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Contests & Prizes : Glitter 24-piece set (CONTEST OVER)

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We're perpetually working with (and covered in) glitter, so we thought it was time to share some with you!  Whether you use it to glitter paint, decorate, or entertain, our glitter 24 pack will definitely keep you busy.  It's available at Michaels, or win one here.  Leave a comment describing how you’ll use your new glitter in 50 words or less, along with a valid e-mail address by 6 PM Sunday. We’ll choose one commenter at random to win this Essential 24-piece glitter set.

glittered ornaments

We’ll choose one commenter at random to win this dazzling pack of glitter. See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.

Comments (468)

  • I'd use this glitter to decorate more of my holiday cards. I'd also go through the green like crazy making more of my glitter trees, like the one used here:

  • Ooh, sparkly! I'd love to try my hand the glitter painting technique that Martha demonstrated on the Jay Leno Show. I'd glitterfy a picture of our new house... and then photos of our two cats and the dog. The possibilities are endless! :o )

  • I would use the glitter to make ornaments for my tree and to give as gifts this year. I'm on a super tight budget and I plan on baking a lot (hello, Martha Stewart Cupcake & Cookie Book!) and trying to make nice things for my friends. I'd also love to make ornaments with my 8 year old godson. Anything I can do to spend time with him doing something creative is always worth it.

  • I've used the glitter in card-making--using stamps in glue, and a glue pen for writing. I'm also planning to make all my tree ornaments this year, and will use lots of glitter for that.

  • My daughter and I would use this glitter to make all the Christmas centerpieces for our giant family Christmas reunion!

  • I am not sure exactly how will use it yet, but I am pretty sure it will be involved in the design of both a wedding book and baby book (it has been a busy year!)

  • We just bought our first home and finally have room for a Christmas tree, maybe even two! With GLITTER my girls and I could make ornaments or possibly wooden names for my daughters rooms . Wouldn't that be a wonderful project for their own rooms?

  • I think I'll use a lot of glitter on cards (both holiday and wedding!), but the rest can be used on Holiday decor around the house.

  • I would use it on my polymer clay ornaments.

    Glitter makes everything better. =D

  • My very first thought before I even scrolled down and saw them was Christmas ornaments. I'd love to have a multi-hued sparkly tree!

  • The glitter would inspire all kinds of creativity!! All those colors could be used year round. For the holidays, I have in mind making multi-color wreaths that sparkle and can be hung as tree ornaments or gift tags.

  • ooooo, so pretty! I would use the glitter to make some holiday crafts for decorating the thanksgiving and christmas tables this year.

  • I'd use the glitter to try glitter painting!

  • I love Martha Stewart Glitter and would love to try my hand at the glitter paintings. Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  • What WON'T I do with this glitter?! I <3 glitter. This Christmas will have touches of glitter everywhere, from cards to ornaments to gift tags!

  • I love Martha's glitters! They come in such gorgeous colors! If I won a set, I would glitter-ize everything in my apartment until my husband started to complain. I would also do one of your glitter pictures of my parent's basset hound who is so sweet and not long for this world.

  • i want to glitter the bag of acorns I gathered at our local park...

  • I'd like to use the glitter painting technique to do a mosaic-like image for my daughter's bedroom.

  • I would use the glitter to make glitter picture gift tags for all of my Christmas gifts this year.

  • I'd like to glitter some small Christmas ornaments and make them into a wreath for my front door that I can use each year.

  • I'd glitter some pinecones I've collected to make a wreath with...

  • It would be wonderful to have such a set. It would prompt me to really do those Christmas cards that I say I am going to do each year.

  • I love using glitter in many projects throughout the year. Right now I am working on a door sign for my new son's bedroom. I have big letters that I am going to paint and then add embelishments, ribbon, fabric and glitter. You can never get enough glitter!

  • I would use it to make holiday decorations and stationery.

  • I teach at a Title I school and so a lot of my students' parents cannot afford decorations or presents so I will have my students make gifts for their siblings and family members using the glitter and other great craft supplies.... and since we are studying volcanism -- maybe they will use the glitter to make sparkling red hot lava for their models! A kid with glitter is the happiest kid on Earth, thats for sure.

  • I love the sparkles and would use the glitter! I think the glitter gives an old fashion feel to things and would use the glitter to cover Christmas ornaments used throughout the house.

  • I'm gathering ideas for a piece of textured artwork to hang over our couch. I bought some cardstock flowers, and when they came in the mail, I realized they need some sprucing up. The varying shades of blue and greens would be perfect for our living room colors.

  • I'm planning on using the glitter like one of your paint-by-glitter creations. They are fabulous! Thanks for the give-away... just in time to create beautiful things for xmas.

  • I love to use these beautiful glitter colors on my handmade holiday greeting cards! The colors are soooo yummy!

  • Oh, I love all the colors of glitters! I would use the glitter for the holidays. I'd lot to make Christmas ornaments, garland, etc. My daughter would also love to make arts and crafts with it. Thanks!

  • I am making cardstock and vellum luminaries (with flameless candles) for simple gifts for friends and neighbors, and glitter looks fantastic sparkling on them by "candle" light.

  • I would use the glitter to make ornaments. That would be so fun. Thanks!

  • I'd use this glitter to make some of those fabu cards that are in the MS Encyclopedia of Crafts!!

  • I would love to use the glitter to make Christmas cards with my 3-year-old. She loves sparkly things!

  • Glitter painting on cards!

  • So many fun things to do! I think I would add glitter to plain gift wrap to make it unique. I also think it would be great to get my children involved and let their little minds be creative!

  • I am not sure exactly how I would use them, but they would definitely be used in my totally DIY wedding that I am planning! Especially the yellow, purple, and red! ;)

  • I would use that glitter to sparkle up my home for the upcoming holidays. I think every decoration can use a little gliter - ornaments, tree, pinecones, ribbons, puppies... everything!

  • I would use the glitter on candles and candle holders to add sparkle to my holiday table.

  • I'd like to think I'd use it to make some awesome cards but I'm sure my son would like to use it even more!

  • I'd love to jazz up large wooden letters for my little girl's bedroom that spell out her name.

  • Glitter stationary to stay in touch with friends! Glitter for small holiday gifts. Glitter to keep away the grad student blues. This set is beautiful!

  • I would probably glitter everything within reach with the glitter.

  • ohhhh glitter makes the world sparkle!! Who doesn't love glitter! I liked last year using it as snow in my centerpieces.

  • I would use the glitter to have a craft party for my daughters and their friends to make gifts for their secret santa at school

  • Ever since the post about glitter painting, I have been intrigued! I've picked out some pictures I would like to try; I just need the supplies!

  • I love all things glittery, so I'd probably dust fine coats onto many of my holiday decorations (except anything legitimately vintage, I'm too much of a purist)!

  • I would let my children use it to make their gifts for the rest of the family,for making our Christmas cards, for making decorations for the house and tree, and for making our teacher gifts.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • What wouldn't I use Martha Stewart glitter for!? I've been lusting over this set since it came out! I would use it for holiday cards, holiday center-pieces, scrapbooking, ornaments, the list goes on!

  • Everything is better with glitter! I'd use the glitter to make fabulous glitter christmas trees!

  • After just "gazing longingly" at all these luscious colors, I'd start making holiday cards.

  • I would use this glitter to help make Christmas ornaments and gifts with my two year old son. Ever since we had our daughter this past May, arts & crafts time is a favorite for my son because all attention is on him. He loves to show off his projects and he really loves making things "sparkly!"

  • Just in time for the holidays! I can't begin to count the ways this glitter will come in handy! From Christmas ornaments to pipe cleaner candy canes to misc crafts for our shop! Thanks for the giveaway :o )

  • I still need to finish a set of glitter Easter eggs from last spring! But for THIS season I will make Christmas ornaments and since I am making all my Christmas cards these would make them beautiful and sparkly. Really...I'll use it on anything my husband will let me glitter!

  • On all my cards and envelopes from now on!!! We have a stamp of our last name in Chinese and we put it on all our holiday envelopes, well now they'll be glittered stamps! Awesome

  • I am obsessed with this glitter! I want to use it with some new ornaments, on some cards and probably a zillion other places!

  • Oooh, pretty! I just bought a Martha Stewart double sided sticker roll. I don't have any glitter to play with yet so this would be super fun!

  • I plan to make my whole world sparkle! Starting with handmade Christmas cards. I love Martha Stewart's glitter.

  • I have been dreaming of small glittered birds for christmas!

  • I think I would use it to spruce up some cheap plain Christmas ornaments. That way I could design them however I wanted, but not have to spend all the money on the pre-decorated ones.

  • I love martha's glitter! I am thinking about decorating cards with the glitter or making Christmas ornaments. I also love to use it on my scrapbooks.

  • I'm all for using glitter to decorate up boring ornaments. All those colors lead to so many options!

  • WOW!! Does the glitter bring back memories for me when I was young :) Fun! I have been laid off my job so me and my adult children have decided to make many of our gifts by craft and baking. (some good can come out of bad) I enjoy the time together that had been lost..So from looking over this I can see many things we can do with the glitter..for one, cards- that would be a nice savings with the budget being low :) TY for nice give away!!

  • What a great giveaway! The possible uses are endless, but something I'd love to do with the set is make little cardboard glitter houses for the holidays (putz style). I'm so inspired by the little vintage items I see.

  • Living in rural western Wyoming, it's not easy to come by Martha's crafts (which we just adore! -- but it's 95 miles to the nearest Michael's!). But we'd love to make some of the Christmas cards seen on her show (especially the trees, deer, and birds & berries) to sell locally to benefit our local animal shelter. We've got the place, we've got the desire -- we just don't have the glitter! (and nothing compares to Martha's glitter, that's for sure!)

