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Contests & Prizes : Sweet Giveaway (Contest Expired)

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3 MSC Val giveaway

Our Valentines gift to a lucky someone is a set of three new Valentines items from Martha Stewart Crafts: a sheet of 20 wrapped candy and heart  stickers, a sheet of 17 cupcake and candy stickers, and a Valentines stamp and ink set (includes red, brown and pink ink pads and 21 clear assorted Valentines icon stamps). I’m crazy about the wrapped candy stickers!

Here are a couple of cards we made using our new Valentines embellishments, stamps and papers (all available at Michaels)...there are also Valentine Craft supplies on our new SHOP channel as well.

msc love card

msc stamped val card

leave us a comment explaining how you'll use these supplies by 6:00pm tomorrow, Friday 1/15,in 50 words or less, along with a valid e-mail address. We’ll choose one commenter at random to win this sweet collection of holiday craft supplies. See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.  Good luck!!!

Comments (236)

  • I would make some really yummy cards for some special people in my life and maybe even a new refrigerator magnet and decorate my calender.

  • I make small matchbox-sized boxes to use as Valentine gift boxes. They hold a sweet message or tiny gift - very cute! I would use the MS Crafts supplies to deck them out!

  • Beautiful embellishments! I would make cards for my loved ones then pass the rest onto my daughter. These would make the best cards I have ever given!

  • A group of my girlfriends is planning a "red hot"-themed craft camp. It would be fun to use these items to create fun valentine-themed crafts!

  • Oh, I would immediately pass these onto my best friend, who uses lots of scrapbooking supplies and stamps on her handmade cards and also LOVES cucpakes so much that it is part of her business name! (Plus, we both adore Martha’s stuff, so I know she'd appreciate it.) Adorable!

  • Oh la la! I love these!! I would use these yummy non-edible goodies to create super sweet cards from family, friends, my kiddos & their teachers!

    I'd add some embellishments to scrapbook pages too, Valentine's Day decorations, oh the possibilities are endless! Thanks so much!

  • I'd love to use these to make small cards to put in my daugther's lunch box for preschool and also to put in as thank you cards for my V-day jewelry orders. :) cute stuff!

  • These are absolutely FABULOUS! I would use them to create cards, but not JUST for Valentine's Day! I'd love to use those cupcakes on recipe cards, too!!!!
    jinglesells at gmail dot com

  • I would use them as seriously cute embellishments on Valentine treat holders and cards!

  • My sisters and I are very close, but unfortunately are scattered across the country. I'd love to make them some Valentines using these delightful goods!

  • Oh, how fun! I know two little girls who would love to put together some lovely Valentine paper crafts. What a great idea!

  • I love these! I would use them for cards, to adorn gift boxes, and so many other crafty things I love to make! These really are darling

  • These are adorable! I live 1,500 miles away from my family, so I would love to make darling Valentine's Day cards to send to them. My 8-year old stepdaughter would especially appreciate one!

  • I would save some of the stickers in my grown up sticker box. Just like when I was a kid. Ha.

    And a bunch of the wonderful, fun stickers I would use to create little love notes to my friends at work for Valentines Day!

  • oh, i love these! so adorable! if I won, i would make a valentines day card for my new husband (this will be our first married valentines together) and give it to him over breakfast in bed.

  • Every year we make valentines cards for all the parents and grandparents. My son would be able to help stamping and putting stickers on our cards this year which would be wonderfully fun for him and me.

  • My Kids on Mission class can use this to make cards for the individuals that are receiving meals from my church's Meal on Wheels program.

  • My daughter and I would use them to make Valentine's for all those we love. We usually make sugar cookies and the cards would be a wonderful accompaniment.

  • These are so cute! I would totally use these to decorate my calendar thingy I do every month. I'd also use it for the Vday cards I make for my hubby and family/friends.

  • I'm currently hand-crafting Valentine's Day-themed invitations for my single girlfriends...for my "Anti-Valentine's Day" party! These adorable items would be the perfect addition to what I've created already.

    Decadent desserts, lots of garlic & onion themed apps, and wine for days - it's gonna be great. :)

  • Ummm making TONS of cards for starters. Then decorating the packaging on all the valentine's sweets I'm making!! Yum!!

