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TV Crafts : Yarning for Warmth

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Although I am not a knitter (and currently not even an infrequent crocheter), I am a huge lover of yarn. With the frigid temps we have been experiencing in NYC, I have noticed that many things yarn related have been popping up around me.

First, some of the yarn I sent off to my grandmother has returned as inviting scarves to bundle up in. I love that they are super long.


Currently yarn cards are being created in the workroom and will be demoed on the show later this week. After the show airs we will have some new templates available for people to download.


doubl card

My iPhone was in need of a new case, and the minute I saw these over on, I was in love. Magda Sayeg of Knitta Please kindly shares some awesome patterns. And a big thumbs up for the ease of using Uncommon to adjust designs (I spun mine to be diagonal) and super fast turn around. Although not real yarn, designs are printed on a hard protective case, I love the new spin on the idea of a cozy. Oh, and with out planning, it matches my new scarves.

iphone case

Last week Anduin knitted herself a cute hat while she rode the subway to and from work. I may just hand her the rest of my yarn and see what she comes up with.


Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been considering picking up the crochet hook again to do the ever-popular Joelle's Giant Granny Square Blanket from The Purl Bee. I love lap blankets, and I have this little fantasy that I’ll work and it will just grow (quickly, like in one night) to cover my lap.


Yarn offers such a range of possibility for being transformed into something new and cozy. Hope everyone is keeping warm and keeping busy with their own yarn inspired crafts! and of course, for more ideas, check some of these out.

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  • Yarn is so beautiful to play with, especially soft wool varieties and the beautiful skeins spun with metallic threads ... if only I were a good enough knitter to actually make something as pretty as the yarn itself!

  • I love the iPhone case! This post inspired me to pick up knitting needles. Thanks!

  • This looks like something I have to try.

  • Yarn cards! Love that idea! I too have a great admiration for yarn, but my knitting/crocheting skills border on inept. Those cards would be a great way to work with fiber without the swearing or the throwing of needles/hooks.

  • Although I'm not ambitious enough to attempt anything as complex as gloves or a sweater, I love to knit. Recently I've found a lot of enjoyment in knitting cowl scarves in chunky wool:
    They are utterly relaxing to knit, cozy, and stylish too!

  • Makes me wish I knew how to knit! The scarves look so soft and warm.

  • I like the hate. Is it possible to get a pattern?

  • Great post, yarn is one of my favorite things. And nothing makes me happier than creating something both warm and lovely from a new cone of yarn

  • Mom's have a critical eye...especially when it is their children;ie Magda Sayeg is my daughter and I have to say I love the phone cover she created;warm, cozy, comforting; all you need to go with it is a cup of hot chocolate.

  • Thanks for turning me onto Uncommon, I will be making myself a fancy new phone cover with some of my sister's art. Also hooray for an Austin artist shout out (Magda). I had the pleasure of meeting her last year at a book signing as we are both in the book Handmade Nation and she and her book store Domy are pretty rad.

    Oh and those stitched cards are super cute. I don't knit and my crochet skills are not so hot. I just inherited all my grandmothers old yarn and this might be just the craft for them.

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