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I barely remember when we learned that “score” means 20 years in Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.  But 20 years has been coming up a lot in my life lately, as in remembering 20 years ago. In 1990 I was living near San Francisco, studying Fashion Design, and working in the mall part-time as a fragrance model. That’s right, one of those guys who spritz you with perfume as you try to scurry out of their aim, saying “White Diamonds for Mother’s Day. Free gift with purchase.” Just the other night I saw Lady Miss Kier at a party, the lead singer of the popular club band Dee-lite, who’s hit “Groove Is In The Heart” ruled the airwaves in the summer 1990. It’s the year our sweet new intern Emily was born, and the same year my father passed away. Not to get all heavy here, it just was a big transition year for me.

So the other day Hosanna showed me a project Martha wants us to develop that involves double-welt pockets. Fortunately I’m a bit of a pack rat and still have all my books and notes from my tailoring class; that I took in 1990… Within my notes were several pages with muslin swatches of different hand-stitching techniques that I had been meaning to display. So I did, replacing off-white silk backing with a burnt-orange linen that matches the thread I used. Please take a look. I think it turned out great as a group, but I’d be hard pressed to tell you the application of each stitch. As far as the double-welt pocket, my notes aren’t as clear. Wish me luck as I decipher the instructions from my textbook and simplify for our viewers.

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All my notes and swatches.

1 All my notes and swatches.

Discontinued M.S. Crafts shadow boxes

2 Discontinued M.S. Crafts shadow boxes

Pad stitch

3 Pad stitch

Chain stitch

4 Chain stitch

Whip stitch

5 Whip stitch

Felling stitch

6 Felling stitch

Catch stitch

7 Catch stitch

Blind stitch

8 Blind stitch

Running stitch

9 Running stitch

Tailor basting

10 Tailor basting

All 3 boxes together. Sorry, not the best photo.

11 All 3 boxes together. Sorry, not the best photo.

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  • Ah, that's the trouble with many a good note -- indecipherable except for the first five minutes after you wrote it...but I love the slideshow of pasted-together notes and vintage manuals (and the swatches look far better than anything I could sew!)

  • Beautiful job on putting together the framed display. I love them!

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