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Our Library : Vintage Inspiration

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Above is a selection from our library of vintage books... always inspiring and entartaining look through! The first is an early book on paper flowers, which the crafts dept has made many varieties of over the years. I always think of Jodi when I see them. This book is really sweet and has good instructions. As you may know Morgan also makes beautiful giant paper flowers... The second book was a gift from former craft editor Marissa Corwin, and is a very charming household guide from the 20's called Modern Priscilla, with lots of how-to and nice illustrations. The last two images are examples of the John Martin children's periodicals, which Marcie collects. They are full of holiday inspiration and great imagery, as you can see. We hope that you are on the lookout for vintage insiration too, we'd love to hear about your finds!

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  • i love vintage craft books!!! right now i'm into the 60's mccall's stuff. they're so tacky/kitchy/inspiring! go go vintage crafting!

  • I love the colors on the cover. I'd love to look through "Paper Flower Making" book as I make flowers with metal (then make them into jewelry like earrings ane necklaces.) I wonder if I googled I can find a copy...

  • The New York Public Library also has a fantastic collection of vintage craft books. I host Crafternoons at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building (aka The Lion Branch) on the second Saturday of every month, and my librarian co-host, Jessica Pigza, pulls a wonderful selection of these books for Crafternoon attendees to peruse. The library is an incredibly inspiring resource for crafters!

  • Were can I purchase some of these beautiful books?

  • I love Vintage craft.
    Beatiful ideas.Patricia

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