  • I would use this to finish making our Christmas cards. It works great to use your fine glitter with the glue pad you guys have. I use one of my Christmas stamps in the glue pad and then stamp on the front of the card and put the fine glitter on top. It looks so pretty and not homemade at all!

  • I crochet snowflake ornaments every year for present toppers, but this year I'm making a whole slew of them to hang in our front windows. I've been toying with adding glitter to them while they're still wet from the blocking process. this would be prefect!!

  • So many uses for glitter, but I think I would use them for the name place card gifts I am making this year as the "favors" for our family holiday dinners.

  • I love MS Glitter! I use it mainly for my card-making, but I've been covered with it working on ornaments to make with my MOPS group...the colors are so rich and the sparkle just screams 'Christmas'!

  • How perfect for personalizing vintage xmas ornaments!

  • I love Martha's glitter. I would use these puppies to add sparkles to my holiday cards. I also am making holiday wreaths and a little glitter would add the perfect touch~

  • I would use the glitter collection to create unique Christmas gifts for my family and friends, using photos of their pets. I have always loved creating gifts rather than buying. I can't wait to get started.

  • I would LOVE to gift this to my glitter-aholic Dear Aunt Jamie (DAJ) for Christmas. She just might tear up over the colorways and would definitely make good use of every single one of them.

  • I would make Holiday cards. Go green- Recycle old Christmas cards by adding gltter making them new again!

  • i will use the glitter liberally, but carefully. i used to work in the ny club scene (roxy, love machine, etc), and everything i owned, day wear or night, was glittered. now, i'm an artist living in hollywood;it's sparkly here, but there's not nearly enough glitter. help me out!!
    love your blog.
    ellen schinderman

  • I just got married and I am working on my thank you notes. I would use the glitter to give my thank you's a little extra pazaz!

  • I'll use the glitter to sparkle up my paper mache animal ornaments that I am making for Christmas. That will make them stand out!!

  • I would make cards, Christmas trees, ornaments, and I'm especially looking forward to making a Christmas banner for my mantel!

  • I would use the glitter to create sparkly accents on cards.

  • My grandchildren and I love to do crafts together. Children love the sparkle that glitter adds to anything. And my grandchildren just can't get enough! We would have so much fun with this set!

  • I plan on making paper doll chains with the kids. The glitter would be perfect "paint" for the skirts and hair bows.

  • Oooooh Aaaah. I heart glitter.

  • Boy! do I take a lot of static from my kids for my glittered holiday nuts and my glittered Halloween pumpkins! But they are whimsical and I love them!

  • OOoooohhh if I won I would have the CUTESET, SPARKLIEST ornaments EVER.

  • What would I do with this glitter? Probably add it to my glitter stash, and admire it often. Eventually, I'd probably break down and open it up to use in one polymer clay project or another. The Martha glitter is great quality, and I've loved what I've used up until now.

  • I need this! Ornaments, cards, decor...the possibilties are endless! And how pretty they look lined up together.

  • I've been buying all these cool glitter words and balls for my Christmas tree. With this assortment I could make my own!

  • I love Martha's glitter. I downloaded already a dog photo to use for a Christmas present to make a framed picture like in the Nov. issue of MSL. I walk three Bernese Mountain Dogs and one photo I will glitter paint and give as a present! What a neat idea!

    I also hand-roll beeswax candles. I do my own Hanukkah candles and roll some in glitter to "omph" the look! Package them in sets in cellophane bags with a beautiful ribbon. I then use a "tag" paper punch, use some of Martha's stamps with the glue adhesive pad to put a glitter touch on the gift tag!

    Also I have some large pine cones that I glitter on the edges and put in large hurricane glasses on the mantle. Adds a special spark with the glow of the Christmas tree in the background! (yes I do two Holidays! LOL)

    The possibilities are endless. Luv the glitter and the colors are gorgeous!!

    Paula M. :)

  • i would make a series of the most beautiful greeting cards ever!

  • I would love to glitter up some candles for the holidays. I love the new glitter paint thing you guys are offering now too!

  • I would use it to make my Christmas cards!

  • If diamonds are a girl's best friend, glitter is a close second! I'd coat autumn leaves with the warm-hued glitters and make sparkly snowy holiday cards with the cool shades.

  • What won't I use with glitter! On cards, Christmas tags, ornaments, banners and my nieces pinwheels to jazz up her bedroom! Martha you are the bomb! Absolutely LOVE, LOVE everything you do!!

  • I would rejuvenate a old pine cone and walnut wreath made for me quite a few years ago. Glitter would add a touch of newness and give it a new life.

  • I would use this glitter set to decorate for Christmas and New Years. I would glitter invitations, cookie-exchange containers, and paper cut outs to hang around my apartment.

  • My daughters have birthdays coming up - I would use the glitter for party decorations and favors and crafts!

  • I would use the glitter for homemade cards, place settings and gift tags. Perfect timing for the holiday season too! :)

  • Honestly, how couldn't I use 24 different types of glitter?! I love the Martha glitter and already have used two giant bottles of the gold and bronze - I just can't get enough!

  • I would use it for Christmas decorations absolutely, including some translucent, glitter-tipped snowflake decorations I want to make.

  • I'd like to cover some squash/pumpkins for our Thanksgiving table centerpiece!

  • I would use the glitter on EVERYTHING! I love making holiday cards and invitations, so I'd use it to embellish that and then I want to glitterfy some origami as a holiday gift for my kids' Japansese teacher.

  • i would love to win the glitter and use it to make christmas cards and gift tags! so cute - i love glitter :)

  • I would use this glitter for my Christmas greeting cards and, since I'm in a new apartment with my fiance, I would use this glitter for ornament decorating! It is going to be our first Christmas tree together and I'm so excited!

  • I would use the glitter to make Christmas ornaments for my tree. I love glittered ornaments!

  • I have some Christmas candle sticks that desperately need some Peridot bling!

  • I'd use it for all sorts of stuff! Holiday cards, Christmas ornaments, decorating for my first holiday party with my fiance (including covering deer figures with glitter), christmas gifts, save the date cards for our wedding, cards for my bridesmaids (who love glitter too)... everything!

  • Ooh pick me! I have a lot of Christmas projects up my sleeve, PERFECT uses for this glitter!

  • I make my Christmas card each year. (10 years +). The photo on the front is from our vacation. I love the putting the glitter on photos. We have beach photos this season so the water will look great with glitter. Love Love the idea.

  • Pick me! I have oodles of projects in need of some glitter!

  • I would use it for my nephew's first birthday party. I have plans to make a big glittering picture of him and use party decorating with pompoms. When I read glittering picture in the magazine it was a "a-ha" moment. I am so excited!!!

  • I glitter any and everything for Christmas. This year, I am going to finish up some Holly Berry House ornaments I started last year. They are very glitter intensive. I also am going to make a glitter ornament display for my house and one to give away. I've been eyeing this glitter set for a while now, and I love it.

  • Glitter on my Christmas cards, Christmas wrapping paper, and Christmas gifts. Non-Christmas related, I have been wanting to create a 2010 calendar~ why not add some glitter?


  • I would use to decorate handmade cards for all occasions and other crafts. It would be wonderful to have some "mommy glitter" instead of borrowing my daughter's "chunky" kid glitter.

  • i would use this lovely set of glitter to add sparkle to my christmas cards and ornaments. i love it!

  • I would use the glitter to make and improve ornaments. We love glitter in my house. Glitter and fluff and any ornament is instantly transformed into something adorable.

  • I love BLING, so bring it on! I'll use it anywhere and everywhere! Little touches of it on my cards, the tips of leaves in holiday floral arrangements, and handmade boxes are my favorite uses.

  • This year I need to make our Christmas ornaments from scratch since we moved into a small apartment and will be having a mini tree this year. This would add extra Christmas magic and sparkle to this years decorations. We don't have a lot of money so I am making all of our ornaments out of card stock and paper.

  • I'd LOVE to have those glitters to use in my holiday decorating! SO fun!

  • I have been drooling over this glitter set for some time! I would use it this holiday season to add sparkle to the toy reindeer and trees in the Christmas reindeer terrarium I am going to make.

  • Martha Stewart glitter is awesome! I buy 2 or 3 bottles every time I go to Michael's!

  • I would love to use this glitter with my polymer clay projects!

  • I would use the glitter to put on plain candles!

  • I would use it to make this holiday season even more glamourous! :)

  • I just started my own jewelry/accessories business and I am doing craft shows to promote my stuff. The gorgeous assortment of glitter would be great for my signs and with all those beautiful colors, they will sure to catch attention!

  • as a matter of fact, i picked up this very 24 pack at Michaels two weeks ago and have been going glitter crazy ever since. top of my list is adding the glitter to the lip of small glass votives...really makes those candles sparkle! could really use more!! :)

  • I will glitter anything and everything I can get my hands on. I especially want to do some glitter phots's for gifts this year for loved ones. My friends refer to me as the crow because I am attracted by anything shiney.

  • I would love this set!! My life would be oh so very sparkly!!

  • Oooohhhhh the ornaments (punched and glass)! The rainbows! The butterflies! The flowers! The balloons! An all year round "sparkle fest!" And Martha's glitter IS sparkly! But the hues to color coordinate!!!! This is what "makes it" on a project! And even if they aren't used...just looking at them is sooooo pretty!

  • How fun! What couldn't you do with these! I'd make books, ornaments, invitations, notecards etc. Anything of which I could think. A package of this glitter has been on my wish list for a very long time.

