lots about lighting and composition. My husband wants to celebrate his 33rd birthday with a photography theme, including setting up a portrait "studio" with props to photograph all the guests. The printer would be perfect of this for immediate gratification. The guests can print a photo out for themselves along with ones signed for the Birthday Boy.

  • I would use this to finally get caught up on scrapbooks for my kids. With three kids 3 and under, I am 3 years behind!

  • Besides using it to print photos of my family and my puggle family to give out; I would use it to create a name tag for Christmas presents and then they can keep the photo!!!

  • I'll use this to finally print out pics that are stored on my computer.

  • What!? A photo printer? Too cool. I would use the photo printer to help my 10 year old niece create her first scrapbook.

  • Oh, what fun it would be! I would print out photos to share with my mom in the nursing home; use photos for scrapbooking and altered arts; use photos on cards to send for the holidays and make it SO much easier for projects!

  • There is so much I would do. Most importantly, I would love to create an album for my daughter. She is 7 months old and I want to start a year by year album of her. Also, I recently bought a DSLR camera, and would love to have the flexibility of printing pictures on location of my daugther with her grandparents and her great grandparents. These a just a few of the thousands of things I could do with this gift.

  • This would be so perfect for daughter's birthday is in July and we rent a cottage at the shore every year. This past summer I brought down my big printer to use for her party. We did photo t-shirts for the craft.

  • i would love to take pics of the first gourd i am
    growing in my back yard. taking a pic daily to mark
    the growth would be fun for my grandson to enjoy.we
    could also take pics of the gourd after we decorate it!

  • I'd send the printer up to my Grandma, who turned 100 in September. Since visitors often snap photos when they visit, she could have prints instantly rather than waiting/hoping for them to be sent to her later. (She's seen a lot of changes in her lifetime, but loves to stay current--she took up email in her early 90s and loves reading the family blogs!)

  • Wonderful to see so many entries here win or lose good luck to all. I have applied to host a home crafts party & if selected to host I would use my new printer to display my party pix & what we made for everyone to see our talents.

  • I would use this printer to expand my craft abilities in my soon to be craft room that my husband will be building. Would love to be able to print my photos and frame them also.

  • Great! I would give this to my daughter so SHE could print out all of the pictures she takes of our grandson!
    Favorite fall treat???? Carmel Apples with nuts!!

  • I too have a lot of Holiday parties both at work and home. This would capture a lot of the memories to use in my crafts and the "new baby" in our family in November. Also my Mom does quilting at the young age of 80 and my dad has garden plots that this would capture some special moments.

  • As an art teacher, I think it would be fun to create Dia de los Muertos hand-painted alterations on personal portraits! I will take photos of each student, have them hand-paint sugar-skull designs on their faces, and create cardboard dioramas in hand-drawn scenes! How fun!

  • I have just recently gotten into scrapbooking. Having this printer would definitely keep me motivated since I could tweak layouts instantly instead of having to wait for the 1 hour photo place.....
    I have tons of pictures from over the years that need to be printed out. They are just hanging out on thumbdrives and memory cards.

  • I would use this with the hundreds of photos living on my computer. I inherited drawers of photos from my parents and have been busy scanning. Of course my husband and sons think they each need copies and scrapbooks of every fishing trip photo, too. As for me, I am scrappin' the grandkids. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • An HP Photosmart A636 compact photo printer would be used as a high quality replacement for instant cameras at 4-H events. Each year over 1,000 students are photographed at 4-H activities and community service projects. The photos are used for personal memories, student portfolios, and summer camp ID’s.

  • This would be great to create word books for my 2 yo son.

  • It is my year to host the family Christmas celecbration. We may have up to 40 people there & would be GREAT to get updated photos of all the family printed on site at ONE TIME!! Would also be fantastic for our photo journals of the 4-H crafts projects!!

  • It is my year to host the family Christmas celecbration. We may have up to 40 people there & would be GREAT to get updated photos of all the family printed on site at ONE TIME!! Would also be fantastic for our photo journals of the 4-H crafts projects!!

  • I would print out pictures of my triplets to send my aging, ailing in-laws. I could make a postcard a day, which would get a huge smile!

