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Make It : Better Late Than Never?

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2 tissue packets
The holidays are over...that must mean it's time for me to make my holiday card! I seem to always miss Hanukkah and Christmas. In years past, my husband and I have sent out New Years or Valentines cards instead (Thank you St. Valentine for the February extension!)

I like to send gifty-ish cards and while trying to think of an idea for this year, I remembered an old winter card-gift-combo that my friend Page and I made over 10 years ago that I thought I could share. For those of you a little behind like myself, this tissue packet “card” is a really easy craft to crank out in multiples. (We made over 200 for our Martha Stewart coworkers that year and I made at least 50 more for friends and family!)

tissue how to
To make one, cut a 6" by-5 3/4-inch rectangle from felt with scallop or pinking shears, fold short ends in to meet at center, and pin. Sew sides shut with a 1/2-inch seam allowance, and trim ends with the shears. Stuff a small stack of pocket-size tissues inside each case.

stamping tissue

Rubber-stamp a message like "HAPPY WINTER" on a tissue and slip it halfway into the packet so your good wishes will show.

3 packs on envelope front

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  • Hi Jodi, I look forward too reading your posts it has been a long time, this is a nice and cute idea. Wish you great year with good health, success and prosperity for you and your family.
    Best Regards,

  • What a fantastic idea. This sounds like a great project to work on during down time throughout the year and have them finished in time for the holidays.

  • Darling. Love the after holiday thought. Since they are used to replace a typical card do you have a cute way to send them?

  • I love it! I always plan to make Valentine's Cards to make up for the lack of Christmas cards too. This is a cute idea.

  • I love carrying a little packet of tissue. You never know when you need a piece of tissue!

  • I too always carry a little pack of tissues. I would love this little item as a gift! So would my mom!!

  • Love this! I think it will be the perfect Valentine's gift for my 8 yr. old to make for her teachers, aunties and grandmothers. She's just learning sew and being able to say "I sewed this for you myself." will be a huge accomplishment for her.

  • Awesome. The rubber stamp is awesome. Jodi, I'm curious. Where is it from? (The link is empty.)

  • Crafter Comment:

    I just updated the links. Thanks for letting us know.

  • What a cute idea! And useful...I'm a practical girl and I love practical gifts :)

  • You have done it again! Great post.

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