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Inspiration Board : felt

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Felt is hardly new. But since it is such an incredible material, I did think it was a good post to leave you with over our break. It has so many uses and aspects to it, that it may inspire you to think of it in a new way after all.

Growing up in Germany my first real memories of felt were my grandfather's tyrolean hats. Maybe that's what you would think of too, when asked how to combine Germany and felt.
BUT, there is one aspect of felt I got introduced to quite early in my life, which has nothing to do with the clichee of Bavaria and that is the artist Joseph Beuys. He taught at the art academy in Duesseldorf, where I grew up, so I remember seeing his art at an early age. Not quite understanding it, but having strong emotions about the color, smell and his claim that felt ( and fat) saved his life when wounded as a soldier (read more about it here).

beuys felt suit

I've had this poster of his felt suit on my wall for a while. But I'm also fascinated by his felt postcard. (maybe that's what I should ask for as a gift)

This year I was very inspired by Corinne's needle felting story. I have all the supplies together to make MYSELF a scarf during this break. I also just finished felting some rocks as gifts. It is such a satisfying craft.


I didn't make the notebook, but it looks like it would be a very simple thing ... maybe a last minute gift !?

To leave you with some Christmas spirit, take a look at my decoration:

felted branch

I wrapped a large branch with unspun wool (or you could use roving). You'll see, it sort of sticks to the wood and is very easy to do. When finished, it looks like fluffy snow .... add some felt snowflake ornaments, and you'll have a decoration you can enjoy around the winter. Speaking of, do you remember seeing the silver branch before in my Fall decoration ?! And where do you think my felted branch 'lives' during the year ?! (hint)

We'll see you again in 2010. Hopefully all rested and inspired by new things ... or maybe just by old things in a new way. Happy Holidays !

Comments (12)

  • I enjoyed your post. I wanted to let you know about New England Felting Supply, Check it out, it is woman owned business devoted strictly to felting. They are easy to work with. The owner, Chris White is the author of Uniquely Felt.
    Have fun!

  • I love your branch art! How did you secure it into the container and keep it from tipping over? Thanks for all the inspiration. ~Linda :-)

  • Excited about getting my Singer Confidence sewing machine. Just wondering if Martha would give some kind of lessons to teach us the fundamentals of using a sewing machine.

  • There is certainly something about felt. I think its texture is warm, inviting and tactile. A great material for so many projects.

  • I love this idea. I think I'm going to try it tomorrow. I have some great branches that I've been saving for something and bags of roving sitting in my studio. I can't wait. Thanks

  • Great post. I absolutely love the poster on the door of the felt suit! Thought it was real until you mentioned it. Very cool idea!

  • Crafter Comment:

    In the bottom of container is a rock for weight. Then I cut Oasis to fit tight into the container, poked a hole in the middle to fit the branch and put the branch in. The container is out of glass though, so that weight helps, I think.
    Good luck !

  • Loving your snow fallen branch with felt, wish i had found this post before christmas, still there's always next year!

  • Your Christmas decoration is beautiful! It's kind of cold (because it's snow!) and warm (because it's wool!) at the same time. Wonderful!

  • I so meant to felt guest soaps for holiday gifts with my boys. I have a pile of mid size, nicely shaped hotel soaps I've tucked away perfect for the craft. It sounds insane but I might get some roving and do it with them outdoors in the summer to get a big head start on next Christmas.
    Also love your branch idea. Ikea had some super fine cotton string cord that would make a nice summer version.
    I am still finding Martha glitter around the house from the ornaments we made this year. It's the best quality but it's super fine and seems to travel well with messy boys!

  • Where is the template for the felt bag described in the last magazine. I cannot find it on the website.
    Many thanks.

  • Crafter Comment:

    If you follow the link below you'll be able to open the PDF. If you don't see it, scroll to the right of your screen.

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