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Ask the Crafts Dept. : Vintage Halloween

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Nancy asks: Could you tell me a good source for purchasing nostalgic party supplies, such as retro Halloween treat bags, paper peanut bags and plastic cupcake toppers. This is a great question, Nancy! We have a lot of great sources for these types of party supplies. We’re excited to be able to share them with …

Ask the Crafts Dept. : Black Cat Halloween

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Wendy from Louisiana asks:  I so loved the decorations and crafts that Martha had for one of her shows a few years back when she was dressed as a cat for Halloween. . . I have searched the website high & low for the decor, but with no luck. We give a big party each …

Contests & Prizes : Photo Printer (contest expired)

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Have you picked up a copy of our Halloween Special Issue yet?  It’s full of ideas and projects for throwing the greatest, most ghoulish Halloween party possible.  One of my favorite tips is creating your own photo booth with a digital camera and a compact photo printer.  Instant portraits are a great way to capture …

Around Town : Burn baby burn

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For the past several years I’ve been lucky enough to attend the annual festival in Nevada known as Burning Man. The event’s origins began with a small group of friends in 1986 on the beach in San Francisco. Now it attracts close to 50,000 people of all ages, from all around the world, who all …

Inspiration Board : Paper Dolls

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There’s something enchanting about paper dolls.  They’ve been around for hundreds of years combining craft, fashion, and play.  Especially popular in the early to mid 1900s, they were a cheap accessible way to keep up with fashion trends and celebrity figures. I love this Frida Kahlo paper doll by Don Hendricks. They really feel like …

Our Library : Vintage Inspiration

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Above is a selection from our library of vintage books… always inspiring and entartaining look through! The first is an early book on paper flowers, which the crafts dept has made many varieties of over the years. I always think of Jodi when I see them. This book is really sweet and has good instructions. …

Behind the Scenes : Masks

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Last October Stephen (an MSL Art Director) and I scouted a few locations for the Masks story that appears in the October issue of Living.  We brought along some crafts in order to stage some potential shots. Doesn’t Stephen make a great owl?  As you can see, I made some changes for the final mask …

TV Crafts : Nature's Bounty

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This is the time of year when I am lagging behind while hiking or even strolling through the park because I am staring at the color of the trees or looking at the ground and collecting.  I like to squirrel a little of it away so I can use it for crafts in the future, …