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Make It : A Thanksgiving Wreath

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This is a corn wreath I made for A Texas Thanksgiving. The secret to it's construction is gluing wire into the base of the corn, it makes it easy to secure to the form and arrange once you are done. It takes some time to prep the corn but it is constructed very simply. Smaller corn about 4 to 8 inches works well on a 18 inch wreath form. Another tip is using the smaller ears toward the center to fill the inner curve neatly.

I love the monochromatic corn, it would be fun to make one in yellow, white, or blue? Here is the how-to:


Texas wreath

The amount of corn required depends on the size of the wreath; we used 140 ears on an 18-inch wreath form.

Tools and Materials

Rotary tool with standard bit

Dried pink miniature corn (available at farmers’ markets)

Craft glue

9-inch piece of 18-gauge stem wire for each ear of corn

32-gauge floral wire wound on a paddle

Wreath form

Wire cutters

1 Drill a 2-inch-deep hole in the base of each ear of corn. Squeeze a dab of glue into each hole, and insert 1 stem wire per ear. Let dry overnight.

2 Anchor floral wire to wreath form. Attach an ear of corn by wrapping floral wire around corn stem wire. Without cutting the floral wire, add corn an ear at a time across the wreath form’s width until you have 4 or 5 ears in a row. Overlap rows until you come full circle. Cut floral wire, and secure end to the wreath form.

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  • I was watching Friday show and there was a pattern for a smock, the one with the pattern using a frying pan. Is there a special site I should go on to find it...I would like to make 2 for my boys girlfriends.

    Thankyou Martha for your help. I try to watch your show whenever I get a chance.



  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Donna,

    The link below should have all of the information you need. You can alsways find information about projects from the show and the Marth Stewart Show webpage.

  • Wow, that is so beautiful!

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