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Ask the Crafts Dept. : Marbleizing Supplies

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Angie asks:

I want to make the marbleized paper, but I can't find alum or methyl cellulose-any suggestions?  Will liquid starch work as well?  We are working our way through the Craft Encyclopedia!

Wow, Angie, and you're already at M for marbleizing!?  Marbleizing is fun and easy, but it really does require the right materials.  There is a technique involving starch, but it also requires oil paint and turpentine.  The marbleizing method we recommend is non toxic and consistently produces stunning results.

If you can't find alum or methyl cellulose in your neighborhood, order it online at

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  • So pretty! Is it the same process for making marbleized fabric?

  • Alum can be purchased in the baking/spices section of any grocery store.

  • I needs some ideas on decorating Christmas Ornaments Thank you Theresa

  • I recently did the marbleizing, and I used liquid starch in my trays. It worked perfectly! I did use the alum though and brushed it on the paper before, and it helped the paint stick a lot. I found it in the grocery store with all of the spices. Hope that helps!

  • I would like to email or talk to a Martha Stewart crafts dept. person. Topic: Craft Tools (greeting card tools for Christmas gift(s) for my Mom in MO. I need some guidance! I can't find a phone # or email address, or a topic to ask my questions.
    Thank You

  • Crafter Comment:

    you can e-mail us at


  • i would like to know the name of the best mat cutter in the world. i want to cut my own photo mats for picture frames. thanks

  • My grandchildren and I used white shaving cream in a bake pan and smoothed it out. Next we put drops of food coloring onto the cream. We took a fork and some toothpicks to swirl the colors in a pleasing design. We put watercolor paper face down into the design. We lightly patted the paper with our finger tips and then pulled the paper off of the color. We went to the kitchen sink and used a pancake turner to scrape the cream and coloring off of the paper. We made some wonderful designs. They are now framed and hanging in the girls bedrooms. They loved the project.

  • Recently I attend the Oprah show that Martha Stewart was featured on. One of the crafts she shared was an accordion type gift topper. I've tried several different techniques with fun paper but I can't seem to get the circle topper to work. I would appreciate any tips or advice how to make this circle-fan gift toppers.

    Thank you!

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