  • My Mother, Sister, and Brother-in-Law, all have Valentine Birthdays! How Great would it be to creat 3 different cards with all these sweets!

  • I would love to win this! I would use them to decorate Valentine's Day cards to give to my 3rd graders.

  • I would use these with the kids that I work with at the women's shelter to make valentine's day cards for their moms or other loved ones in their life. The kids are always excited and facinated by how things come together. Arts is something that they get very little exposure to. It brings so much joy and happiness in their lives!

  • i like the idea of a 'life sized game of candyland'... it would be like a scavenger hunt around our house with clues on cards decorated with these sweet embellishments. Boxes of candies and other treats will be hidden waiting to be found!

  • My daughter and I would make the cutest Valentines for her class!

  • These would make "sweet" Valentines that my children could craft and then give to their classmates. What a welcome relief from the pitiful store bought variety!

  • These are so cute! I would use them to decorate a sweet frame or on gift tags!

  • These are the cutest items. I would help my niece make her own handmade Valentine's for her school mates!

  • Those are very adorable. I would use them to make a valentines day card for my Fiance :-)

  • I'd use the supplies to make Valentine's cards/gifts with my son. One would definitely be sent to Oma and Papa and another for dad. The time spent with him making them would be my gift.

  • My grandaughters Leanissa and Abagail and myself love to do crafts so i would like to start them off
    with a good foundation on crafting,this would be a great start for them and they could distribute them to homeless people,just to show that people still care.

  • These would be used to make cards and matchbook gifts for my son and his class. Just beautiful.

  • I would use these embellishments to help my two little ones make cute valentine's for their Daddy, G'ma, and G'pa. It would be perfect. I know that they would just love them.

  • I would totally make valentines fro all my friends at work :)

  • I would love to use these to make some wonderful cards for family and scrapbook some great pages!

  • My 61 year old Mom has been in a nursing home for about a year as she has early onset dementia. I would like to make her and the other people in the dementia ward cards for Valentine's Day.

  • With all of the sadness in the news, it would be great to create Valentines for friends and family to remind them they are loved and appreciated.

  • Last v-day we got the keys to our first home, so I'm thinking this year I'll leave a little home anniversary/i-love-you card for my husband. two fun things to celebrate!

  • I would use this wonderful supplies to make Valentine's Day cards with my 2 and 5 year old nieves. They would just love it and I'd love spending the time with them!!

  • I would use to make cards with my nephews who love to do crafts to give to their mother and grandmother and others that they care about.

  • My daughters and I could make scads of different Valentine theme cards and scrapbook pages! Are those real candies?
    That could be a clever way to gift some Valentine candy with the card - a 2 for 1! Love it.

  • I'd make cards for friends and fam and use them to finish up my 2009 scrapbook.

  • I would use them to make Valentines cards and scrap book pages!

    Thank you,


  • Oh my goodness! These are beautiful items. I just sorted through my craft area and am ready to start my valentine's projects. I would love to use these to make valentines for my brand new husband and all of my girlfriends.

  • those would be perfect to use with my curious and creative little lady. we could create tons of cute things to give to her cute little friends for valentine's day.

  • I would use these to make valentines for my kids and let them know how special they are to me.

  • I love these! darling! I would make these into valentines for my loves--my husband, and two boys.

  • What a fun giveaway! I have a Valentine's Day Party for my family every year. This year my daughter and her three kiddo's will be here. The stickers would be so perfect and fun to use to make Valentine cards and table decorations with!

  • Oh Boy! Your embellishments are adorable! I would first have to blog my friends to tell them I won these from Martha Stewart's web-site. I am starting a new program for our senior population. The program is "Activities 4 Hire" So I would use these to incorporate a valentine project for seniors.

  • My girls and I would have so much fun making Valentine cards. I love using my other Martha Stewart stamps sets.

  • I would have my 2 year old help me make Valentine cards for his grandparents. He loves stickers!

  • I would use these with my 5 kids to make cards for family members.
    janessalynntaylor (at) gmail (dot) com

  • I would use these to make cards for my friends that live far away and I don't see much. Love the wrapped candy stickers!

  • I would make valentine's to mail to my dear friends that I never get to see because they all live so far away.


  • I'd use them to make precious Valentine cards for my baby grandaughter and decorate scrapbook pages to commerate her first Valentine's Day! She will be having major surgery 4 days after Valentine's Day so this holiday will be especially precious!