  • I need this printer so that I can have photos to fill the empty photo frames that have been WAITING to decorate my walls!!! I have a bad habit of taking pictures and buying frames... and that's as far as I get. This printer will definitely help me break that bad habit by printing the pictures I need in an instant.

  • I would love a new printer to scan pictures that could be used for scrap booking all the great memories!

  • Wow, love the photo booth idea! I'm going to do that -- hold a party with a backdrop and some funny props and a camera on a tripod, perhaps set up with a remote so that guests can take photos of each other and then print them with the photo printer.

    Instant gratification!


  • I would love a printer! I have 2 years worth waiting to be printed- which means a 45 min. trip. A printer would be new means of creative fun (esp. for kids).

  • I need to catch up on all my photos. I love to take photos at all our family events. print them and give them to the family. If i win this printer I cant take it with me to all our family functions and print on site. What a way to end the day

  • i'd love to win this printer! i am painfully overdue for printing the last nine years of photos since we made the switch to a digital camera, and would love the chance to catch up on (er, start...) my photo albums.

  • Two new grandbabies this year! I need this to take pictures of them and to try the glitter painting with my 3 and 5 year old grandsons! What fun! That's why they call me Nana Joan!

  • I would use the printer to take and print pictures of the invitations & announcements that I make. The pictures would be helpful for my portfolio. You can only see my work digitally on my blog at the moment ( )

  • I would use this printer to actually print out my hundreds and hundreds of pictures that I take daily. I just purchased a new Canon Mark II 5d camera, and this would be a great addition to that...the ability to print immediately after shooting photos!

  • I would love to use it to make photo memory quilts.

  • I would use a new printed to catch up on printing the photos from my camera. I've just been keeping the photos on the memory cards to 'print later' but haven't so far.

  • I could use it for our annual Fall Carnival that we throw for the kids! Or for our private Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party that we do! Loads of fun!

  • I'd use this photo printer to print photos of my first baby, 40 weeks, 3 days, still counting... :)

  • I wouldn't be using it at halloween, but at Christmas, so my neice and nephew from out of state can have fun taking their own pictures and printing them right away.

  • I would love this for printing out snapshots of the kids at Halloween--or for helping them to make masks for their costumes!

  • I'd finally print out all the photos I scanned which belonged to my Great Aunt and put together photo/scrap books for my siblings, cousins and others who loved her.

  • My first child was born in 2006 and I have so many photos that I need to get printing! Thanks!

  • I'd finally print up all my pictures! And use it to make fliers for my business, perhaps.

  • Print out pictures of my kids to send to my Grandparents and other family members that resist technology.

  • This looks like a great printer. I would love to win it. I could use it at the Holidays for instant place cards. Thanks!!

  • i would use the photo printer to print pictures for my scrapbooking

  • I would love to win this printer... we could sure use a new one. Like so many others, we are way behind in printing out our photos.
    Thank you for all the great ideas, and the prizes!

  • This will be fantastic for both my halloween party and my wedding next year! I love the "photo booth" idea, fabulous.

  • I have 2 kids and it would be great to keep memories of them in their scrapbook!! So much easiers than putting photo's on a disc or sending out for them.

  • Maybe I can actually print out pics of my daughter for once! They are all stored digitally but I never seem to remember to print them out.

  • My printer has quit working and I have been trying to decide what kind to buy. My husband has some pictures that he wants me to copy for a friend of his. They were in Korea together, so the pictures are really old. I think the HP Photosmart would do a really good job. Thanks.

  • I would use the printer to send new baby pictures to his Grandparents. This will be our first child, due in November, and we will be moving across the country from our family, so this would be a great way to keep our families updated on how he is growing!

  • I would use this to create a faux photo booth for our christmas party!

  • After losing almost 200 lbs. and health problems, I now will leave my home. I've found a love of photography. I get out and look for things to take photos of. This would be a wonderful gift!

  • I'd send pictures of what I'm seeing to my boyfriend on the other side of the country!

