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Photo Galleries : Backyard Christmas

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Deck the halls with boughs of holly and whatever else you can get your hands on; it’s Christmas dagnabit! In all seriousness, it’s been kind of crazy here at TV with all the different kinds of greenery we’ve been using to decorate the set. The garlands in the prep kitchen windows are a mix of noble fir, juniper, and incense cedar. The craft room’s garland is made solely of princess pine. Last Friday I jumped into an herb wreath-making segment with Martha that was scheduled last minute. I hope the basic idea of how to make a wreath out of anything came across. They really are that simple. The scents of the bay laurel, rosemary, and eucalyptus we used reminded me so much of growing up in California. It perfumed the entire studio.

This week Jim McCann from 1-800-FLOWERS made holiday arrangements with Martha. I supplied some more unusual clippings for them to play with, like golden arborvitae, privet berries, and Brazilian peppercorns. Growing up I had a giant Brazilian pepper tree in the front yard that was the foundation for the tree house my brother and I played in. So you can imagine my excitement when I came across it as a cutting in the flower market. I thought it complimented the red and white striped amaryllis really well. I think we all try to do that here: take something from our upbringing and work it into the Martha brand. I suggest taking a second look at that shrub outside your window and bring some clippings inside. I bet it could stand being cut back a bit, and if it’s bare, well then just add some glitter.

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Red winterberry

1 Red winterberry

Privet berries

2 Privet berries

Orange winterberry

3 Orange winterberry

Brazilian pepper

4 Brazilian pepper

Noble fir

5 Noble fir

Seeded eucalyptus

6 Seeded eucalyptus

Western cedar

7 Western cedar

Incense cedar

8 Incense cedar

Golden arborvitae

9 Golden arborvitae


10 Holly


11 Juniper

White pine

12 White pine


13 Hypericum

Variegated holly

14 Variegated holly


15 Magnolia

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  • Love this. I'm attempting to quit smoking and work in a drug rehab. 90% of the people here smoke and I work very long hours. Need busywork to keep my hands busy in lieu of smoking. Suggestions, please?

  • Knit knit knit! Or crochet... both are very relaxing and a good way to keep your hands busy! Basic projects like scarves are an easy way to get the hang of the skills involved. Good luck to you Gena, and congratulations on quitting smoking!

  • LOVE magnolia leave wreaths! There's nothing more elegant than the brown backs and glossy green fronts of magnolia leaves. Thank goodness I have a huge tree in the yard!

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