  • My 3 year old daughter started school 2 weeks ago and this will be her first Valentine's Day at school. I'd be using all of those cute little yummies with her to make VDay cards for her friends at school!

  • I recently opened up the world of scrapbooking to my 11-year old niece, and we plan to start her first project during her visit in a couple weeks.

  • I would use the stickers to make Valentines with my daughter and I would give the awesome stamp set to one of my sisters to use because I just bought one last weekend! :-)

  • The ideas are endless..these would be perfect for my sons wedding this April. Decorating party invitations, hearts, cupcakes(cake choice for wedding), candy 'red hots' (brides favorite) both the bride and myself have a sweet tooth. And of course valentine day greetings.

  • I would you these yummy looking items to decorate scrapbook pages and to make Valentine cards for the ones I love.

  • My 6 year old daughter loves making cards for others. I often find a little stack of them on my bedside table with little notes of love inside. So cute! She would love these!

  • My 5 year old daughter Emma loves to craft with me. We would make valentines for her little class and she would love it! Like mother like daughter!

  • How cute! It will be perfect for making Valentines for my kids classmates!

  • I will use these AWESOME valentine items to make my fellow nursing students in my nursing program. It has been a crazy 2 years and each of us could use a sweet treat for our valentines day! :D

  • This would be a double duty prize for me! I would use the stickers to make a valentine's day card for my fiancee (he calls me cupcake, and I am a sugar addict, so it is perfect). Later, I can happily use the stamp set (hearts, borders, chocolates) on the invites to my bridal shower dessert party!

  • I would make some personalized set of cards and envelope seals for my sisters! Hearts and cupcakes are not only good for Valentine's Day but for any birthday card. Who wouldn't love to receive one made with these darlings?

  • I would help my daugher make some valentine's cards for her cousins. She would LOVE the cupcake stickers!

  • How cute! I would use them to embellish gift boxes for my Valentine's Day cupcake orders!

  • I would use them to make cards for people in my dorm, and to entertain myself in general.

  • the only valentines i believe in are homemade ones. would totally make a few with these.

  • What a lovely giveaway! I would use these to make school Valentines, treat tags, and paper decorations for the house! Such a perfect assortment of supplies!

  • I would take them to work to share with the preschool class. We would really enjoy working with the stickers but I would save the candy until we spoke with the parents.

  • Oh my, how cute are the items for Valentine's Day. I can think of a ton of things to do with all of it. Of course V-day cards would be the obvious but I could make boxes or bags. I could also make some for my kids class or my hubby for Valentine's Day.

    I got to get to Michael's and see if they have some.

  • I would turn it into a craft project with my niece who loves me, but would love me more if I had this freebie.

  • I'd love to make cute Valentine's Day cards for my friends and family. Those supplies look adorable!

  • I'm thinking sweet pages about my baby girl:)

  • would be sweet for embellishing gift tags for cellophane valentine treat bags

  • Another winning "Martha" craft product. Love the nieces will love making valentine's day cards with these wonderful embellishments.

  • I would use these for my sister's scrapbooking party that she has at the end of every month! I will share, I PROMISE! :)

  • I will decorate a kraft paper box I got for chocolate truffles I am making for Valentine's Day. Of course I am giving the box and chocolate to my husband! Lucky him, don't you say?

  • I would send my little sister and best friend sugary pink cards to accompany the boxes of chocolate I have for them. I'd love to win!

  • With these supplies I will be making lots of valentine cards for my family. I will also be using these supplies for upcoming scrapbook pages and other occasions.

  • I love Martha Stewart products! I would use them to make Valentine's Day cards to by friends in NY. No one sends snail mail anymore...!

  • Beautiful! We'd make valentines for all our family far away this valentine's day...

  • Oh.. those are so cute! I love the mini wrapped candy best! Aside from just making valentines, I'd probably add them to a valentines banner for my house or make cupcake pics with them. I like to take cupcakes to my neighbors for Valentines day, and these would be great for embellishments.

  • I love LOVE! Valentine's Day crafts are my favorite. Thanks.

  • I will use these wonderful products on my upcoming cards as well as making magnets out of them to put up on my refrig...

