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Make It : patchwork rugs

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During my attempt to clean up the attic, I came across the many bins of sweaters I've been collecting since I styled the 'Felted Sweaters' story for Living November 06 to make this rug.

sweater rug

I love everything about it, the look, the touch, the ease to make it, and the fact that you are reusing beautiful materials that no longer function as what they were originally meant for. I also have a thing for patchwork in general. I've been living with this rug for many many years.


It is from the Rug Company, made of antique rugs and blankets handwoven by the Anatolian nomads. With all it's history and heritage, it still feels very modern ... sort of reminds me of Bauhaus textiles (which I have yet to go see the show at the MoMA ... have you had a chance to see it ?!). But it also looks like it wouldn't be too difficult to make (they no longer carry it anyway) . Sort of like this denim blanket.

denim blanket

How beautiful would that be on the floor. And yes, I have bins of old jeans in the attic as well.  I better start sewing (and cleaning). See how to make this blanket (and adapt it to the materials you may have in your attic) and other patchwork pieces here.

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  • HELP! I've acquired books and books of the most beautiful fabric samples. I've worked very hard to take all the fabric out of the books and sort by size and texture. Besides the obvious quilts and pillows, any ideas what to do with all this fabric. I'm thinking cloth purses, Christmas stockings, etc...Any ideas would be much appreciated.

  • Any ideas what I can do with my 8 year old son's hockey jerseys? i don't want to throw them out...

  • Oooh.. i love this so much!

    Check out this great party:

    more here:

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