  • I'd use the glitter paint with my 2 year old to make ornaments, pictures and messes...but mostly memories. We love creating crafts together, and anything that is messy and sparkly win the big smiles!

  • Ooh, these are so fun! I want to make everything sparkle. Most likely I would use them to sparkle up the Christmas decorations I'm making :) .

  • I would love to use the Gltter to dress up the Piggy banks I learned how to make off your show... I have 6 to make for my Grandchildren..for Christmas! The Glitter will sure make them extra special for them, and bring a sparkle to thier eyes.

  • Ooh! I would definitely use the glitter for my Christmas placecards, Cookie giveaway packages and anything else I can think of!

  • I would use it to add accents for the paintings I am working on for the house!

  • Truthfully I was never a glitter girl before this year. Now I'm in love with it. I would use it to decorate leaves for the fall, globes and hand cut snowflakes for the holidays and handmade masks for our Mardi Gras party in February.

  • I do an art project after every final exam I take in law school. What better creative outlet to relieve myself of legal stress than transforming my textbooks into household decorations with glitter?

  • I would use the glitter to make Christmas and New Year's greeting cards for my friends and clients.

  • I would use the glitter to make a new sign for my office at work. My nametag is a bit bland. Anything leftover would go towards making some homemade ornaments for packages for the holidays.

  • My little girls and I are constantly crafting. I think we'd use this glitter to decorate some paper butterflies to hang as ornaments in their rooms. Love, love, love the glitter!

  • i bought my house in january and have absolutely no holiday decorations. i'm going to need that pack of glitter to make some snazzy ornaments and sparkly snowflakes.

  • I would love to use the glitter for my handmade Christmas cards and maybe even do them in the shape of my monsters I create. (puppets, pillows, backpacks, purses, shirts and cards) Ornaments, too!

  • I would use the glitter set to liven up the holidays; cards, decorations, gifts, etc.

  • I Love the glitter ornaments! And cards. and decorations for my soon-to-be baby girl's nursery. and other crafts! :)

  • I am so excited to have my older grandchildren do some photos. It will keep them busy before Thanksgiving Dinner. They can make the name plates, or knowing them they will come up with something very creative on their own.

  • how lovely! i would love to make glitter ornaments!

  • I have been crafting with my 2 daughters since they were very small. It is something special we share together. Now they are both in college with serious majors (Bio-Chemistry and Biology). When they come home for the holidays, I always have a stack of Martha Steward glitter cards and fold-out cards for us to make. It's like they are little again! We are still making wonderful memories. It is such a stress reliever (more fun than studying) on their breaks from college! Me and my girls would really use this glitter set. Things are tight with 2 in college! Thanks Martha!

  • I'd use them to do holiday crafts!

  • I love all of Martha's colors. I believe she has taught me a lot about the use of colors, and I'd like to learn about glitter projects as well. Glitter shouldn't be just for kids!

  • Glitter, I love it. I have to admit I am a sucker for sparkles. The more sparkles, the more I like it! I will glitter-ize everything I can get my hands on. Pick me, pick me!!

  • I would use the glitter on holiday cards and crafts. My little daughter absolutely loves glitter -- she'd take a bath in it if she could. ;-)

  • Such wonderful colors! I'd make ornaments for friends and family.

  • Oh I love it! I love to cover votive candles in glitter to make a sparkly statement at my events. Definitely would use it for lots of Christmas crafts as well!

  • I would love to be able to use this glitter to decorate my photo cards for Christmas!! The segment on glitter painting was too cool! That is my craft aspiration....and this glitter set would help make that a reality!! Thanks so much!

  • Oooh..wonderful. This glitter is so subtle (colors and sparkle), not like the typical glitter! I'd love to use it for cards, acorns, votives, felted items, everything. Hmm, even on my tatted snowflakes.

  • When I'm not drooling over the luscious colors, I use them to embellish everything I can. Stamping and die-cut projects, scrapbook pages, and in a pinch, even the bargain-priced purchased cards to make them look more expensive.

  • My Mom's 14 year old Weimaraner dog named Ginny had to be put to sleep on August 29th. I would very much like to do a glitter painting of Ginny to give to my Mom for Christmas.

  • Truth be known, glitter scares me a bit. Maybe it's being a mother of small children and the mess it makes. But what better way to confront a fear than to just jump in. The Christmas ornaments are beautiful!! and would make great teacher gifts this year!

  • What wouldn’t I do with the glitter would be a better question. I would glitterize the upcoming holidays including scarfs for the dogs, do homemade holiday cards, glitterize a shadow box picture, make bookmark leave-behind gifts...Martha's stuff is so classy I would love to have everything!

  • I'd consider letting my daughter bathe in it. She'd be in heaven! In all seriousness, the range of colors is perfectly lovely.

  • I have been planning to surprise my wife with this set for Christmas. If I'm the lucky one I will surprise her with this in her glittered stocking!

  • Glitter harvest items, like squashes, acorns and pinecones (not exactly harvest item, but has that autumn spirit).

  • I would love to have more glitter to stock my craft-table. My friends love the glittered ornaments, cards, and gift tags that I have done. As my grand-daughter says " We need some more glitter over here, GrandMommy!"

  • I would use the glitter to make stationary and maybe some sweet calling cards for my daughter

  • I have two young kids, so I'm sure the glitter will be much used with them. However, I can find lots of fun ways to use it myself, I know! I am intrigued by the glitter-by-number idea!

  • Being an avid Fimo user, and the fact that I've been making Fimo origami crane ornaments to decorate my Christmas tree with this year, I would love to use this glitter to cover the cranes with!

  • I have a small pack of this is the best glitter I have ever used, covers so well and the colours are gorgeous!

  • Man, I love glitter. I'm dying to have a holiday craft party, so the first order of business would be an array of glittery projects!

  • I would, honestly, glitter everything I can get my hands on. Everything not moving... because I don't think my cat would care to be glittered.

  • I would love to win the glitter set! I would definitely use it for christmas ornaments. We have new nephews in our family, who need some ornaments made especially for them this Christmas!

  • I would love to use the glitter to make Christmas tree decorations! Both ornaments and strings of tinsel.

  • I'm going to use my MS butterfly punch to punch out butterflies. Then I'll cover them with glitter and make a mobile!

  • Ooh! Would love to make some glittery ornaments!

  • i do crafts of all sorts adding glitter to my paintings,ceramics ,because lets face it a little bling makes everything look happier.thankz

  • i do crafts of a sorts ,but ,do not have much experience with computers,so i will try again.i would glitter everything i could get my hands would so be the best!

  • what wouldn't I use it for? I especially am in LOVE with glittered SHOES! Seriously, what fabulous girl doesn't need a little bit of sparkle on her toes?

  • I would love to win the glitter pack!!! My 3 year old has collected all these acorns from our back yard that I was thinking we could glitter them to make a variety of items. Maybe some home made gifts for her teachers...hummm.

  • I'd use it for a "Martha craft!" I saw her using glitter for a cool photo project.

  • So many wonderful colors! I would definitely use for card making and ornaments.

  • I would use the glitter for Christmas cards to send back home to family :)

  • honestly- i think it'd be hard for me to even open the package... SO PERFECT AND SPARKLY with all the colors sorted by spectrum. i think i'd just keep it in my studio to look at it- think about what i should do with it and then buy another to actually use.

    how geeky is that?

  • I heart glitter!!! I would glitter everything in my apartment if I could :)
    But since we are moving soon, I would make some "glitteriffic" moving announcements.

  • Glitter Glitter everywhere,
    I'd craft all day without a care
    On the floor and in my hair
    the gifts would shine and show I care.

  • I'd use this to glitter birds for my bird-themed christmas tree!!!

  • I love glitter, I am a glittering fool! If I need a sparkle or a pick me up on an item...I just spinkle with glitter, and this is all year round.

  • I would make everything I could SHINE with glitter! Cards, ornaments, photos, stockings, garland - you name it! Glitter is what makes Christmas more magical!

  • I'd use the glitter to make my Christmas tree decorations sparkly =)

  • I would use this glitter in my paintings, in my art journal, in jewelry making, and card making projects. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SET!!!

  • I have some of the Martha Stewart Glitter now. I had made some Christmas Cards last year using one of Martha Stewart's templates. It turned out GREAT. I would love to have more colors so I can do it again this year. Martha's glitter is so bright and true to color.

  • I love how even though the glitter is very glittery, it's not to shiny. There's a different, almost matte finish to the glitter. Beautiful.

  • Hi. I would use this set to make fabulous Martha-worthy seating cards for my sister's bridal shower.

  • I have a pine tree in my mothers yard next door. Me and my daughter will use glitter to decorate the pine cones. Then when they are done I can use them for decoration on gifts.

  • I take the large paper mache eggs I paint them the color I want, after they dry I cover with glue and glitter in the same color and use lace or small flowers to enhance them. I have given as gifts. This glitter pkg. would open a whole new line of colors.

  • My 2 1/2 year old is in LOVE with fairies. We do arts & crafts every day and a little fairy village would be fun - and no fairy village is complete without glitter!

  • I absolutely LOVE this glitter!!! I have a few colors already and know that it would be wonderful to win this amazing kit ~ I love making small "I'm thinking of you" gifts during the holidays and the glitter would make my paper creations sparkle and shine!
    Thank you for offering such a generous giveaway ~
    Dawn Edmonson

  • I would love to make holiday cards out of all this glitter...

  • Definitely essential!! I cant wait to start printing photos and use the glitter to embellish them! OHHHHH, the possibilities!

  • What wouldn't I use it for? From holiday cards to shoebox aquarium projects, glitter adds a sparkling finishing touch to a wide range of projects, for me and my family!