  • My daughter and I will use the embellishments to make treat boxes for her preschool class. She loves making craft projects with me during special occasions!

  • My Bunco Group is planning a Valentines Progressive Dinner Party and these would be awesome for the invites and party favors.

  • These are adorable and an easy way for my 2.5 year old to help make some valentines. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I would love to make cute little treat pouches for the students I work with. The wrapped candy stickers will give a hint of what's inside the pouch!

  • Adorable! I've been wanting to host a Valentines dinner this year. Those would make great embellishments for invitations and place cards!

  • I would use the products in scrapbooking!!! CUTE!

  • I'd use these on cards for my husband and other special people in my life, and for scrapbooking!

  • i will create beautiful cards for everyone i know

  • I would use these stickers to embellish a special handmade drop-spine valentine's day box which contains a love letter for my husband and a small gift.

  • I'd use the kit to make mini ornaments to hang on my Valentine's Tree! Its' a white tabletop tree with little pink lights.

  • I would gift these to my granddaughter; she has just begun scrapping and crafting and it would be a great way to begin her stash!! And her two crafty kids would enjoy them also.

  • These are so adorable. I would love to use the wrapped candy stickers with my 3 year old nephew to make his valentine's for pre-school. He would get such a kick out of it! Thanks!!!

  • Oh these are "sweet"! I help my 9 yr old daughter use them to make Valentines cards for her classmates and teachers.

  • Oh, so cute! I would use them to make Valentines for my family and for my 1st-6th grade students at work. Thanks!

  • Thanks for offering this swell giveaway. It's like a dream-come-true for me. I've been collecting rubber stamps since I was 8-years-old (that was back in 1974), and yet I don't have any sweets stamps like the adorable ones you have pictured above.

    I would use these sweet supplies to create an extra-special Valentine's Card for my mother-in-law, who is in pretty bad health. They've called in hospice care, and so I'd like give her something really wonderful for Valentines' Day this year to take her mind of things.

    Thanks for considering me. I'm a huge fan!

  • I would love to share these with my daughter’s Daisy troop. They’re making Valentine’s that they’ll hand deliver to folks at a local assisted living facility. I can just imagine the people’s faces when they’d see these adorable cards made from your super-cute Valentine’s supplies.

  • I will use them to make Valentines for my family who is spread throughout the U.S.

  • I love cupcakes and candy, and I am a papercrafting addict! I would love to use these to make valentines for friends and family.

  • A friend and I are planning a Valentines luncheon and these would make great invites! I'd also use them to decorate my husbands sack lunch on that Friday. :D

  • Feb. 14th is my daughter's birthday, so in our family she is the center of Valentine's Day (and every other day as well). She is getting married 3/27/2010, and I would use these terrific embellishments to make this birthday extra special. I feel like a chapter is ending in my life.

  • These look so yummy...I could almost eat them!

  • How very sweet; just like my Valentine. My little valentine lives far away and she knows me only because I'm her mom's blogging pal. I'd love to send her these so she can experience the same memories her mom and I have, that of making sweet valentines.

  • Cute stuff :)

  • I would love to use these stickers to make cards with my 5 year old child.

  • This year, day one of Chinese New Year is the same day as Valentine's Day, so I would use them to make some great Valentine's Day cards to go with my lucky red envelopes for some lucky and adorable children.

  • I would use these wonderful craft products to make handmade gift tags for our Valentine ornaments.

  • I would LOVE to win this! I would use this to make valentines for all of the nursing home residents that my dog and I visit on the weekends. These would really brighten their day!

  • Decorate a Sweets for my Sweeties chain link countdown that matches up with little kraft bags of sweets for them.

  • I'm giving away homemade treats to my friends and these would make for wonderful tags and cards!

  • I absolutely love valentines day and like to include all of my friends and family in the holiday, not just a boyfriend. It is a wonderful time to remind people that they are special to you. Since Christmas just passed, most people don't expect anything. Valentines Day is a great time to put a smile on everyone's face when they see your handmade card. I would love to use these Martha Stewart products to make my own cards for my best friends and my mom back in Germany!

  • I would give these fab stickers to my nephews and help them make cards - in another cunning plot to become their favorite aunty!

  • I'd say to decorate a little reminder of the day to my dark, dark, and handsome one and only ... but I haven't met him yet. SO ... we'll just leave it at these would make for a super fun auntie package to lovely little nieces.

