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Make It : simply change the buttons

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Buttons seem to be the part that designers skimp on first .... what a shame. It has such an impact !
So more often than not when I buy a piece of clothing, the first thing I do is to change the buttons. Most recently I replaced the plastic molded hideous shank buttons on an inexpensive Zara coat ...


.... with some horn buttons fromĀ M&J ...


and like my coat a lot better now.


Try it ! Learn how to sew on a button here. It is really worth spending a few dollars on some special buttons. You may find yourself with a whole new wardrobe.

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  • This is something I do often and its great to personalize your wardrobe. Sometimes I use really zany buttons to put an interesting added dimension to a sweater. One of my favorite things to do is to take some small swatches of linen and embroider a silk ribbon flower on each of them. I use that to make covered buttons. Color coordinated of course. Looks great on silk duponi as well.

  • Good reminder! My mom, a great seamstress in her day--she's 96 now--, taught me this little trick in the '50ies. (Probably before you were born. ;-) )

    The other trick is to *always* save special buttons when you pass along a favorite garment after it's seen its better day. Having a button stash is a wonderful reminder of favorite garments; it's fun to find a new place to use the buttons again.

  • I just did this very same thing a few weeks ago. Finally found some lovely new buttons from M&J to replace the ones that came on a vintage coat I've been wearing for years. The buttons totally appreciated the "value" of my vintage find!

  • Forgot to mention. If you sew for girls, covered buttons with a touch of your embroidery can turn a lovely dress into your masterpiece. Everytime I do this on a simple elegant little pink dress, usually buttoned down the back, I get so many compliments.

  • I do this all the time! I like the comment from Eva Drew about adding embroidery on the dress. I think I'm going to do that on a beautiful!

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