  • I would use this glitter for my upcoming wedding, for the favors or invitations or decorations. There are so many possibilities!

  • I want to create a portrait of our Shih Tzu, Dazey for my husband. She has kidney failure and may not make it until Christmas. The glittery portrait of my husband's best friend of 15 years, will help us remember the extra little sparkle Dazey brings to our lives.

  • I am in LOVE with crafting- especially with glitter! In fact, this morning I even got a piece of glitter in my eye. I plan on glittering EVERYTHING for the holidays... Well, except my cat.

  • My sister and I are going to make a sparkling village to put under the Christmas Tree!!

  • I am the administrator of 3 6-bed group homes for adults with Developmental Disabilities. I have been taking photos of the clients and doing digital scrapbooking photos for their walls. Since discovering this glitter painting, I want to embellish their personal pictures with glitter! It is so classy and elegant looking! I especially need Pink, white and blue glitter.

  • I am definitely using the glitter and the website posting about glitter painting to do an OVERSIZED portrait of my dachshund/jack russell!

  • Those luscious colors make me feel as though I've stumbled into Ali Baba's cave! I'm starting a new tradition of making a homemade ornament for the nieces and nephews. This year: glittered stars embellished with a message ("Peace", "Love", etc)

  • The glitter painting takes me back to "paint-by-number" kits. Fun. I will try it with pictures of my friends' dogs,(and my kitties) and gift to them. I've been Laid off for some time and need to fill the time productively.

  • I like to do crafts with my preschool daughter in the afternoons. She loves glitter of every color, so we would probably use all of this for making everything "fancy" as she would say.

  • Glitter instantly transforms common objects into something festive, playful, or glam; I am thinking lamp shades, napkin rings, votives, belts, jewelry, furniture...and most immediately an edgy bricolage on which I am working. :)

  • i LOVE glitter. growing up, glitter was banned from our household and called contraband. so of course i just can't get enough.
    sparkliness is bliss!

  • I'm one glittering maniac! So far this season I have glittered skulls, skeletons, pumpkins, gourds, spiders - even myself! I'm looking to glitter some peacock-themed items I have been collecting for one fantastic table scape to carry me through winter and this set would be perfect.

  • I want to glitter a picture of my dog,GiGi i wanted a picture of him put nothing really poped out,but then i saw this and it would really add some shine to the picture.when people see the picture they will be in awe.

  • I'd love to glitter-ize an umbrella. I think it'd be a lovely, unexpected pop of fun - and fairly practical, too, because I live in Southern California where it rains very infrequently - but if it did, think of the pretty sparkles I'd leave behind!

  • I'd make it a glitter Christmas! From ornaments to gift wrap to the wreath! May your Christmas be glittery and bright!

  • if i won this glitter packet i would make christmas cards and send them to my relatives in italy. I would also take pictures of my daughters and glitter them so i can put them into the entrance of my hall ways so every one can see the beautiful masterpieces.

  • if i won this i would glitter a picture of my dog so that when people come over to my house they can see what a good job i did with my own two hands :)

  • I'd love to make some glittered branches, pine cones, and nuts to use as a centerpiece for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

  • Oooh, I would use that gorgeous glitter on the special cards I'm sending out for holiday greetings. After learning about glitter painting, I think I'd also use it to glitter up some canvas art that I just purchased, and sparkle up some of my other home decor items.
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Since my family has never really had any real christmas decorations I would use this glitter to decorate our tree, christmas cards, and other christmas decorations. I could make my family's christmas this year much more vibrant and glittery.

  • I want to glitter my world...

  • I'd invite my friends over, especially Shayne, and we would have a glitter party! we could make cards and decorate photo mats and anything else our imaginations can come up with!

  • Living far away from family and friends, I send many items by post. The Essentials Colors Glitter Set would assist me in: jazzing up a postcard, evoking a brighter birthday smile, or adding some sparkle to a note of caring. They would be in constant use.

  • We're a family stationed in GTMO, Cuba and crafting supplies are pretty much nonexistent! I would use some of the glitter for my dioramas and the rest my 3 year old would make good use of. It would be great to make some christmas ornaments with her using glitter. Thanks!

  • Skies the limit! I will glitter everywhere.I card make,craft,scrapbook and love doing ornaments iam now starting centerpieces to glitterfy!YIPPIE!

  • My daughter is just DYING for this glitter-rama for Christmas... I'd be so thrilled to be able to give it to her!!

  • I'd use the glitter to decorate the homemade candles I'm handing out as Christmas gifts. Martha's products always make holiday gifts absolutely perfect!

  • I'm converting my mom to all kinds of new crafts. Christmas is fast coming and glitter adds the perfect touch to homemade cards and ornaments. We are having a homemade Christmas this year. We love glitter!

  • Glitter! I love sparkly things, so there isn't too much that would be spared from sprinklings of the glitter. I would also use those sweet little bottles as pops of color in my craft room.

  • I would use the glitter to do the project I saw on your show the other day with the pictures of the birds and deer, where you can copy them onto a piece of wood and then fill in the pictures with glitter. That looked so cool. My 11 year old son was looking for some creative things he could give as christmas gifts this year and this looks really interesting. He and I could do it together because it looks really fun!

  • I have glittered cards and decorations for years, it's my signature, but I think I could select one item on a card or photo, say a wreath, candle flame, bow,snowflake, etc. and highlight those this year!

  • I am going to try making Christmas tags for our gifts this year. The glitter will be such a huge accent! The 24 pk will be a nice addition to my craft supplies.

  • I would use the glitter to make Christmas cards and revive old ornaments. There are so many things I would use it for. It would be fun to try Martha's glitter painting technique, too!

  • I would use this with stamps in my greeting cards and scrapbook pages.

  • I just discovered and have quickly started implementing a ton of her projects in my home. I have been on the hunt for this glitter, I can't find it anywhere near me! So, I would use it for all sorts of things. I have four children and we love to do craft projects! Specifically, we want to make Christmas cards with the glitter.

  • If I had this, I would be tempted to cover everything I own in glitter. Ornaments, holiday cards, frames, lampshades, the remote control, the get the idea.

  • I plan to use the technique shown on this web site - uploading a picture so that I can get the "paint by glitter" picture for gifts. My husband and I just got back from NYC so I hope to glitter a NYC picture for my husband for Christmas. My mother-in-law loves birds so I am looking to glitter some birds for a wreath or centerpiece for her for Christmas.

  • I would use to glitter to cover accessories in my home. Wither it is a boring picture frame or a accent of letters with my initials. I live in an apartment and this would help give my room the burst of color it needs and the flash of light in my dullest areas. I would also use the glitter to please others by making thoughtful cards and gifts for them snazzied up with awesomeness of glitter.

  • Hi Yes I would love these I am disabled so crafting I do a lot of and get alot of ideas here at Martha's I would use them for ceramics Christmas themed items, glass ornaments inside and outside of them

    Thank you beverlee Mossman

  • I put MS glitter on everything for Halloween (garlands, artist trading cards, plastic bugs, flowers). I imagine I would go crazy with it for the holidays if I had all those yummy colors. No, I know I would--> another garland, advent calendar, ornaments, cards, wreath, some glitter covered doves, pears etc. I was sparkling for days after Halloween from all the black and silver glitter.

  • I would glitter some holiday cards!

  • I would use the glitter on handmade gift tags to go on the baked goods I will be giving out this holiday.

  • I love the colors! I would use the glitter making holiday decorations with my daughter. She loves craft time! Thank you.

  • I've started using the MS glitter recently - mostly with cardmaking but also a few crafts with my 2 girls. The colors and quality are fantastic! What a great set. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Thank you MS Crafts for the chance to color my world with:
    Radiant Magic!!

  • my current fascination are paper rosettes (i'm in the middle of making one right now!) and i'd love to see how they look coated in glitter.

  • I do face painting at children's parties and glitter is always needed for adding an extra sparkle to butterflies or fairies. I can't wait to use all these colors!

  • I'm a 24 year old crafter who has decided to turn my love of making personalized picture frames into a career. I use glitter in making the frames and having that glitter set would be so helpful in my pursuit of doing what I love!

  • My daughter and I love the Martha Stewart Glitter! My daughter has been using it on everything from her binders for school to (not too happy about this) on her bedroom door! I love the way it catches the light. I'm thinking of using it to glam up my cell phone. Still trying to figure a away out to keep it from coming off on my hand though.

  • My children and I would make paper snowflakes and cover them in glitter. We could hang them from the ceiling. What a fun activity as well as a beautiful backdrop for the holidays! Either way, we will be making your Thanksgiving placecards as well has the photo/glitter holiday cards. Keep the glitter projects coming :)

  • I'd use glitter to add embellishments to christmas cards, ornaments, and packages! This year I'm wrapping all my gifts in plain Kraft paper and then decorating each one with a special ribbon, string, or small trinket.

  • I have some old worn Christmas decorations, greenery, etc. that I will give new life to with Martha's fabulous glitter. I will then have beautiful like new, updated holiday decor and feel good about recycling instead of adding to the landfills.

  • I love using glitter to decorate holiday cards and holiday decorations like leaves, candles and ornaments.

  • I would use the glitter to glitter paint a picture of my chiweenie (chihuahua dauchaund mix) for a Christmas present.

  • I love to add glitter to everything! I would use this set to add sparkle to paintings, holiday decorations, cards, and anything else I can stick it to! A girl can never have too much glitter!

  • Wow !!!Just when i thought i new it all about GLITTERS.
    Martha ,with you i have the joy to discover the real art of GLITTERING .My grand children are anxious to start theirs own projects .. Everyday & Holidays
    Rays of sunshine,rays of glitters ,Thank you for britghening are world !!!