  • I would use these sweet treats to make Valentine's Day cards. I could also use the cupcake stamp for birthday cards.

  • I'd make pretty Valentines Day cards!! =)

  • I would make something for my husband to take to work like cute treat boxes with stickers and stamps. I have the score board to make the boxes it works great.

  • Each patient having “Same-Day Surgery” in the Operating Room of our community hospital gets a card signed by the staff as a reminder of the personnel who cared for them and about them. I would make greeting cards for these patients.

  • To make invitations for an intimate Valentine's Day wedding.

  • I would use them to embellish the little boxes filled with the heart shaped cookies that I'm planning on making for my friends and family. Valentine's day is so much fun!

  • These are so cute! I just love pink and red and heart designs. I will make cards,scrapbook pages,tags for gifts and cupcake picks for friends and family. LOVE it!

  • I would use these to make Valentines for my 4 grandchildren. They always appreciate handmade cards from grandma and I included a little cash for them to spend or save.

  • I'm a class mom so I'll help my daughter with the party we're having in her class, these would be soooooo delightful to have to enhance the party for Valentines Day. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • My son, Cameron, 6, and I have established a tradition of making valentines together since he was one year old. I would use these things to make fabulous valentines for his classmates. We try to make them of a different medium every year and this year, we are using paper and die cuts.

  • I'd use them to celebrate our first Valentine's as husband and wife. I'd tack the stickers onto card "footprints" that he'd follow through our new home, past the loving landmarks of our journey thus far (first date dress, wedding photos, honeymoon souvenirs) Final destination? A surprise home-cooked feast!

  • I would love to use these to have the boys I nanny for make cards for there parents and Grandma.... Very fun and better than what they made last year

  • I'd use them to make cards.

  • I love Valentine's Day and making Valentine Cards and scrapbook pages. I would love to have these stamps to make Valentine Day cards with my great-nephew for his kindergarten class.

  • I would love to use these to make cards for my students as well as my family members. They are really cute!

  • I would make a valentines day sign with them.

  • I work at a nursing home, so I would use these embellishments to create Valentine cards and as a header for some candy treats and hand them around to let them know that someone is thinking of them.

  • Well if I could refrain from trying to eat the candies...because they look so tasty, I would make card after card after card. And if my husband is lucky he would get one too...hehehe. We also have a church craft night coming up real soon just to make Valentine cards....I would take and share the love there as well.

  • I would make adorable gift cards for the homemade cupcakes and candies that I give on Valentine's Day! They would also help me embarass my hubby by bringing some treats to his office full of men! Every man needs a pink glittery valentine to show off to his pals!

  • I would use these to create a 12x12 valenine scrapbook layout, & to create a few Valentine cards. I teach scrapbooking classes so I would use every bit of the supplies to demonstrate how much could be made using all of these products. Valentines Day is my favorite holiday & I love making home decor using Valentine items. I may even add some of the cute stickers to my valentine tree. I love these products.. Thanks for the opportunity..

  • I would LOVE to use these fabulous supplies to make treat bags for the kiddos at the after school program in my community!!!!

  • I am new to crafting and I want to make really cute valentine cards for
    my special friends. I would definately emboss the cupcakes and fill them in with pretty pinks, whites and fushia, and use glitter for the frosting

  • The stickers I'd earmark for scrapbooking. We love celebrating all holidays and always have lots of pictures especially of the kids. My sons and I would use the stamps to make their Valentine cards.

  • so cute! I think I'd let my mom use them in her classroom.

  • Each year I invite my closest girl friends over for a Valentine gingerbread house decorating party (we make love cottages.) The wrapped candy stickers would be adorable on the invites!

  • I just had a baby girl and couldn't get to my usual mailings of holiday cards. I would use these great embellishments to make batch of valentines cards with photos of our beautiful daughter.

  • Well, I got behind with the holidays this year and didn't get to send out Christmas cards to some of our friends. We've recently made 1000 mile move and I would love to use these to make cards for those friendly neighbors we so miss! I have 3 preschool boys and they just love helping with crafts. So, I'm sure we would be doing something with these for friends and teachers as well.

  • I would love to use these to decorate the little boxes of cookies I'll be giving my coworkers this Valentine's Day! Everyone needs a little pink on that holiday!