  • Create "in the moment" keepsakes for family and friends. I borrowed a friend's printer for a baby shower. We took fun pictures, printed them, put them in a brag book, the guests wrote notes, and gave it to the mom-to-be at the end. She laughed and cried. Priceless!

  • I am so behind on printing out my photos! This printer would be wonderful to help me get caught up. Plus, I love the idea of being able to print out photos just after they've been taken, to be able to send home copies with guests.

  • This printer would be so much fun! One-hour photo is great, but the instant gratification of being able to print photos immediately ... that'd totally rock!

  • A new printer would be fantastic! I print pictures and make cards to give to others of special events, parties, or a fun day out. These are a very welcome gift.

  • I want a photo booth at my wedding!!! What a great way to have my own with out the cost of renting one!!! I would also use it for capturing friends costumes at my upcoming Halloween party!

  • In addition to the printing pictures for my scrapbooking projects (obvious!) I think the printer will be great for printing instant photos when my daughters have friends over. Perfect for sleepover souvenirs, birthday favors, so many ideas!

  • Thanks for the great giveaway! I will use it to make my mother a scrapbook for xmas, and for the new year I would like to try a picture a day book of my kids.

  • I would super love to have something like this for "photo op" pictures at birthdays! This year we're throwing a vintage firetruck party for my little one and plan to craft a truck with cutouts for photos - this would be perfect!! Thanks for the chance to win ~ hooray!!

  • Currently I am working on organizing my 2-year old son's toys. I would use this printer to make picture labels for the bins. That way clean up will be simple!

  • I would use the printer for scrapbook pages, craft projects (of course), parties, and to just print my favorite pics of all time. I would also take it on trips so that relatives and friends could have special photos to keep instantly!

  • I have been my daughters Girl Scout leader for the past 5 years. I enjoy planning the annual "Thinking Day Event" where Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world think of one another and a common cause. Our Service Unit has always done a Passport for the girls to take with them as they tour the countries displayed. I would use the printer to take with to the event and print "passport photos" right there on the spot! The girls would go home with an authentic replica! How fun!

  • When I grew up there were photos in albums, shoeboxes, packets, frames and even stacks of them. At any given moment I could sit down and relive a moment in my life and share it with family and friends through an old-fashion sit down together with a refreshment and box of photos. We could spend hours reminiscing and sharing. And each time we did that I understood a little more about them and they did the same for me. Doing this helped to solidified memories that I still carry with me today. I want my children to have that same kind of ready access to their life’s history and the connection of where they come from that I did. Having a digital camera and the ability to store and organize so many photos on the computer is wonderful but only benefits me and is not the same as being able to feel them in your hand, snuggle up with someone and flip through the stories of your life in photos.

    It seems that everyone has more photos now but there is less sharing and actual use of those photos because for the most part they are kept on someone’s computer or worse yet spept a year on the camera itself. I want to change that for my family because it is too important not to.

  • I would use it to make mini scrapbooks. Its the perfect size. Just print the pictures and add different papers in the same size. Punch 2 holes in each paper/picture and use book rings to keep it all together. :)

  • I would use this printer to catalog how my puppy is growing. She is growing so fast that I want to make sure I get lots of memories while she is little.

  • I am a huge fan of pictures covering my house. I usually print my photos using online printing sites but if I win this printer I can start printing off my photos on my own.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!


  • I just bought a digital camera. I would use this to print my photos and catch up on scrapbooking. =D

  • I NEED THIS PRINTER! I'm an amateur photographer and scrapbooker and this printer is perfect for my needs! I'll use my existing printer for general printing and use this HP Photosmart A636 printer for all of my photos. Thanks & hello to Martha & everyone at MSLO!!!

  • I'll use it to materialize my ongoing craft project: digitalize our family's slides, select the best for framing, print them after an intensive photohop-recovery session, produce the frames and voilá!

  • Super G I V E A W A Y, Martha!
    This HP Photosmart printer will be ideal to create the picture perfect history of our family's
    (& pets'!)adventures in life. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Oh, this would be great! I can see myself using this for all kinds of things. As an art student I can take pictures of my work at school and print out right away. I would be able to make sure my shots came out right away!

