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Inspiration Board : my home office wall

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my bulletin board

Since moving to the Starrett Lehigh building in the Spring, we gained a lot of light and some space, but I had to give up 2 large bulletin boards I had in my office. One was always for the story I was working on currently, and the other never really changed, just 'evolved'. For current stories I now work with foam core boards I can carry around the office to the various meetings. But since I missed having the other inspiration around me, I put up a large board in my home office ( it is very simple to make a bulletin board. Take a look here. I didn't even bother with the frame) and pinned all my favorite things back up. Nothing is very specific to a craft or story idea. It's more a mood board - there are many organic things, some memories from travels to Mexico, some gifts from dear friends. And since I work from home often, I can soak up my inspiration and channel it back to the current boards at the office.

Where do you keep your inspiration ?!

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  • Hey there
    I love this board and how easy it is to make! I've just started editing a blog for Herman Miller and I'd like to include your lovely inspiration board. Would that be OK? You can reach me here - cerenthaATmacDOTcom and I can give you more info.

  • i have always had my own "cork board" ever since i was little. my current one hangs in my home office and does reflect my mood, dreams, and that which i draw creative inspiration. everyone should have one!

  • Wonderful board! I must admit that MS is one of my daily inspiration, but also visiting lovely blogs gives me a fresh air!

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