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Inspiration Board : Pumpkin Carving

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Here are some images from a halloween story Marcie and I worked on a few years back. The idea was carving trompe l'oiel sillhouettes of spooky objects into the pumpkins, hopefully making it look sort of like they were real objects in the room... It turns out this story was popular with our readers so I thought I'd post a few of them again and a behind the scenes image from the development of the story. Whether you carve a pumpkin or not, Happy Halloween!


Here is a detail of the feather, carved with a linoleum cutter...


May favorite was this moth-to-a-flame motif:


This is an early drawing from when we were developing the idea and the templates:


For the rest of the story and all of the templates, click here!

Comments (11)

  • I love that little illustrator sketch, how the stacked pumpkins are just wonky circles. Thanks for sharing this.

  • this is EXCELLENT! somehow i'd missed seeing it before. there is such great detail in the feather..thanks for bringing it to attention in the close-up. i love a peek behind the scenes :) you guys never cease to amaze!

  • Take a look at my grand prize winning pumpkin carving! It was inspired by your Lace Pattern Pumpkins and my love of Tiffany Lamps! It's a Tiffany Wisteria Lamp Shade!!! I beat out professional artist at the annual DreamWorks Animation Carving Contest and took home 1st Place!!!

  • Hi Athena,
    WOW! love the feather motif
    Thank you for sharing
    Happy Halloween!

  • These jack-o-lanterns are awesome. The skill one looks like it took a long time to make.

  • These jack-o-lanterns are awesome. The skull one looks like it took a long time to make.

  • That’s cool seeing the idea from concept to finish product! I like the candle holders the best!

  • Those pumpkins are truly AMAZING!

  • These pumpkin carvings are really great!

  • this is awesome! I missed seeing it before. i love a peek behind the scenes!

  • Each of these pumpkins and the entire photo spread are truly an inspired flight of fancy. They raise the craft tradition of carving jack-o-lanterns to a higher level. Thank you for all the hard work that brought this idea to life. It was an escape to a beautiful place.

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