  • The photo booth option is such a great idea! I'd take the printer to other peoples' parties, should the host permit, in order to provide instant pictures of the party fun.

  • I'd use that printer for family photos. My Mom comes from a family of sixteen kids and I have over 63 first cousins. I'm sure I'd make great use from that printer! Thanks for the chance.

  • I would love love love this printer. I now have 567 pictures to print off my digital camera. Some are from Italy. I would love to have this printer just in time to print the photos of all my goulish friends, from the Halloween party I am invited to on Saturday, October 24, 2009. My dog Bella Boo will also be dressed up for the occation. Thank you for the chance at this contest! You are the BEST!

  • I 2006 I took everything I had and purchased an old building in a small Adirondack town with the dream of someday (soon)opening a my own business. Formally a restaurant/bar that remained vacant for years the building has required extensive renovation. I have been taking pictures since the project began, hoping to put together a photo diary to have on display when my store opens. I do not have a photo printer and right now since every spare penny goes towards building materials purchasing one is not in the budget. This would be wonderful!!

  • Last June I got my first digital camera as a birthday present. I don't even own a printer, so having this one would save me lots of trips to the photo center. Plus, I would finally be able to put together a mini photo album for my 2-year-old niece, who lives in Spain and only gets to see her aunty once a year.

  • photography is something i've loved, since i was a kid. unfortunately, i haven't been able to print out any photos ( from my digital camera) since my bf and i got our first one, over 8 years ago! this could be THE start <3

  • I would have this and my camera available at all family functions so anyone could take pictures to keep an updated log of family growth and the fun we have!

  • This would be a great tool to use in my 3rd grade classroom. We do so many creative things throughout the year {Famous Americans class play, field trip to Scout Island, art projects}. Adding photos of students to place in their end-of-the year memory box would be AwEsOmE!

  • When I throw my Halloween party, I'm going to snap pics of my husband jumping out to scare people in his Ape costume! Then I'll use the printer to instantly print the pics and make them apart of the decorations!

  • i would suprise my daughters with the printer so i could force them to print out pictures of my grandkids!!they have 100s of pictures and i have plenty of empty of empty albums to fill.

  • I would use this printer to print pictures I needed in a hurry to put in Birthday, or Christmas cards. Instead of having to go to the store to print a picture to include in a note I send to a friend or family member, I can just print it at home in a minute or so!

  • I'm a amateur photographer just getting into the scrapbooking scene, and with limited amount of money (and time!) this would be a great way to get (almost) instant photos for when inspiration hits!

  • My Mom passed away in age 83 in 2005 from breast cancer. She left a trunkload of pictures from the 1930's and up. There are albums of pictures that my father sent to her from Africa and Italy when he was fighting in WWII for 2.5 years. If alive my parents would now have 9 great grandsons and 1 great grandaughter. I would like to keep their history alive by making albums/scrapbooks for their great grandchildren. Someday ther won't be any photos with everyone storing their digital shots on the computer.

  • I would love to have a photo printer! I have a backlog of years of baby pics to print and this would be very useful!

  • I would love this photo printer to print out all the memories of my two children. It would come in handy for my scrapbooking. I love the idea of the photo booth for a costume party. Great way to document memories!

  • Great grandma sure could put that new hp printer to work. 13 grandkids and 2 greats turning 1 year old in 2 weeks. That is, right after my bunco party for halloween with everyone coming over in costume. Maybe I could finally have some nice prints for everyone. I could even take some pics of my animal pumkins! I'm holding my breath! Thanks for everything. Dana

  • approved

  • Winning this photo printer would be great for me. I just learned that I am pregnant and it would be great to capture and immediately send pictures to everyone of my pregnancy and the little one that is on the way! Thanks!

  • As a single unemployed mom to a teenage son, I would create an album for my mom & stepdad featuring digitial photos which captured moments of happier & healthier days of them. He's at the end of his battle with throat & lung cancer. A printer with ink-priceless.

  • this stylish printer would look so lovely paired with my new 24" mac and black Pottery Barn desk.

  • I love the photobooth idea! I would have a Photobooth Party with this and provide funny props for everyone to wear in their photos.