  • I will try my hand at glitter painting!

  • oh! I've been dying to try glittering stuff but haven't been able to pick just one project/color. This would be perfect! I would probably start out glittering some cards and/or Christmas ornaments.

  • I'd love this for the Valentine's I make with my sister.

  • I LOVE GLITTER!!!!!!

  • I"m using some of your glitter right now on my holiday ornaments and one can never have too much sparkle!

  • I will make ornaments, cards and other decorations. I love your glitter and would love to have all the great colors.

  • My daughters motto is the more sparkle the better so i am sure we would use these a lot for arts and crafts in our home.

  • Everything is better covered in glitter!

  • I have been making cards for awhile and have been searching for something different to add to my cards, I take pictures of my hometown (Santa Fe,NM), and I think those landscapes would look magnificent with glitter accents. I'm really looking forward to glittering. This is the accent I was looking for.:-)

  • I would use glitter to spruce up my clown costume. I am "Bubbles the Clown" and I make little kids happy with color and paint and GLITTER!

  • I would use the glitter to make Christmas ornaments for my tree! Also, I would use the glitter on some of my homemade Christmas gifts like wreaths and wooden snowmen! :)

  • Last spring I parked under a tree that had just dropped the most perfect pinecones, so I picked up as many as I could fit in my bag. I ended up with about 50. I would love to glitter them in various colors and use them to decorate the house for Christmas!

  • I am always looking for ways to make the wow factor in my special event. I do floral design, weddings and when I need something to say "look at me" in the centerpieces I reach for glitter. The colors in this collection are divine.

  • I have had not had the opportunity as yet to use this beautiful glitter. I would love to make the bells shown in your Dec. issue. I love the hombre look with the glitter colors. We are having to cut
    back this year, as are many people. Martha, your ideas and books show us how to make a house a home.

  • Like so many others, my first thought was Christmas ornaments. I make a new one every year for each of my family members (parents, siblings, their kids, in-laws)... I think I'm over 40 now! Please pick me! Thank you!

  • I would love to win this glitter set. There are just so many uses, and the possibilities are endless. Some ideas are in card-making, decorating ornaments, scrapbooking, glitzing up decoupage candles, jazzing up floral arrangements, mobiles, even shining up items around the house. I love to do crafts, and being selected as the winner would sure make me happy!

  • Glitter here and glitter there to give some thanks and share some cheer. All year round to decorate a pumpkin, leaf an Easter egg. Look at all the things to make for birthdays and the holidays! My kids and I are having fun and we have only just begun!

  • I would use the glitter set to add some bling to my cards and crafts. The colors are absolutely gorgeous and glitter makes everything extra special.

  • I recently became a court appointed advocate for a foster care program. The child I am involved with loves crafts. I know she would love to glitter

  • I think I'd use the glitter to make decorate some gift tags -- for the holidays as well as birthdays and other occassions.

  • I love Martha's glitter, it is the best! I will glitter just about anything, all I can say is my yorkie better run for her life:) I will use it for glitter painting and for the wood shaped tags I attach to my cookies that I give every year. This year is snowflakes, that way each recipient gets a little ornament also.

  • I've been collecting Mussel shells on the coast for the past couple months. After soaking and peeling off the coating,I opened up the shells to create the look of a butterfly. I used gorilla glue to support the two shells together and would like to glitter the outside shell only, with different colores of glitter. I live in Or. and my daughter lives in Hi. I can't be with her for Christmas and I was hopeing this would give her a special tree.

  • I bought the glitter yesterday at Michaels and came home and started glittering cardinals that I plan to use for a centerpiece for a Christmas Tea I'm hostessing. Then I glittered placecards for each guest at my table I used the bird placecard template and now my cardinal theme has begun... Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I'd love to use these to sparkle up my wedding invitations! I'd also like try glitter painting. So sparkly. Glitter makes everything better, that's what I say.

  • I have purchased some old Christmas Postcards, and intend to embellish them with the glitter, and them frame them to place on my fireplace mantle amongst the greenery. I'm very excited about using the colors what are available with the Martha Stewart glitter - much more refined than the basic glitter available in the stores. I can't wait for the Christmas holidays to arrive so I can display my creations!

  • Definitely start with cards and scrapbook pages, but after that . . . the possibilities are endless!

  • I have used and continue to use Martha Stewart glitter on so many projects!! I only have a couple of shades but I've used it as part of decorations for the baby shower I threw my older sister on everything from table numbers to games, I use it when I scrap book and make cards not just for the holidays but also for birthdays and thank you notes. I'd love to use the glitter to make some personalized baubles for the family christmas tree this year, not to mention deck out personalized gift tags and our stickings that we hang above the fire place mantle. Finally I'd use the glitter on 2 wreaths that I am making to hang on my mom's double front doors; I'd love to do a wintery theme with whited out branches with glitter on them and glittered baubles and christmas fruits on it as well!

  • After collecting mussel shells on the coast I desided to make butterfly shell ornaments for my daughters tree. I soaked and peeled off the outside coating, then used gorilla glue to attach the two shells together. I would like to glitter the outside shells only in different colored glitter.

  • I would use the glitter to dip pine cones for Christmas decorations, I would use it on my scrapbook pages and I've always wanted to dip my daughter's baby shoes in pink glitter as a keepsake instead of copper dipping~ would be so cute, just haven't had the time or glitter!

  • I'm really wanting to try the glitters for the glitter photos. I've done the conversion on the site now need some sparkle!

  • I will use it to make my world Merry and Bright!

  • I would also use the glitter in Christmas ornaments as well as other decorations, and cards, not just for Christmas, but year around and for various holidays. Thankyou Martha for your neat ideas!

  • the glitter pack looks wonderful. I'd like to make the glitter cards I saw in the magazine this month, and also use glitter on my package tags that I make from last years Christmas cards. Thanks

  • I would make glitter pysanky with this :)

  • Oh, I definitely need some of that for Christmas! Specific uses will come later. For now I just know that I will need it.

  • Wow - I'm a papercrafter, hybrid crafter, stamper and digital scrapbooking person - so I love glitter! I use mine mostly in my card making projects, but love to add it to ornaments and favor boxes too.

  • My Children and I would make animal cookie cutter shapes out of flour dough, lions, giraffes, elephants etc. then paint and hopefully glitter to match, we will string buttons on wire to hang with and add bows between cookie and buttons. We believe these will make beautiful Christmas decorations.

  • I would glitter everything in my, shoes, my dogs (if they would hold still) my students....everything! From lampshades to thrift store candlesticks I would throw that stuff on everything just to change up the everyday into something glam. Oh wait!!! I bought a chandelier at a garage sale and it's just looking for something to make it over the top......HELLO!!!!! Glittering is a wonderful philosophy on life.

  • Oh my, well, I will glitter everything I touch....except of course our goats!! But then, I don't think anyone has ever glittered a goat before!! Hmmmmmmm.

  • I'd give it to a cute giggly Brownie troop I know, and let them glitter to their hearts content!

  • GLITTER, GLITter, glitter, what to do with glitter. Hmm...I think I'd like to try out your glitter Christmas cards. I have 2 little boys at home who would LOVE to help me. Pick me! Pick me!

  • I would love to start making some sparkly crafts with my kids.

  • to make ornaments and decorations for our first christmas in our first home!! i am fond of the birds :)

  • I had bought a few tubes of this for Halloween and did glitter pumpkins and this is by far the best glitter I have ever used. I plan on making beaded bib necklaces for my family for christmas in different colors and designs and I would love to incorporate the glitter into the design to jazz the necklaces up!

  • I would use this glitter as the ornaments on the tiny felt trees I'll be sending out as Christmas cards this year.

  • I would use the glitter on scrapbook pages, cards, decorations, picture frames. I love glitter. makes me happy.

  • I'm going to glitter the gourds leftover from fall decor, to add them to Christmas decor. I think they'll look beautiful mixed with glittered pine cones.

  • I am buying a house the first week of December. The current owner has lived there for 12 years and lovingly decorated the house. I know it will be emotional for her to move on, so I am going to make the house shadowbox craft of her house as a gift, using a photo of her own house. I want her to know I will take good care of the house once it's mine!

  • I'd use the glitter to glitter leaves for my Thanksgiving table Martha and Rachael Ray just did. And then I'd use the rest to glitter pine cones for Christmas!

  • I heart your glitters! I've wanted a set for quite a long time...hope I win! Mmm all those gorgeous colors!

  • I love to put glitter on my chipboard letters, but for Christmas, I am planning to make cards and decorations that are shiny and bright.

  • I would use all of those yummy vials of glitter to fancy up some papier mache holiday village houses.... and they would be lovely!

  • I would donate this glitter package to Henry Ford Belmont Nursing home in Harper Woods. I visit my mom there quite often. They have a few girls on staff that specifically create different projects to keep the residents busy. There is one very nice resident that I have met that is handicapped, but he is probably in his 30's, and is still able to make bead necklaces which he makes to give as prizes for the Bingo games that they have there. I was quite impressed. Then I saw your show regarding the glitter that can be pasted on photo's last week. I was excited to think that this could be something that some of the residents could easily handle with the help of the activities leaders. I mentioned it to the gentleman yesterday, to see if he was interested in this project, and he was very excited! This gift of yours would be used by him and probably several other people at this nursing home. Your gift would go a long long way!

  • I've used glitter to glitter gourds this fall, and have so many plans to glitter candles, cards, and tree ornaments for Christmas!

