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Make It : easy fall decoration

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It isn’t often that I find the time to  do the projects we produce for the magazine for my personal life , as I’m always too busy developing the next story (yes, that is Thanksgiving 2010 for me). But today I decided to take the 15 minutes it would take to decorate my own house …

Contests & Prizes : Glitter 24-piece set (CONTEST OVER)

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We’re perpetually working with (and covered in) glitter, so we thought it was time to share some with you!  Whether you use it to glitter paint, decorate, or entertain, our glitter 24 pack will definitely keep you busy.  It’s available at Michaels, or win one here.  Leave a comment describing how you’ll use your new …

Taping a Show: The Audience Perspective (plus: gilding with mica powder is fab)

Behind the Scenes : Taping a Show: The Audience Perspective (plus: gilding with mica powder is fab)

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My little cousin Kate and her friend Bianca traveled all the way from Pittsburgh to visit New York City and to see Friday afternoon’s taping of our show. It was really neat to look through their pictures with them afterward and hear their perspective – having been behind the scenes for years, I forget how …

Inspiration Board : MuTATE Britain

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Photos from MuTATE Britain, a temporary open air exhibit in London.  Some really imaginative stuff- made largely from found and recycled materials.       This guy walked and breathed fire out of his nose! These found-object creatures reminded me of some Bergdorf Goodman windows I really liked from this summer-   What do you …

Make It : simply change the buttons

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Buttons seem to be the part that designers skimp on first …. what a shame. It has such an impact ! So more often than not when I buy a piece of clothing, the first thing I do is to change the buttons. Most recently I replaced the plastic molded hideous shank buttons on an …

TV Halloween

Behind the Scenes : TV Halloween

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I know that Halloween just past, but I wanted to share photos from behind the scenes of our Big Show, the theme being Monsters. Our Art Director, Anduin Havens started us off with sketches for the different areas of the set. From there it was a full blow effort from everyone to turn the ideas …

Contests & Prizes : Congratulations Melissa!

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The winner of the Maple Leaf Punch Around the Page set is Melissa, our last commenter.  Congratulations! Keep an eye out for more great giveaways…

Inspiration Board : Pumpkin Carving

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Here are some images from a halloween story Marcie and I worked on a few years back. The idea was carving trompe l’oiel sillhouettes of spooky objects into the pumpkins, hopefully making it look sort of like they were real objects in the room… It turns out this story was popular with our readers so …