  • I'd make a scapbook for my parents, who live in Tokyo, Japan! My parents always love getting photos of my husband and our dog Kumo.

  • would be super to have a dedicated photo printer for all the kids photos!

  • I hope it's not too late. I started a volunteer scrapbook therapy program at my local hospital, and it would be so helpful to have a mini photo printer for patients to print their photos. I'd love to win.

  • My daughter is an avid scrapbooker and also volunteers at a local hospital and plans to do so at a nursing home as well. If I win this, I will give it to her for her projects, and I know she will use it to help others.

  • I work at a school as a Parent Center Director I work with parents organizing workshops for parents to empower them to learn so they can teach their children and help them at home & when I take pictures of the workshops & show the kid at school they get very happy, can I please have a printer?

  • I want to try the Glitter paint idea from the November issue! I can't wait!Plus I have got to get pictures out of my camera and on to photo paper!

  • Ah! I'd love to provide loving home for this printer! :) The first thing came to my mind was to use it for our Christmas card! We'd really love to be able to print out our self-designed Christmas card. We weren't going to do this earlier because the printing will cost too must but it will be possible with this printer! :)

  • Like others, I will use this to catch up on the large amount of photo printing I am behind on. I've had 2 kids in 4 years and converting to digital has been amazing at allowing me to capture all the milestones -- but I'd love to view the photos more in frames and less on my laptop. ; )

  • I've always wanted one these printers to print out family photos. Great Blog!

  • I have a shop on etsy, and I create greeting cards, altered journals, regular journals, stationery, and upcycled cigar boxes, so I would most definitely use this hp compact photo printer to add to my nikon d 40 which I waited to long for this year to print out my pictures, and mount 'life's' moments on my products.
    Also, considering I am an Australian living in the United States, without a doubt I would send home a lot more pictures to my family back home down under. I have never owned a photographic printer, so this would be extra special to have, that is for sure!

  • I would take it with me to Kenya on my next trip and thrill the kids with their own pictures. They love having their pics made, but never get to see anything except what it looks like on the digital screen! They would love to see the pics printed out.

  • How wonderful! I've been looking for a compact printer for a long time. This would be great to take with me to crops and friends' houses when we scrapbook or even trips! Great little friend to have around to help me scrapbook.

  • I would use this printer for pictures that need to be printed out immediately at school and scouts where I love being room mother and co-leader. One project I really want to do is have our kids make silhouettes for their parents for Christmas presents. What a blessing it'd be!

  • I would give this to my daughter so that she could send mr pictures of my grandson. They live far away and she has no computer.

  • This printer would be so helpful in printing family photos, scrapbook pieces, Christmas cards and probably loads of other items!
    Thanks for the chance!

  • Wow! Having a photo printer would take rainy-day scrapbooking to a whole new level. No trudging in rainboots out to the local photo store to print that last picture from the memory card. Photo printer is definitely a good thing!

  • I would use the printer to make scrapbooks for my nieces, nephews and close friends' kids.

  • My daugthers love Halloween and put together quite an amazing Haunted House for the kids in the neighborhood. What fun it would be to give a photo to each child in their costume as an additional treat!

  • I have a fabulous new DSLR camera, but my printer is almost 10 years old and does a poor job printing photos. This new printer would make my photo projects look great!

  • If I won this prize I would use it to print pictures of my new four month old granddaughter!


  • In the last two years my sister, sister in law, good friend, and myself have all gotten married. I would love to be able to print out pictures for gifts and scrapbooks. Along with all the halloween parties we have had!

  • On November 6, my 1st Grandson Kaden Alexander was born 2 weeks early. He's a fighter and so adorable; of course I would think so. I would definetely use this awesome printer to print pictures of Kaden and my five granddaughter's. Perfect timing for the holiday's.

  • I wish my neighbourhood getting to know each other ,become closer and help each other. I like to make scrapbooks about them and give away to all. Of course, I need to print loads of photos.

  • I would like to use it for our family get together dinner we try to have at least every 2 months to celebrate Life and Family,and that no matter what happen family is a bond that shouldn"t be taken lightly.

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