  • Oh glorious glitter... a staple in any girls craft box! I am a proud mommy of a six month old little girl and I cannot WAIT to introduce her to glitter, glitter glue and just about anything that sparkles! I will use glitter to transform old, boring frames into beautiful colorful ones for her room.

  • I am a glitterphile so I would use this glitter set to holiday-ify every item in my home.

  • Since I looooooooove glitter I would use it in avery nook and cranny of my home.

  • Glitter for wreaths! This fall I've been pulling down vines that climb the trees here in N. Florida. My favorite for wreaths is the grape-looking leafed vine. I'm not sure if it's the "real" grapevine, they are very thin, but you can wind them round and round, or into ovals which I love. So I'd use the glitter to paint objects that I could add to my vines, or glitter the whole wreath, just experimenting. Perhaps cover some of my butterfly cutouts (from thickpaper), in an impressionistic style. What fun! These could be added to wreaths or used as ornaments.

  • Glitter is for leaving in the package of all 24 and then when you want a little sparkle rush of heaven, looking at it all together at once and giving it a thank you!

  • I have never used glitter before this season. When I saw the subtle shades and the delicate tree/bird designs in Martha's magazine this year I was smitten.
    I love natural forms..leaves, twigs, acorns, branches, berries, ferns, seed pods, evergreen, woods,..I want to find ways to decorate this season with my treasured natural finds while sprinkling and embellishing different creations with shades of glitter beads, flakes and sparkle to bring magic and beauty together in the holiday

  • I would love to glitter a bunch of old skeleton keys and string them on a thick cord

  • I'd use the glitter to make a colorful mobile when I decorate my coming daughter's room! We will be doing a rainbow theme, so the glitter pack would be perfect!

  • I would use this glitter set with my children (Hunter 7 and Kaylee 6) to make handmade ornaments for their well deserving teachers and grandparents. We have beautiful pinecones from the Santa Cruz mountains we can't wait to decorate.

  • I just moved from sunny South Florida to chilly Long Island and already decided to use my collection of seashells as Christmas tree decorations. I found the instructions on how to make Ombre Glittered Seashell Ornaments here on, so I'd use the glitter to decorate the shells in tropical colors to brighten up my home.

  • I would use the glitter for Christmas decorations, specifically to decorate glass ball ornaments and on paper goods (place cards, gift tags, etc.)

  • Yea for glitter!

  • I would use it for an upcoming 50th b-day I am planning, cards, thank you cards, table cards etc....Love this stuff.

  • LOVE the glitter! My friend Jeanna got me hooked on the Martha Stewart glitter. Love the colors! I will most definitely be using every single color for gift bags and tags I'm making. Thanks for the great contest! Love the craft blog so much!

  • I would love to make some glitter christmas cards and glitter some ornaments for the tree.

  • I would use this beautiful glitter to make Christmas cards and fun ornaments for family and friends.

  • I want to use this glitter to sparkle up the hair accessories and silk bridal bouquets I create. Just need to figure out how to make the sparkles stick really good. No one wants glitter falling from their hair clip onto their face. Except maybe me?

  • Have been cooking Martha's recipes for a while, but am just getting into crafting. Im sure there are a million and one ways I could use glitter with Martha's help

  • After watching Martha on Jay Leno, I decided to make a few glitter photos for Christmas gifts this year. I'm also making all of my gift tags with a little extra sparkle!

  • After seeing some of the glitter projects in the November Issue, my husband and I were inspired to add a bit of sparkle to our son's first birthday invitations. He drew the image (a stack of pancakes) with a single birthday candle atop -- and I added red glitter to the candle's swirl. They look awesome! I'm looking forward to glitterizing our holiday cards, now, as well... +Chelsea

  • I have been known to glitter just about the big pair of glasses I gave my Mom for Mother's Day!! They were a riot! She had to try them on of course, and the glitter everywhere! We both LOVE Martha's glitter!!!!

  • Glitter is always an unexpected and beautiful addition to fabric collages. What woman doesn't do a double-take when they catch something glittery in the corner of their eye? Glitter allows us to use light in projects.

  • I would use the glitter to decorate a mini Christmas album as well as attempt to glitter some clay ornaments I made.

  • I would decorate dried orange and lemon slices with glitter to put on a tiny tinsel tree in my pantry!

  • I would use the glitter to create a glittery mistletoe for the entryway to my home. Nothing like a smooch under beglistened mistletoe!

  • I would love to try the glitters on some of my old christmas tree hangers, which are a little bit dull and some on eucalyptus and pine cones to make a centre piece on the table together with fresh fruit and some small branches from the christmas tree. For the kids I would like to try to use it on a few balloons and other ordinary party items to decorate the kids christmas dinner table.

  • I've been thinking about making a modern nativity seen by spray-painting a cheap-o set I found at the thrift store maybe a glossy red or white. but maybe the set would look super fabulous with glitter! thanks!

  • I'd use the glitter to make holiday ornaments and cards for friends and family! How fun! I love glitter!

  • I am going to "glitter" some pine cones, dried weeds, and pods and put them in an arrangement. I am hoping it will be lovely!

  • I will use my glitter to make cancer awareness ribbon candle holders to help raise money for the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk I participate in each year. They were adorable glittery pink ribbons this year, but I hope to be able to make any color requested!

  • I don't know if I can list it all in 50 words or less! I have cards, pinecones, ornaments, gift tags and more just waiting for a dazzling coat of glitter. And this is such beautifully colored glitter, I have no doubt that I will find more projects throughout the year to use it for.

  • I would use this to enhance gift wrapping as well as other crafts for the holidays!

  • These are the most beautiful glitters! I would love to have such a wide palette to work with! I would use the glitter to dip the edges of my homemade silk flowers in for a bit of holiday sparkle!

  • I work at a youth development organization, and as a special project, our members have been working on several handmade ornaments for our Christmas tree. Our theme is nature--so we are sprinkling glitter on everything from pinecones and acorns to leaves and handmade nests.

  • I would use the glitter to make special cards for my Grandmother who has problems seeing. I'm hoping the glitter will make the card easier for her to see the pictures. I would also like to make some of my vintage cards a little more updated for my co-workers.

  • My christmas budget is going to small this year. I received Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts for my b-day so I am planning to make cards and gifts from the book. The glitter set would be perfect for my projects. I love glitter and it makes everything look great!

  • My 9-year old daughter loves to make little scenes in boxes. She uses her toys, paper, string, and my art supplies, especially glitter! We need to restock, and you have gorgeous colors.

  • I would totally use these for christmas cards. Also i am getting married (destination wedding) and will use it for many of my DIY projects (menu cards, fans, place cards, luggage tags, out of town bag tags, etc) - What doesn't look better with a bit of glitter on it?

  • I hope I win this set, for my twin girls and I to use on the snowflakes we are making for Christmas. We are having the family over this Christmas and we want to write each persons name on them, and hang them from the ceiling. I had bought a package of 6 glitters to get us started and I can just see the fun they would have if they had 24 glitters to choose from. WHAT FUN!!!

  • I would like to use glitter to personalize our wrapping paper, our Christmas card envelopes, and for projects with my children. We glittered some fall leaves today, and we plan to have fun sparkling everything else this Holiday season.

  • I'm like an old crow, "I see something shiny and I want it." I want this Martha Stewart glitter set so bad. I would glitter the holiday tags I made and make this Christmas all sparkly and dazzling. I would make them all say "Was Martha here?"

  • I want to use the glitter to add to a canvas photo of my children. I want to use the glitter to highlight certain parts of the photo...such as the life guard tower in the background :)

  • I would love to win this set to spuce up tired Items I already have at home and to use for new projects also. I have retro christmas ornaments that need sprucing up and I could glitter up some handmade cards also. And of course make Martha;s projects on-line.

  • I would use the glitter for making a Christmas village. I gave my old set to my Mother-in-law a couple years back

  • and i miss having one, so now i want to craft my own glittery Christmas village.

  • I would use the glitter for making a Christmas village. I gave my old ceramic set to my mother-in-law(she had just a couple of houses,so i gave her my set,so that she could have a village). I miss having my own Chritmas village,so now i want to make my own glittery set.

  • I love, love, LOVE your glitter!! I'd made a ton of ornaments and holiday decorations to shine up our Christmas and for gifts. Glittered bells, birds, candy canes...just beautiful!

  • Everytime i pass by Martha's 24 glitter pack i think of something new to do.
    the fine glitter is perfect to decorate nails with or to cover my handmade resin earrings, packaged in a matching handmade boxes:)
    with so many colors the combinations will be endless perfect for gift giving.

  • Martha Stewart glitters are essential to the crafts I make, especially since I give most as gifts to my entertainment industry clients. What can you give a person who has everything? A handcrafted gift made even more charming with the addition of fine glitters in beautiful shades.

  • I use this glitter to add a bit of glitz and glamour to little trinkets all over the house!

  • This year I made all my holiday cards with glitter. I'd love to win this contest, I plan to use glitter for a Family Mini-Album I will soon be starting!

  • I would use the glitter on my Christmas cards and ATC's. I would also love to try incorporating them into some of my mixed media and fiber arts as well.

  • I would Glitterize anything that needs Glitterizing. I just bought this cute little lamp and I want to glitterize little flowers on it. Some old candle holders that could use a Glitter Make-Over. I also Want to glitter some fake flowers.....since I can't keep real one's alive for long.

  • Me and my daughter were just at Michaels and she saw these glitters. How sparkly she said. I could not afford them but I told her maybe one day... maybe I will be able to give them to her after all...

