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Make It : photo advent calendar

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My mother's birthday is on November 25th, which is terribly close to Christmas. So for many many years now, I've embraced that part and given her an advent calendar that starts on her Birthday and ends on Christmas. There's been many themes for the gifts, by color, the current favorite food, uplifting gifts, relaxing gifts ... but the past few years she's been traveling a lot during that time period, so the gifts had to be light and portable. I figured what's nicer for a grandma than to wake up to the smiles of her grandchildren, so I've made calendars filled with photos of the kids. I've gone through various ways to package them, but this way is the easiest for me to prepare (it is pre Christmas after all) and for her to fold up and take along.

how to calendar

I printed numbers in different fonts and colors onto various shades of white papers (this poor calendar needs to fit in to it's many surroundings, so neutral seemed best), cut them to post card size and inserted them along with a couple of photos per day into this great photo holder.

close up calendar

It can hang easily where ever she goes to have a little bit of Birthday every day all the way up to Christmas.

mami calendar

Happy Birthday, Mami !

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