  • I love to make my own cards--that way my cards always say exactly what I want them to say --it just seem wrong to send a strangers words!!

  • I would use the either the candy or cupcake stickers to make a shadow box to display as a fun Valentine wall piece or a table decoration. The background would be a color block using a variety of shades of pink and red cardstock.

  • I was use these wonderful items with my daughter to make Valentine's cards for her class.

  • I would use the stamps for a craft project with the kids who attend the weekly after-school program at my church. I'm sure they would love them.

  • I'm lucky to work with a great group of people and we are always sneaking little surprises into each others mailboxes to brighten up the day. These embellishments would definitely inspire some sweet valentine treasures to spread around the office! And oh man, those wrapped candy stickers ARE adorable.

  • I would use those decorations for gift wrapping valentine's boxes that would hold delicious baked goods that I give to my friends and loved ones. Of course there are always cards to decorate too!

  • My daughter would have so much fun making Vday cards with theses!

  • I would make a valentine for my husband.

  • gorgeous!! I would take them to my next crafting get together so that everyone could be extremely jealous!! I would them use them to make a card for my darling daughters first birthday on the 10th.

  • I was just looking for some supplies to use in a valentines card making tutorial i'm teaching and these stamps would be perfect! I would divide the stickers so each one of the kids could have one, for themselves or to decorate their card.

    great giveaway!


  • Those are soooo cute! I would make cards for the people I love!!! Did I mention I loooove the combination of brown-pink????

  • I would love and enjoy making Valentine's Day cards with this sweet giveaway for my local senior's home. It makes me sad when I think just one senior might be forgotten in these homes because others don't have time for them. I'm blessed with such a large collection of craft supplies & tools from many many many years of making my heart happy crafting, so I can add my sweet touches to Martha Stewart's giveaway of love to put smiles on our seniors.

  • I just finished a course on Event Planning & Wedding Planning, so out of the many events I hope to plan this year, the first several are for the closest people around me.. this means hand-made details to personalize everything, including the stationery- what a better way to do it than with Martha Stewart Crafts? These are just lovely :)

  • My family and friends love baking and cooking together and it is always a bit of a let down after the holiday hoopla. I would use the valentine kit to create embellished aprons that would be used to invite them to a heart cookie and candy bake-off. I would use the stickers under plastic sheets so that the aprons were still easy to clean. The invitation would be tucked in a pocket and the aprons while they would be color coordinated would be customized to the individual.

    At the end we would all drink pink champagne and eat cookies and candy so that the grand prize cupid could be determined.

  • I would make the most lovely Valentine's Day box to my boyfriend. He's very into cute stuff, just like me, so i think he would love it!

  • Im from Argentina and my boyfriend is travelling to Berlin to study there. I love him and i want to give him a nice box with a lot of presents inside.

  • These are so adorable. With a little imagination the possibilities are endless. I would love to have these.

  • i love the cupcake candy stickers :) i'd put them on small plain tags to dress up a gift.

  • After making a card for my husband, I would use the supplies to make special cards for my friends. They mean so much to me that they also deserve a Valentine telling them that they are loved.

  • Make up some sweet Valentine cards for the two men in my life who could use a little cheerfulness right about now. 2008 and 2009 were not kind to my guys, and here is some pink, sweet sunny optimism to start off 2010!

  • I would make a festive hat using these wonderful supplies. There would put a lot of delicious cakes and pastries. And I will treat all the people I met that day.

  • I could make a really special card for my husband. Our 5th anniversary is Valentines Day.

  • I serve on the Sunshine Card Ministry at my church. I can't think of a better use for them than that . . . unless it would be to make a card for my precious grandson ;-) !


  • Sweet! These would be fun embellishments to send to the college students we know (including mine), and those not with their family!

  • I would use them with my girls to make cards or decorate picture frames.

  • I incorporate these items in the baby shower I am throwing for my friend. She's having a little girl and the theme is cupcakes!

  • I would use the stickers and stamps to create a special Valentine’s Day card for my 5-year-old niece Lily, and then I’d share them with her so she could make cards for her kindergarten classmates. She loves crafts and baking, so this collection would be perfect for her.

  • I have a home daycare and i will make cards for all my kids,thay will love it.

