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Make It : Easy Birthday Banner

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I made some birthday decorations for my sister Lee!  This banner couldn't have been easier- and made from basic household items too.  First I used 3x5 index cards to cut out letters.  Cutting them from the existing rectangle allowed me to quickly make letters of a uniform size spelling...

Birthday Banner

Then I punched two small holes in the top of each letter and threaded twine  through (if you don't have twine, you can always use dental floss!) -

Twine Detail

See how easy the letters are to cut out?

Birthday Banner letter detail

And don't forget- index cards come in different sizes and colors- even neon!

Neon Birthday Banner

Comments (3)

  • Cute...I like the little paper monsters. :)

  • Cute, but I'd cut out the holes too.

  • Very clever solution to making uniform letters. I really like them as presentd w/the holes intact--not so ordinary. But an alternative to cutting the holes from the letters (which w/out using an x-acto knife, might destroy their shapes) you could cut holes to size from a second index card and affix them to the letters w/a gluestick.

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