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Tools & Materials : Knitwit Availability

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If you're having trouble tracking down a KnitWit after reading our story in December's issue, don't you worry.  It's available in a few places.  We've spoken with the folks at and their online store should be working later today.  If you can't wait that long, try,, or

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Haven't seen the story yet?

Here are a couple of my favorite projects from our December issue.

knitwit embellishments baby

Comments (21)

  • That is one darling little girl, Linsey.

  • Thanks for posting this! I was just reading the December issue today and fell in love with Knitwit project!

  • I trying to locate one now ,since the official site doesn't deliver to Canada ,I really want one .

  • I ran out to get the knit-wit to make the lovely peach scarf and when I got home I couldn't find the magazine!! Could you possibly post the picture for me?

  • I'm all thumbs -- have tried and failed at both kitting and crocheting. I hope I can manage the Knitwit, and have ordered one from their online store. I'd like to make a scarf like the one in your December issue, but could use more detailed directions and explanation. Could anyone help me with this? I've searched the Martha Stewart website for more instructions, but found none. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am a total beginner. Thanks, Barbara

  • I was disappointed to see on the website that they are out of stock until after the holidays.
    However, I did want to share that after reading this article that suggested EBAY, I was able to purchase one on EBAY and will have it in three days.

  • I loved the scarf,made with the knit wit tool.I have finally ordered one from the knit wit web site.
    I am having trouble finding the very thin yarn used to make the scarf?
    Where did you get it ?
    How can we order ultra thin yarn for this scarf project?

    Thanks, I really want to make it.

  • Crafter Comment:

    The yarn is sourced in the guide on page 246. It’s silk-mohair blend in color #36 Shisyamu (A-32B) from Habu Textiles, 212-239-3546 or

  • I just purchased my through e-bay. And open they box. I have tried it and is it easy to do. Can't wait to start on a project.

  • If you order the kit, it will show you how to do it. There is a DVD with the kit included knitwit tools.

  • [...] Knitwit and a copy of this month’s Martha Stewart “Living” will delight.  Click here to see all the pretty things she’ll be able to [...]

  • What has happened to the I ordered a KnitWit and knew it was backordered but now the site is down and there is no way to contact the company. Do you know what is happening with the company and its orders? Thanks.

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Grace,

    I just looked at the site and it appears to be up with a note that they're backordered.

  • Has anyone gotten their back-ordered Knitwit yet? I ordered (and paid for) mine from the website back in November and still have not received it. I have sent them three emails asking about prospective deliverty dates, and have yet to receive a reply.

  • My 80-year old grandfather is now the sole owner/distributor of Knit Wit and we're all helping him wade through thousands of new orders through paypal and negotiating with the manufacturer to keep stock up.

    If you aren't receiving answers, just be patient as he is one grandpa answering thousands of emails and personally shipping out thousands of Knit Wits from his home. Right now he's rushed the manufacturer to make enough to fill the orders and the fastest they can be ready for shipment is the end of this month. Just be patient. We just bought him a brand new iMac to help him with his computer troubles, but he can only go so fast, since there hasn't been this big a demand for these in years.

    To those with backordered Knit Wits, please be patient as my grandfather is working as hard as he can to secure more stock and get them out to you guys.

  • I was so happy to read the information on your grandfather working hard to get the knitwits shipped. I am 77, and had one years ago when I lived up north, when I moved to Florida it was lost in the shuffle, so I ordered one on December 8th. I loved making afghans with my original ones that I had so I can hardly wait to receive my new one. Thank your grandfather for me.

    Janet Ring
    22 Pine Meadow
    Bunnell, Florida

  • I just looked at the knitwit website. The new message is that they are to receive a shipment by 1/31/10. I will be excited to receive mine as it was a Christmas gift for my 10 yr. old grandson. He saw the article in Martha Stewart and wanted to try it. Hope it comes soon.

  • I can get as many Bloom Looms as needed by people . I have a knit shop in Silverton,OR,The Purl District. Checkout my website. The Bloom Loom does the same thing as a Knit Whit. It's just by another company,Wright. Email me with you address etc and I'll mail it to you.

  • I ordered the knitwit kit but still have not received it and despite phone calls and emails to the company-no reply. Has anyone else had this issue? Are they still in business?

  • I too ordered the knitwit kit after seeing it in MS Living December issue. I ordered in December, my credit card was billed in December and it is now Mid-March and no knitwit. I have tried to call. The number shown on their website is no longer in service. Have we been taken for a ride?

  • Update to my above comment. I just received an email from Knitwit saying my order was being shipped via priority mail this week. (I had sent them an email earlier today) and to my suprise, I got a response. There is hope after all:)

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