  • Well my daughter DeAuri, who is 6 years old, and I were recently at Michaels. She loves the Martha Stewart section, she pointed out the glitter set and said how pretty the colors were. She said "mommy can we get those to make Christmas cards for everybody"? "and make ornaments for the tree"? I recently got laid off so I told her that I could not afford them right now maybe another time. She said "well I'm going to write Martha a letter when I get home and ask her to send me a few... please". I thought that was so cute and really forgot about it. When I saw this contest, well, it reminded me of my baby girl. Hopefully I will be able to tell her that Martha got her letter...

  • I'm going to do some glitter painting like in the Nov. Issue. I want to use it for color accents in black & white pictures for our holiday card!

  • the glitters is the best decorative items for christmas hangers

  • I would love to make ornaments for my daughters teachers, made out of old Christmas cards, that a 85 yr. old neighbor gave me. This way I can thank all of her teachers, and recycle the cards.

  • While there are a ton of things I would do this Christmas - finish up a wreath (inspiration taken from December's MSL magazine!), glitter some ball ornaments (all about variety of color on my tree), or even save it for next year's Harvest Time (LOVE the glittered pumpkins!), I think the greatest thing I would do is use it for crafts with my daughter. I want her to experience all crafts and activities, and not be afraid to get her hands a little dirty (er, glittery!) to create a beautiful gift for someone else.

  • I would like to make holiday and birhtday cards. I would also like to experiment with glitter embroidered cards.

  • Who doesn't love glitter?! The holidays are the perfect time to create cards, ornaments, gift tags, etc. with glitter and I would love to practice with Martha's 24 piece set!

  • I plan on buying some paper mache ornaments and using the glitter on them. I will also be using the glitter on my holiday cards.

  • The glitter would be perfect in making the tags for our homemade cookie trays.Each year my sister and I and our daughters, and now my grandson, have a 4day baking, decorating and packing for our homemade cookie and candy trays.

  • Currently I use glitter I get from those giving it away on freecycle, as I am on a very low fixed income and cannot afford to purchase things in the craft stores like I use to. Freecycle prevents things from going into the dump. I use glitter on cards I make. I make cards to send to those who need encouragement or are ill for our church which has over 20,000 members. This is my service for our LORD. I also make cards and try to sell them on e-bay for a little extra money for things I would like to have.

  • Oh happiness! I love the glitter set! I'd be so excited to win :)

  • I absolutely love all things that sparkle. This holiday season, one of my first projects is helping my mom decorate for Thanksgiving. She's hosting at our family's CA beach house so we're glittering pumpkins, gords, walnuts, etc. in beach colors like blue, white, gold. It will be a beautiful combination of traditional Thanksgiving items in modern CA beach colors.

  • I have some of my mother's glittered antique melamine ornaments from my Mother. I plan to add and replace glitter that has worn off over the years.

  • I would use the glitter to add a touch of sparkle to holiday gift tags.

  • I've been unemployed for 1 year now, and can't afford to buy Christmas presents. If I won, I would use the glitter to make card packs (using Martha's generous templates) to create personalized glittered thank you cards for Christmas presents. My friends and family would love it, and I wouldn't have to spend any money, just time, creativity, and love.

  • I love to use glitter in my altered art projects. With the holidays coming up, these would be great to have!

  • Am looking forward to adding glitter to my gift tags that are going to be photocopies of old postcards that were my Grandmother's. I have hundreds of them and can't wait to share them with family and friends on their gifts.

  • i recently got a set of acorn and leave cookie cutters. i would like to use them with the cinnamon dough to make beautiful fall decorations.

  • I love the idea of a 24 pack of mixed colors! I've been gittering glass votive candle holders in my color scheme for holiday entertaining. Swirls, circles, snowflakes. I just picked up the glass bead glitter and its awesome. I might even give some as gifts!

  • I'd use the glitter to try my hand at glitter painting. I love the pictures of the birds and the one of the fish.

  • I amazingly got to catch an episode of Martha Stewart where you used the glitter with photos and absolutely loved it! I plan to do this project for Christmas presents this year... this glitter will come in handy!!

  • My daughter and I will be making holiday cards this year for the first time. As a three-year old, glitter and glue are her favorite additions to most of her artwork!

  • Would love to play with this glitter. So many colors, so little time... Who needs Calgon?

  • Make the cover of my Kindergarten students’ 2010 calendar filled with their artwork (a New Year’s gift for their families). I take a picture of each student standing below a "Here comes" poster wearing "2010" glasses. Pictures are printed black and white and they glitter the lettering and their glasses.

  • I would LUV to have the glitter set. It's already on my Christmas list. I would use it for some projects for my son's wedding decorations. I really want to try the glitter painting from the show (love the bare tree with red birds for my mom)

  • I want to use the glitter to make ornaments just like the ones in the picture above!

  • I know most people like to put glitter on cards and ornaments for Christmas, but I use more for my Halloween crafts, and I would love to have so many new and different colors, which my mom and I can't find in our small town's craft store or dollar store. And I would have enough to glitter a whole pumpkin! I would also make some glittered decorations for my new room in our new house.

  • I am new to stamping and scrapbooking, but am loving the glitter to make cards. I would use this for all seasons!

  • I would use this to make cards and stationary and to decorate gifts and packages for the holidays.

  • PLEASE PICK ME! I would LOVE to make Christmas ornaments with all of these great colors! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE : )

  • Dear Martha,
    Glitter is a nostalgic magic that sparks warm memories of Holidays. Everyone that has commented wants to create some magic of their own. You are a woman of means that can give to all. I'm suggesting that you gift everyone that has commented their own box of glittery magic.
    How would I use your glitter? Last year someone decorated a gift for me with a paper plate angel that they got from your site. This year I would love top all my gifts with a glittery version.
    Thanks for sharing all your crafts,

  • I would give the glitter set to my 34 year old daughter,Charlotte. I just found out a couple of years ago that Charlotte is a glitter freak. Anything with glitter she just loves. I think my granddaughter,Tabitha also loves it. They must come by the love of glitter naturally,because I too love it.

  • i am jewelry designer and instead of sending a holiday postcard featuring images of my newest creations to customers i would like to render them in glitter...creating glittering jewelry is my passion in every sense of the word!

  • Repurposing items with glitter, that's the way! In the South, Mardi Gras beads are abundant. I pour glitter into a brown paper bag, snip one end of the bead string, spray them with adhesive, place in bag and shake! Instant sparkly garland for a beautiful tree.

  • I'd use the glitter to make glitter pinecones! Several yeas ago I made cinnamon scented pinecones and every year they go for a quick toast in the oven to re-activate their scent! My home smells amazing throughout the holiday season because of them. The glitter would make for a wonderful centerpiece of sparkly pine cones in one of my large glass bowls.

  • I would love to make glittered pet portraits for my fellow cat and dog lovers this christmas! They would also be perfect to brighten up my holiday cards.

  • I'm helping my daughter with a music themed tree....using black and white card stock, tracing various treble clefs,music notes,etc., then sprinkling with black and white glitter. I'd also cut stencils of the same musical denotations, stencil glue onto black and white glass balls, and dip into glitter. For myself, I'm working on a "pear" theme, using copper and gold tones. Pears dipped into the glitter for a center piece, with cinnamon sticks half dipped for extra sparkle, tied together with gold ribbon. Papier mache pears for the tree (so they're light) painted, then dipped in matching glitter. Stamped pear place cards with copper ink and a glitter accent. Feathers (from the tackle store)for the "partridge", accented with glitter.

  • I could think of a million projects for which I would use the glitters. For starters, I would glitter up my Christmas cards and decorations. I wish I could win the set :)

  • i would decorate my cards, projects for school, posters, gifts, gift wraps,and just about everything with these. i will be most likely to print out clip art and glitter them to give away to my friends and i will bet that they will love it.

  • i would use the glitter on my handmade cards and decorate handmade tags with a touch of glitter too!

  • I'd use the glitter to decorate birds for our tree.

  • I,m having major surgery on Nov 25 and glittering projects will keep me occupied during my long recovery from the extensive surgery. I will not be able to work or drive for a few weeks, but working on projects in stages will help me get back into the swing of life!

  • i would love to glitter some pinecones!!! <3 hope i win-all the glitter is so beautifully packaged.. .what a great assortment!

  • Glitter painting looks like it would be an excellent project for 4-H Arts and Crafts. Would love to be able to add it for the upcoming year. Also, the glitter cards would be great for me to work on while I am recovering from surgery later this month.

  • We love glitter and we cannot wait to make all of our holiday crafts sparkle!

  • I would love to glitter my holiday cards and ornaments... and in 2010 glitter will be the theme running through my hand-made (by me!) wedding save-the-dates, invites, programs, escort cards, etc.!

  • I love Martha's glitter better then any other because it is so fine and glamorous looking. I would use it for gift tags and cards. Also at work for making signs.

  • Since I was a little, I have made Christmas kissing balls with my dad for family and friends made with wild red berries, pine cones, and tiny ball ornaments. This year, I would use the glitter to personalize each kissing ball with the colors that people request!

  • I am working on a mixed-media pieces that includes 7 houses that I constructed and would love to cover in glitter to provide a reflective quality

  • I am making the glitter photos of all my family and friends pets and kids for Christmas gifts. I have been to all the Michaels in the area and all the glitter is sold out so I hope I win!

  • Now that my kids are older, glitter would be welcome back in the house:-). I love glittery paper houses and snowmen; the Martha Stewart glitter is perfect for them.

  • I am making glitter pics for my family Christmas gifts and my budget is tight so I hope I win!

  • I am new to Martha Stewart glitter. We used it for Halloween crafts. The Glow in the Dark one was awesome! I can't wait to do Christmas ornaments.

