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Celebrate : teacher's gift

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Time to remember the teachers and all they do throughout the year. As I mentioned before, I like giving food gifts, as to not add to their collection of mismatched mugs. For Christmas I usually make granola and then package it with some store bought honey and tea ( I love the simple packaging of this great tea). After all, who isn't looking forward to some lazy mornings with a yummy breakfast at this time of year.

p.s. You may notice the store bought card. Yes, it is a Picasso painting. My brother brought them for me from Germany. It made not having time for hand made cards very acceptable.

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  • Looks perfect. Definitely filing this idea away.

    We incorporated a beautiful "Martha" craft into our teacher gifts this year.

    Oh, and come to think of it, we used Martha's recipe box from Macy's for packaging too! I looked everywhere for something perfect and that was it.

  • As a teacher, I appreciate this idea. I don't usually love getting food, just because there's only so much I can eat, especially at this time of year when treats are plentiful and it usually goes to waste. I like that this is a healthy treat and not sweets!

  • Hello,

    This is definitely a lovely and personalized gift for a teacher. Great choice! Love the simple packaging.

    ~ Gabriela ~

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