  • These supplies would come in handy for my crafting classes. Everyone loves stickers and stamps!

  • to make Valentine's, of course!

  • What I love about the craft accessories given away here is that you can use them on things outside of just valentine cards. I can use them to write notes, making everyday greeting cards, prizes in loot bags for kids and much more!

  • I would make valentines for all my loved ones. I already have lots of ideas on how to use these cute valentine supplies.

  • I have to utilize nursing care for my daughter during the day and would use these to make all of my daughter's nurses valentines, just to let them know how much we appreciate and value their hard work, dedication, and care of my little baby girl.

  • I would use these to make adorable Valetine's Day cards for friends and family.

  • I love making my own valentine's cards each year! but this year I'm super busy with school and would love a quick way to make super cute cards in little time. Stamps are perfect!

  • i love these! i would use them at my 4th annual valentine making party coming up! valentine's day is my favorite holiday and i love making cards for everyone - and getting together with friends to do so!

  • My 4 year old daughter, Eleanor, and I will use the darling valentine's stamps and stickers for valentines for her class at preschool and to send to her cousins across the country. We love crafting together, and pink and brown and reds are our fave colors!

  • I'll use them to make little gifts for my family and my fiance. I love making crafts and I'm so excited about making my Valentine's Day gifts this year. :)

  • I would use these to make Valentines for all of the wonderful ladies in my life!

  • these crafts are so sweet. i plan to use them to embellish my valentine's day cards and boxes of candy :)

  • we would love to do things withthe crafts, we have 5 children and we make gifts, for the holidays we don't always have the money so we use recycled materials, and make some really neat things, this stuff would be a real treat for all of us, we love getting ideas from you !!

  • I will use these supplies in my Sunday School class. I will have the children use the supplies to make cards and I will deliver them to a nursing home. Great lesson in showing love :) These supplies are super cute!

  • My sister and I have been incommunicado since her husband and I had a fight in October. I used to make her goodies every day before work, or bring to her school at break. I would use this valentines gift to make her a basket of sweets. I miss her.

  • My daughters birthday is on Feb.7, We are having a sleep-over. We are trying to find cool things to do on that night,my daughter and her friends would have a BLAST crafting with this kit.

  • These would be fantastic to make Valentine cards for my 2nd grade class. I'd also use them to decorate the bakery boxes I fill with Valentine goodies (sugar cookies, heart-shaped brownies, heart-shaped Rice Krispie treats, choc. covered pretzels, etc.) for friends, family, teachers.

  • I plan on using these products to make a Valentine's display on my mantle for when my daughters father comes home from work! We'll make a picture frame, a paper chain and cards.

  • Making old fashion valentines with these stickers with my 3-year-old would be wonderful treat this coming February.

  • I plan on working with my 4 year old little girl and making Valentine's for our troops overseas. I think it can be a lonely time for them so I hope it brightens their day.

  • I would immediately lay the lovelies out on my craft table and admire them for several moments. Then I would invite any immediate family nearby to admire them with me. When we are done with our feast for the eyes, I would break into the packages and create many scrapbook pages with my new treasures!!!

  • I've started organizing a "craft day" with some girlfriends (some of who don't "feel" like they're crafty) that we do about once every 3 months. We have a day planned to make valentines cards for our husbands. These would be great to have!

  • I would make some really cute cards for the special people in my life and maybe even decorate my calender. I would also make some small gift boxes to use for my Valentine's day gifts.

  • I would use them to spread Love. There is too much sadness in the world especially right now. I would make cards and mail them to friends, family and even strangers to let them know that someone loves them. Sounds corny, but that is what I would do.

    All we need is Love, right?

  • oh! these would be totally so much fun for me & my children to use when making our annual valentines day cards for all of our loved ones! thank you- they are very sweet!

  • What a beautiful line. I would make my Valentine's cards, and make some beautiful Scrapbook layouts as well. Looks yummy enough to eat.

  • I would use the items from this great prize to make Valentine's with my two year old twins. They love craft time, and I'm sure their friends would enjoy receiving their homemade creations!

  • I would use these items with my children! Their class exchanges cards. It would be ideal!

