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Inspiration Board : Organized in the New Year

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It's 2010 and new years resolution season!  The holiday season gets so busy around here that our craft room grew pretty far from tidy over December.  It's back in order now, and we've resolved to keep it that way.  I imagine we're probably in good company, and you could use some tips to stay tidy in the new year.  Here are a few of my favorites from past magazines.

Martha image

Of course, Martha's craft room is impeccably organized and well thought out.  See more details by clicking here.marthas desk

This is a great way to organize ribbon.  See instructions here.

ribbon organizer

An organized home entrance is crucial to maintaining an organized home. I love this mailbox organization tip.

entrance organizer

This trick is so simple and makes such a HUGE difference. Painting containers a unifying color is a great way to start organizing odds and ends.

monocromatic containers

Do you have any organization tips to share for the new year?

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  • My tip is more for organizing the storage of the Christmas tree and trimmings, gift bags and everything that goes with it... I use 2 old, very well used suitcases that are not sturdy enough to travel with or giveaway, but still work well enough to store the decorations in to keep them pest and dust free.

  • Wonderful and great ideas! always looking forward to reading your posts such an onspiration. Hope you all had a great holiday. Bonnce Chance and Bonne Annee.
    Check the tree I made from Martha's Craft for Christmas, I loved this craft, Thank you Craft Dept beside the tree I made the snowman.

  • My tip is bins and labels. I separate my craft stickers and embellishments in a file organizer. I organize them all by type! So all the butterflies, flowers and baby themes all go together.
    Also, I keep my glitters in a decorative photo box, this way they don't mix with anything else. My paint brushes go in a painted coffee can.

  • These are very good ideas, and I really like all of your posts.

  • We just moved into a new house and our studio is a complete mess. We are in the process of designing the closet in the studio to make the most of the space. We are taking our time and doing it right researching and sketching instead of just buying a few bookcases and sticking them in the closet and calling it a day.
    Our advice would be to make lists and plan it all out.

  • Gorgeous Ideas. I seem to gather food containers over christmas, Biscuit and sweet tins I decorate them with pretty paper and find a crafty use for them!!

  • I have never seen the mailboxes's fabulous. I also like the ribbon holder craft but I must admit I LOVE my robin's egg blue linen covered one I bought from the Martha Stewart line of products. It is easy to load and sort and almost to pretty to put away. I did write about it quite a while back but I can't find the post at the moment. It will have a special spot when I finish my studio here at Birch Hill.
    best in 2010!

  • I need help!!!I saw Martha on one of the morning shows a few years ago. She was decorating for spring and took two vases one just a little smaller then the other she set the smaller one inside the larger vase then she filled the space in between the two vases with Jelly beans. she then took a bunch of tulips and put them in water in the smaller vase. It was the most beatufil thing I have ever seen and have been trying to find the vases so that I can do the same in my home. Problem is I can not find two vases that will fit into each other. Can anyone help. I have been everywhere. The vases Martha had were no more that 10" high, & I think they were square. I also believe the two vases were the same hight. She cut the Tulips down so all you saw was the tops. Thanks

  • Crafter Comment:

    You should be able to find the right vases at floral supply stores, or some craft stores.

    We by ours at Jamali, which is located by our offices.

    Save on Crafts also sells glsss vases in various sizes.

    Remember, you can place a cylinder inside the the square vase if that's easier for you to find.

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