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Ask the Crafts Dept. : Sealing Glittered Projects

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Nicky Stokes asks:

I loved the glitter cards and photo art in the November issue of Martha's magazine.  I really want to try making a card, but I don't want to send my friends a mess of glitter for Christmas.  How do I keep the glitter from falling off the card?  Is there a special technique or glue that I would need to use to keep the glitter from making a big mess?

Glittered Bird Card

Just one of the many glittered clip art projects featured

Canned air, usually used to dust keyboards and electronics, is a great method for blasting away those loose bits of glitter.  To even further secure your work, brush on a glossy craft sealant such as Mod Podge over the glittered areas.  If you really want to eliminate any chance of stray sparkles, try mixing the glitter with a bit of craft sealant and brushing it on your card or project.  The glitter won't be as dense, but it may be a nice technique for subtle glitter accents.  

In a related question, Debbie asks:

I made salt dough ornaments, using mini cookie cutters and Martha Stewart Glitter.  I just love how they turned out.  But I'd like to know how to make them permanent.  I glued the ornaments onto napkin rings and will make approximately 40 for our family gathering at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Before I finish them I thought I should ask!

You can use the same method suggested for these glittered bells featured on one of THREE (!) covers you will find on your December issue of Living.  They call for polyurethane spray if displayed outside.  Even sealed, they should be kept in a covered area, as glitter would not fare well in a rain or snowstorm.  The polyurethane spray will help protect against the elements, but will also seal the glitter coating on projects and reduce shedding.  And in your case Debbie, the sealant should also protect your beautiful napkin rings from moisture damage.    

Glitter Bells

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Glitter 24 pack

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  • I company makes a spray sepcifically to seal glitter which is also safe on papers, like the cards mentioned. It is called SUPER SEAL and it's made by Creative Imaginations. It is used for papercrafting and scrapbooking.

    Here's a link.

  • Please can you help me?
    I have tried to find where I can post a question but to no avail.
    I have just bought my first two BORDER PUNCHES the SNOWMEN And PRESENTS
    Please can someone tell me how to use them?
    How to line them up?
    To keep a continuous line ?
    I am not doing very well.
    I have just joined up today.
    Look forward to hearing from someone please Thanks in anticipation!

  • Crafter Comment:

    Check out instructions for the Punch Around the Page tools at

  • I really want to use glitter on the hair accessories and bridal bouquets I create, but I don't want my customers to be put off by glitter falling off on their hair and clothing. Any tips on how to really get a good seal on the glitter to keep it from flaking off? Thanks!

  • I carved and sculpt ostrich eggs for which are used for many things, wedding cake tops, baby bassinet, etc. I would use the glitter to help adorn my eggs and give them a great finishing touch!

  • I couldn't find the 50% off coupon for the glitter in the Dec. MSL magazine. Maybe someone can tell me what page to look on?

  • I am writing to ask that the craft and food dept. PLEASE!!!! make sure to follow up with photos that are promised on the directions page. I have gone back to the container garden several times to see if it is posted yet. This is about 5 days later, and it still has not been posted. I also wanted the photo of the poncho and it is not there either. Please ask someone to make sure to follow-up on those photos. Thanks from an avid fan and user of many, many of your tips and advice.

  • When I made salt dough ornaments I would dip them in polyurethane and hang them to dry (removing the drips with a stick). When you dip them in the can it gets all of the nicks & crannies. I still have those ornaments 25+ years later.

  • This is not about the glitter(which is beautiful and has amazing colors)I just did the snowflake doily project from last years xmas book. The doilies are stiff and would be beautiful if I hadn't used brown craft paper as a table protector. I wish the Martha team had specified. I now have 9 doilies with brown paper stuck to them. AHHHH!

  • Crafter Comment:

    In between pages 228 and 229 of the December issue of Living there is a mini Martha Stewart Holiday gift guide insert. On the back page of that booklet there is a coupon for 50% off any one Martha Stewart Crafts product. Happy crafting!

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Bonnie,

    Those are tv projects. Photos and videos are added two business days after a show airs,
    so the stone planter (from Thursday’s show) should be added later today, and the poncho (from Friday’s show) will be added by tomorrow.

    Thanks for checking back!


  • thanks so much for these great glitter projects. The canned air suggestion was brilliant! Also the photo tool works really well to translate pictures for other things too - like paintings, embroideries etc.
    I tried both methods with the sealant - mod podge carefully over the design worked pretty well.

  • I checked for a gift guide insert between pages 228-9 and didn't see one. My sister in Chicago didn't find one in hers either. We both purchased the magazines at local Costco stores - is that why? Thanks for your help!

  • Crafter Comment:

    For the paper doilies- we recommend soaking the doilies until the paper comes off, allowing them to dry, and then re-starching them. This time, let dry on a plastic surface, such as a bin lid, or saran wrap. We hope this helps, and sorry for the crafting mishap!

  • I have now registered 3 separate times on Martha and still am unable to download the Glitter Conversion Program that seems to require registration and that's where it comes to an end. Is there a secret code to get the download? I even bought the glitter kit and glue and now can't download the program. Thanks for your help.

  • Crafter Comment:

    If you are already registered, you should have received an email from asking to confirm your registration (check your spam box if you haven't already). The next step is to go to and click the “sign in” link at the top center of the page. Once you are signed in with your user name /password, go to and click the orange “browse” button on the tool to start uploading photos to the tool. It is not actually a downloadable application – the tool itself lives on our site, what it does is simply allow you to transform a photo into a simplified image. Hope this helps!

  • Crafter Comment:


    Apparently this was a very popular coupon. It was only inserted into
    subscriptions in 700k magazines. We will definitely note how popular the guide and coupon were for next time.


  • A fantastic new spray product perfect for sealing in glitter, without changing the texture of what it is sprayed on is called Preserve Your Memories II. It is made in the US and can be found at I use it on polymer clay and it works beautifully!

  • I use Super Seal by Creative Imaginations on all my glittered projects and papercrafts,and the spray does not dislodge glitter, but gets in any crevices and is UV resistant. Even chipboard mini books can be sprayed.
    Besides making them almost waterproof, SS protects from fingerprints and handling wear. Use your inks first, before spraying.

  • There was a man that was on the show last year that makes the fold out books. He made a christmas tree fold out and I lost my copy will yu please send me the instructions for that. I want to have the children at church make them for there parents. Thank you,I love all the ideas you have,and the show.
    Alice Jones

  • Help please. I purchased the Glue Pad which comes with a small tube of "glue refill". I wish to know since I have run out of the glue that came with the pad and do not want to ruin it by using the wrong type, what specific Martha Stewart glue should I purchase?
    There are many kinds on the shelf at Michael's but none that say for use on the glue pad.
    Thank you,

  • Hi,

    I just purchase the glue pad, several bottles of glitter, and rubber stamps. I love the results. However, after using it, I have not idea how to clean my stamps. I tried soap and water, but I can't get all the glue out of the intricate part of the stamps. Please, can anyone help?



  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Ana, you can try using a stamp scrubber pad, which has soft bristles for all those hard-to-reach areas.

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