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Behind the Scenes : Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale

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Thanks everyone for coming to the craft sale on Saturday!  There was a great turn out, despite the cold and rainy weather.  Here are a couple of photos- with more to come later in the week.  And please leave us your comments on the sale if you were able to make it out!

Setting up Friday at the Craft Sale

Setting up for the Friday night preview- TV came around to document.

Morgan & Emily

Morgan and Emily checking out the merchandise before the sale begins

Welcome to the Craft Sale

Our welcome sign behind Winter Water Factory's Table

More photos to come soon!

Comments (27)

  • I really enjoyed the craft show. Everyone at MSLO is so talented! Martha is lucky to have such great people working for her. I hope you do it again next year and maybe at other times throughout the year!

  • I had such a great time at the craft sale! It was a thrill meeting so many of you in person and getting to see and buy your incredible creations. Everyone was so nice and the layout of the tables and displays was just right. I second jgcraftmom about having at least one other sale during the year... I don't think I can wait until next holiday season!

  • My 10 yr. old daughter and I loved the craft sale. She won a prize during the craft walk. That made her day! I bought a pair of beautiful recycled materials earrings. Same time next year

  • Here are some photos I took at the craft sale:

  • I hope this show was just the beginning...I'd love to attend more!

    Some photos I took on Saturday (love this jacket the most!)

  • WOW!!! wish I was there. I am sure you all did a great, you are all creative.
    Best wishes

  • Wow, this sounds wonderful. I wish I could attend.

  • I'm green with envy because I'm all the way over on the opposite coast and couldn't pop in.

    Say, is the Craft Department going to put together a list of crafters that participated? Or, how about an Etsy Street Team so we can find (and buy) some of the beautiful things that were featured?

  • who was the person that did the Elmer's glue science projects, most importantly the quartz? How does one get that info? Checked out Elmer's glue website, nothing about it...Who was this guy? Interesting project

  • I had such a great time at the craft show! Not only did I meet some fellow crafters while waiting in line, I got to talk to many of the super talented crafters that were there!!

  • [...] also love these mini envelopes Amy of The Sweets Blog by Amy Atlas picked up at the Martha Stewart Craft Sale. (What I wouldn’t give to go to that [...]

  • Any way to find out who made the beautiful bird and branch necklace for sale at the craft show as shown on today's show? I have a nature-themed store in Nova Scotia and am always searching for new artists for both the store and my own collection.

  • Crafter Comment:

    Kristen St Clair, our very on TV Crafter made it. Contact her through her etsy shop.

  • I had such a wonderful time! Thank you! I know a majority of the vendors are or were MSLO people, but how did you pick the other non-MSLO vendors? I would have loved to be one!!!

  • Where was the show and was it open to the public? Would have loved to have known about it!

  • Loved the craft fair!! Sadly, I already lost one of the earrings I bought and no matter how much I google I can not find them. All the information I have is the earring holder which says "made by Kam"

    Please help me find out how to replace it! Thank you so much

  • I would love to also have the name of some of the crafters. I would love to have the crafter of the wooly/cotton ornaments make some with our farm wool for sale. Thanks!

  • any of the craft items available for sale on line?

  • I would like to attempt to make the Christmas tree made from magazines. It was featured on Martha's show the week of the craft fair. I cannot find the directions anywhere.


  • Crafter Comment:

    This should be all the information you need.

  • i'm looking for the maker of the silver acorn necklace that was highlighted on martha's show last week... can someone help we out with who she is??

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Sandra,

    Hosanna at TV made them. She wrote the following about making your own...

    The acorns are solid sterling silver, and were a special collection I made for the craft fair. Since they require all sorts of equipment for jewelry making, I did not provide a how to.
    A simple solution would be to find a special, small acorn and paint it with a metallic paint (something like Rub’n Buff, found at Micheal’s). Carefully drill a small hole through the top, and thread with a cord or chain. This variation will not have the weight of the silver ones, but I am sure it will still look pretty.
    good luck!

  • hi again.... thanks for the explaination. i must have misunderstood but was hosanna selling these at the craft sale?? did she have any left over and/or does she have an etsy site?? i just loved how her acorns had very long bodies! :o )

  • I wish I could have attended the craft fair. I was just wondering if any of the people who were there had websites to sale there crafts. I was really interested with the woman who made Ornaments made out of cotton that was shown on the show.

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Michelle,

    her name is Crystal Hanehan and you can find her work at :

  • The craft fair was amazing! I LOVED the brie and butter pretzel sandwiches!!!! So soft, chewy and delicious. Where did they come from?! They were great! I would love to make them for a holiday party im having but im sure the pretzels would NEVER turn out like the ones at the fair.

  • Hope this happens again next year and I get some advance notice because this would make a good anchor for a New York holiday shopping trip!!!

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