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Around Town : MS Craft Sale Prep

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We're getting ready for the Craft Sale on Saturday!  Hope to see you there!

Morgan making elves


Seashell Ornaments

Bird gifts

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  • [...] and sparkly starfish ornaments here. [...]

  • Can't wait to see the photos posted, wish I am in New York to attend. Good luck to all of you.
    Best Regards

  • Hi Craft Dept,
    I haven't seen any posts by Jodi Levine or Marcie McGoldrick lately, love their creativity and designs.

  • Dear Hannah,
    I was watching Glittered Holiday Crafts show online and was amazed by your creativity, you are such an inspiration. You mentioned that in the craft fair you will sell pearl necklaces with leather, wow I would love to see that, do you have a website that sells your art stuff and do you take orders outside USA.
    Thank you
    Best Regards,
    Rowaida Flayhan

  • just got my December issue and want to say to the entire craft department - you rock!!!! nothing is better for an Australian summer Xmas than a glittery shell tree. congratulations to you all and thank you for the very best Christmas issue (and I've been an avid reader and collector for 13 years!)

  • I hope we get to see some pix from the craftsale! I sooooo wish I'd read this earlier since although I live in TX, I would have totally sent my Manhattanite sister as my proxy for this sale!!!

  • I saw Martha's show today and she showed a video from the craft show. One of the vendors she showed had her home-made tree ornaments to look like animals out of a spun wool. They weresimply gorgeous. I don't remember her name. Is ther any way I can get her name and can contact her?
    Thanks so much. Next year I plan on coming to the show!

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