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Photo Galleries : Birds of a feather flock together

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2009 was lush with crafting and homemade holidays. I gifted, and was given, more handmade treasures than ever before and for me it makes the year more memorable. I spent many nights making jewelry, crafting and sewing, leading up to Christmas and it was totally worth it! But the early bird catches the worm and I think the bird was Ashley (my boyfriend) this year. I'm pigeonholing him as one of the most original and creative gift givers ever!

Pico by Ashley Graj

Pico by Ashley Graj

As some of you may know, I have a little parrot named Pico. She is my pocket size chum that I am just cuckoo for. Although Ashley sometimes argues that I love the bird more than him, he put those feelings aside, and this year for Christmas he courted me with more than a dozen original Pico portraits.

He had emailed the above photograph of Pico to a bunch of our artist friends and asked if they were willing to do a piece of art based on the photo. The only restrictions were size, so that the originals could be easily framed. I was so surprised to see how differently everyone interpreted the image and what mediums they decided to use.

1 of 13
Leah Fishman. watercolor & digital mixed media. (

1 Leah Fishman. watercolor & digital mixed media. (

Eric Gustavsen. watercolor. (

2 Eric Gustavsen. watercolor. (

Sean Ennis. pencil on painted board.

3 Sean Ennis. pencil on painted board.

Will Montgomery. digital.

4 Will Montgomery. digital.

Jared Hunter. watercolor.

5 Jared Hunter. watercolor.

Ben Sherwood. digital.

6 Ben Sherwood. digital.

Sean Langon. ink.

7 Sean Langon. ink.

Robert Escalara. mixed media.

8 Robert Escalara. mixed media.

Ashley Graj. spray paint. (

9 Ashley Graj. spray paint. (

Nicki Manchisi. pencil. (

10 Nicki Manchisi. pencil. (

Ray Graj. ink. (

11 Ray Graj. ink. (

Sean Ennis. layered MDF.

12 Sean Ennis. layered MDF.

John Jay Cabuay. ink. (

13 John Jay Cabuay. ink. (

Needless to say, I was stunned! This was an over-the-top gift with many to thank. I can't express how happy it made me feel that all these wonderful people took the time around the holidays to make something just for me. Thank you Ashley and thank you to all who participated! ox

My Pico wall so far.

Comments (15)

  • what at thoughtful gift! the bf is a keeper. pico is too adorable in all the versions.

  • That is awesome! You are definitely loved by many!! How sweet and creative of Ashley to think of such an unique gift! I love how they all look framed on the wall.

  • That is such a wonderful idea! Kudos to your bf and all those talented artists!!

  • They are fabulous but I have to say the picture by Leah Fishman is my favouirte. Pico is beautiful. I had a Little birdie too but he went to birdie heaven last year but I'm thinking it may be time to find a new birdie friend as I still miss my Harvey very much!!

  • This is really so creative and beautiful!

  • An absolutely FABULOUS gift!
    And I agree with La Alicia - Ashley is definitely a keeper!!!

  • This is amazing and oh-so-thoughtful! I'm partial to Sean Langon's ink drawing since I work upstairs from a jail. What a special gift to receive - you're a lucky girl!

  • [...] Thirteen portraits of a parrot in different media make the perfect gift. – The Crafts Dept. [...]

  • This is just incredible! I am amazed by all your talented artist friends. They are all so creative. They must make for one FAB dinner party!

  • Best Christmas gift ever!

  • Wow! what an amazing gift. I will be sending this to my husband as a big hint. I'd love something like that of my chow chows.

  • I had a parrot just like him name Jake for ten years. When I've seen him on the show it makes me want another one. They are just wonderful small little pet. Enjoy!

  • This came out great! I love how different each painting/drawing/graphic print came out.

  • Awesome gift!!! To combine two loves - Pico and creativity. Ashley is a keeper!

  • WOW! What a great job and idea. love pico and all your unique pictures of her!

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