  • I love all craft-supplies from Martha Stewart.
    I am the one who is crazy in making crafts. I can make many as many I can to make me happy.
    Thanks for giving us a chance to win this sweet gift set.
    I wish I could have change to win this lovely Sweet Giveaway set so that I can make more beautiful Valentine's cards for my loved one.

  • Wonderful gift. Perfect for valentines and other love things.

  • Perfect for sweet cards! Rather than buying them this year, I would make them. I usually only make Christmas cards, but then again, I don't have stamps for Valentine's Day to make the cards either ... I would love to start on this venture.
    I am also decorating my baby girl's "big girl" room in a Candyland theme ... I'm wondering if there is a way to incorporate some of these items? Maybe a shadow box/framed art display?
    Okay so now I'd really appreciate them!

  • So cute. I would make cards for my friends i don't get to see much and actually mail them too!

  • would definitely use these to make cards with my grandchildren ages 3 & 5. they would certainly make their Valentines Day memorable and they can share with their friends at school. Thank you!

  • These adorable sugarfree treats can be used so many ways: scrapbook memory pages for our "sweethearts tea;" Valentine cards for nieces and nephews; items for sale at fundraisers. Of course glitter will be added and involved! On my way to Michaels to pick up some additional treats...

  • These look so cute! My mother and I make cards each year, and trade them. Since I've moved to California, we have to send them, but it's still fun to see what we come up with.

  • I would use these "sweet treats" to make my college student daughter a "sweet non-calorie" card for Valentines Day.

  • We live far from family and so every holiday we send cards, crafts, and homemade hello's, 2200 miles away to our loved ones. This would be so perfect!

  • I think I'd make cards for family & friends and maybe use some on scrapbook layouts of Valentine's Day photos from this year and years past.

  • I was just starting to look for ideas for Valentines to make with my 3 year old son. We would have so much fun with all of these items. Especially the cupcake stickers, I think. Cupcakes are his favorite!

  • I would make beautiful valentines to pass out to my family and friends!

  • How fun! I would use them to help stock the Missionary Closet at church. The closet is like a mini store where visiting missionaries can shop for FREE. Missionary wives have to send out lots of cards and letters. They don't have alot of money to spend on crafts though many of them love crafts. I think these would make a sweet treat for them.

  • I make my own Valentine's each year, so this would go a long way towards helping that!

  • I would use the stamps to make valentine theme soap (like the X-mas soap I made here and then I would use the stickers to adorn the packaging for my finished Valentine' Day Soap!

  • i'd use them to bake my family adorable valentines goodies

  • I'd make some beautiful delicious looking cards for my loves ones.

  • I have been talking to my Granddaughter about fashioning her own Valentines. Your prize would be the crowning touch on the hand made cards we are planning for her class. I want my grandchildren to sample a part of my past and work with them regularly to encourage that ability to understand the simple way we grew up.

  • I would love to win this since we are havoing friends over for a special Valentines Day party. It would be fun to make something for each couple.

  • I recently moved away from home and am very excited to mail small gifts and handmade cards to my friends and family this year.

  • These are gorgeous. I would love to use them to make a surprise for my husband of 41 years. I still like to surprise him each year.

    Is there anywhere in Australia that I could buy these?

  • would love to win this tk make some lovely cards for loved ones ^^

  • Awesome as always - I love everything!

  • What a great gift! I would use this to make something for my 2 girls in college 550 miles away. Miss my babies!

  • We are celebrating our daughter's birthday's on Valentines Day this year, so I would use those darling supplies to make their invitations, thankyou notes, valentines for guests and decorations for the party! I really hope I win!

  • I would make some cute cards and matching gift boxes, Plus, I'm looking to do a V-day banner for my mantel!

  • I would make sweetheart cookies and decorate the box that holds them with all these cute supplies!

  • I use alot of craft ideas from the MS site, sharing with Sunday school or Bible school students. This would be a Wonderful addition!

  • I would use it to thank all my loved ones for all they've done to help me throughout my life & explain how much they mean to me ! (:

  • These would be perfect for making valentines for my niece to give out at school! We are always looking for crafts we can do together and I think this would be so much fun!

  • my daughter and i would make some beautiful valentine cards for her class!!

  • i would make valentines day cards for all my friends. single people always seem to feel bad on this holiday, and there is a lot of pressure on couples too. with this stuff, all my loved ones would have lovely valentines from someone who loves them- me!!

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