  • Such a lovely array of colors will work wonders for my holiday cards. I recently bought quilling supplies, a slice cutting machine and a whole slew of other paper-craft supplies and can't wait to get to work! The Martha Stewart glitter set make everything that much prettier.

  • I'm a jewelry designer and Sculpture Major at Boston University who loves glitter and uses it ALOT. Martha Stewart crafts products always help me make the case that craft and fine art can join forces! As a printmaking minor i work with glitter, sequins, and metallic paint often in my work, I covet the 24-piece set like nothing else!!

  • I carve and sculpt ostrich eggs to make cake tops, cradles, lamps, etc. I would use the glitter in my finishing touches to make them more unique and outstanding than they are already!

  • I would take this set to share with my craft club ladies as we all love glitter but it is quite expensive for your limited resources. So we could really go wild with this set. Please pick me!

  • The glitter 24 collection reminds me of my thread chest - such an inspiration to explore color possibilities in a new media. I love the challenge to refine glitter use with bold, dramatic and sophisticated colors. A source of expression has just open up - a great chance to soar. Thank you!

  • golf balls! i would glitter a huge bucket of golf balls for Christmas! how awesome would that look under the Christmas tree? and then when the time comes for the annual Christmas Day family golf tournament, i would give each player a magic ball so that when they make their putts, the glitter that falls off of their ball will make a perfect line to the cup for me! i'm gonna make some glitter ornament earrings for the match as well, all that glitters is gold....and teal......and silver.....and pink.....etc etc glitter golf, yeah!

  • The cat. The dog. My 22 year old son. Paper angels. Faux flowers. The floor. The desk. (those last 2 just happen). Is there anything in this world that does not look better with a bit of glitter?

  • I would use this glitter to make Christmas ornaments and cards. What a great selection of colors!

  • I would use this glitter on my Christmas cards and projects. I've been wanting glitter quite often recently. Would love to win!! Thanks so much!

  • Glitter dresses up and makes any project pop. I use it on wreaths, cards, scrapbooking, photographs, frames and even on silk flowers :) Glitter comes in so many great colors now that its easy to customize the look you're going for without much stress or fuss!!

  • I would use the glitter to try the glitter cards, but I would also use it to make Christmas crafts with my two girls.

  • I'd use this fantastic glitter to decorate the handmade cards I love to make. My niece is always the most grateful, and she loves sparkly things.

  • I make glitter ornaments from clear glass ornaments by spraying adhesive inside the ornaments and I have even made a video of these and my friends and I have all been making them. Martha's glitter is the best to use for these as the fine glitter adheres the best with beautiful shiny results. See my video, it has received over 1000 hits in just a few days. Yes, I do tell everyone to use Martha's glitter too!
    I also do some embellishments on the top of each ornament. I hope you will consider me.
    I plan to make these for my family for Christmas.

  • Mom & I have fallen in love with Putz houses and would like to try our hand at making our own. We would use the glitter to embellish these little houses which will be used in our Christmas miniature village as well as office holiday gifts.

  • I want to use the glitter to make ornaments for the tree and cute seating cards for a holiday dinner I am having in December.

  • Ooh, the glitter is so lovely! I would immediately use it to glitter pinecones and glass ornaments for the tree.

  • I would LOVE to make a glittered set of alphabet letters for my kindergarten classroom's holiday tree (can you tell I've asked Santa for your alphabet cookie cutter set?)!

  • I collect vintage cards of all cards, and would love to embellish them with glitter for a dazzling holiday garland to hang across a living room mirror! I also have a dear friend who makes the most fabulous party hats (with glitter of course), so I would have to invite her over for a holiday craft party!

  • I'd accent pretty cards and ornaments to be sold at the animal shelter near my house.

  • I'd love these for some mixed media drawings I'd like to start soon!

  • I would glitter just about anything for the, tags on presents, namecards for the dinner table, some ornaments, candles...

  • I think I came across this contest too late to win but I am so madly in love with the Glitter set that I am going to try my hand anyways!
    First off, I would probably take forever to open the Glitter. I would just set it on my desk as inspiration! I'm like a child when it comes to art supplies, completely mesmerized! And like all Martha craft items, this packaging is outstanding!

  • One: I WOULD NOT take it to my mother's home and use it in her dining room making holiday ornaments with my niece. That way, it WOULD NOT settle comfortably in between the slats of her oak floor, only to remind her as it twinkled beautifully in the light some six months later that it stills exists.

  • I just was drooling over this set on Saturday! I make all my own christmas cards, and I would I have a few colors. I would LOVE to experiment with my 3 sisters this year!!

  • I can't wait to try this. I'll first experiment with Christmas cards this year. We recently moved into a new home and have been working like crazy on the inside and outside. I'd like to "glitter paint" a pic of our home from the outside and send it to our family and friends with the caption--"Merry Christmas, from our home to yours" I love home-made cards.

  • Oooo more to add to my new craft area. I would love to use some glitter on some holiday projects.

  • I would use it to make gifts with the three little girls I care for. I would also use it to make glittered ornament pictures to give along with the cookies and candy I make for my family and friends.

  • I would use the glitter to finaly glitter wooden 8inch letters for my 4 girls. They have been waiting a few years. I could finaly surprise them with their favorite color of glitter wooden letters for Christmas. I would also use them to glitter musical notes and music sheets to adorn our Christmas Tree.

  • I would use the glitter to highlight the subtle colors on the myriad of scallop shells I've collected over 15 years while vacationing with my family on Cape Cod. They would make beautifull ornaments for family members reminding them of wonderful times together.

  • I have a tropical flower farm and am an avid photographer of the exotic blooms I grow so I would convert my photographs to glitter photos to create some unusual and different Holiday greeting cards to send out and place-cards at our Christmas dinner table.

  • I would love to win such a great variety of glitter and plan to use it on birds and butterflies for my christmas tree, cards, napkin rings and placecards, berries for the mantle and anywhere else that needs some sparkle and glamour for the holidays.

  • Diamonds and rubies I can live without,
    Martha Stewart glitter I cannot.

    So please pick me, Martha, to win this great set,
    I'd make lots of handmade treats, you bet.

    I would glitter everything that I can see,
    Your glitter is great for you and for me :)

  • I'll be having a "Home Made Christmas" this year. I would love to use the glitter for my paper mache christmas trees. These are table top decorations I made in various sizes. The wonderful spectrum of color in this glitter set would make for some magical trees!

  • I really want to try my hand a glitter painting!

  • I have 3 young children who love glitter. It's certain 95% will cover them, and the rest on our project. We are working on Marthas Noahs Ark ornaments and on the second package of glitter. We are LOW again and new glitter would,hopefully, let us finish. :o )

  • I am making all my gifts this year. And I am making a special "seasons" canvas -- I would use the glitter to embellish the art. Glittery red and yellow leaves for fall. White glitter on my winter snowflakes. Green glitter the leaves in spring. Bright glittered flowers for summer.

  • Most of my projects end up with glitter on them whether or not it's in the original plan. It will ,probably, be used the most on cards.

  • I would use this beautiful and colorful glitter to make wonderful new Christmas decorations for my friends and family for my annual holiday open house--home made is always more fun and more appreciated.

  • "Less is more" doesn't apply when it comes to pretty glitter! More, not less, is my motto in making cards and decorations and these colors are fantastic!

  • I would create a magical adobe Christmas village, as I live in New Mexico. Then, move one to "stained glass" panels for the windows....followed by a Jackson Pollock dripped glue painting sprinkled with gorgeous glitter...I'm also thinking about wall panels....need I go on?

  • every holiday would feature decorations that have used this glorious glitter.

  • I would probably make those ornaments up there! Or just store them for a rainy day...

  • If selected I will use this glitter to paint on clothes, ornaments, create art pieces, and so much more! Pick me! :) No art project is complete with out a heavy dose of glitter!

  • I would you this glitter set to begin making crafts with my daugther who is 4. She adores glitter and I want to decorate ornaments, greeting cards and anything that glitter can stick to. I'm so excited to start these projects with my daughter. These memories will be so precious.

  • If I were lucky enough to win, I'd probably go through my usual struggle: shall I use it all up as fast as I can, in a frenzy of glittery creativity, or should I save it for the next time I'm in a contemplative mood, so I can appear to be "busy" as I arrange and re-arrange all of my pretties? Either way sounds just about perfect, to me!

  • I would be so thrilled to win this set. I would love touse it to decorate my daughters room. She loves all that glitters and I want to do wook letters in all sorts of girly words all over her room.

  • I would love to win this set. I have been wanting to make a set of little christmas houses with glitter!

  • I make handmade cards & gift tags and the glitter would be such a unique and elegant element to my creations! I'm very excited for the holidays to have the opportunity to create beautiful crafts for my friends and family! Thank you!

  • Glittering is my FAVORITE thing to do! I am so excited about the patterns for snowmen & santas in the December issue!

  • .: Those glitters is convenient to decorate my own baubles~~ (^,^) :.

  • I will use it to cristen my new house with sparkly goodness. My motto is, "If it doesn't bling, it doesn't belong in my house!"

  • I am absolutely obsessed with glitter, I love anything glittery and I am in my 40's. I love to make decorations, cards, pinecones. Plus, glitter is not JUST for the holidays these colors are beautiful (have seen them in Michaels) you can use them year round.This kit would help my 1878 Farm house look MUCH more festive this year~ :-)

    Karla Marsh

  • I would glitter my husband from his head to his toes, and glitter my daughters pink ear lobe. Everything with glitter can be enhanced, then I will glitter my shoes for the Christmas dance.

  • I love all things glitter!! My sister and I are working on a journal full of artwork and we are looking for ways to really make it personal to us. I don't have much money and to receive this kit would mean a lot to both of us!!

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