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Make It : My Yummy Valentine

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sammy candy bag cropped

Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love pinks and reds, candy and sweets--and oh, expressing love for family and friends, of course! I have been collecting candy for quite a while--everything from fancy cut rock candy to drugstore lollipops. I love the colors and patterns and the packaging.

For Valentines Day I always try to incorporate a little candy gift into my card. Last year I made these cellophane treats bags topped with my son’s photo for his classmates. I got the idea from Silke who did the same thing with her son years before. She stamped “Kisses love, Daniel” on the bags and filled them with Hershey’s Kisses--genius!

candy wrap cropped

A few years ago in the magazine, I showed this idea for dressing up supermarket candy for Valentines. I love these little white bags (shown with a rose sticker) for giving dot candy, a little chocolate, or sheet of stickers. A patterned belly band  dresses up mini chocolate bars--I like to find ones already in red wrappers. Kids can cut out construction paper hearts using decorative edged scissors and glue them to the back of lollipops.

Have a sweet Valentines Day!

Comments (6)

  • What beautiful packaging! It makes me wish my daughters' school was not a "candy-free" zone. But I love the ideas so much that I might just have to duplicate them with something like stickers instead of candy. Hmmm.....

  • Hi Jodi, always looking forward to your post, you are such an inspiration. This is a beautiful, simple and very creative idea.
    Thank you
    Rowaida Flayhan

  • Really pretty and simple. Love the little gum matchbooks!

    The little white bags are so great for so many things. I love running them through my printer to print a design on them; a really simple way to make a gift look very custom.

  • i love the bright and cheery papers you use and find. you are such a rock star to me.


  • ohhh i love every example!!!

  • You've done it again. Great writing.

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