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Make It : easy fall decoration

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It isn't often that I find the time to  do the projects we produce for the magazine for my personal life , as I'm always too busy developing the next story (yes, that is Thanksgiving 2010 for me). But today I decided to take the 15 minutes it would take to decorate my own house the way I showed in the Thanksgiving Crafts story for  the current November issue of Martha Stewart Living. Really, 15 minutes !


All I needed was to pull out a can of silver spray, gather the mini pumpkins left over from  Halloween, and grab a twig and a few leaves, which we have plenty of in the yard.

sprayed materials

A few sprays, a few minutes to dry ....

sprayed close up

finished !


I already had the big pumpkin, added a prototype of the sewn pumpkins in the story (which by the way take no more than 30 minutes to make ! ), the decoration is done. And the greatest thing is, that this will last until it's time to decorate for Christmas ... at which point I'll loose the pumpkins, but the leaves and branches will most likely make it into the next decoration. Stay tuned !

If you'd like more inspiration for Fall and Thanksgiving decorations, take a look here.

Comments (5)

  • Oooh. I like how the silver will last into winter.

  • I love the unexpected colors you used for fall and the rich textures. I never would have thought of purple and silver for thanksgiving, but they look fantastic!

  • Fifteen amazing minutes! I love the finished creation, especially those shiny pumpkins -- using the leaves and branches in a Christmas scene is a great idea, reminiscent of retro ornaments of silver leaves and shiny tinsel.

  • Greetings from London!
    Wow love this project! amazing and beautiful!
    So inspiring, thanks

  • What brand of spray paint did you use? It is really shiny and bright.


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