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Tools & Materials : I learned 3 new craft techniques in 2 days!

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I am back from my excursion to Tucson and have had a moment to step back and examine everything I have learned. Although I work as a professional "crafter", there are many crafts I know little about and am certainly not an expert in. It was extremely nice to attended the Crystallized Elements workshops and learn from other crafty working professionals. It was also really sweet to meet "the audience"—many of the women in the classes are the people that watch Martha's show and seeing how passionate they are about making was very special for me.

While I was there, for only 2 days, I learned 3 completely new techniques. It felt good to be a student again, to play with new materials, and go home with a final product, whether I did a good job or not!

Here is what I learned and you don't need to travel anywhere to see!


1. A lesson in Ferido. This material is pretty amazing! It is a 2 part epoxy clay that can hold crystal fancy stones without any glue and it air dries!

wire crocheted necklace close up

2. A lesson in wire crocheting. I actually found that doing a chain stitch in wire is easier than in yarn!

step 12

3. A lesson in Nuno felting. A felting technique that blends silk and fine wool fibers together, creating a whole new fabric.

Click the pictures for more information and the how-tos.

How great is the first picture? The mountain view, from my hotel—rolling hills of cactus! It looks so different from the landscape I am used to here in the North East. The cactus look so funny!

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  • Kristin, Thank you so much for being there - we all enjoyed having you - it was our pleasure. Keep up that beautiful smile!

  • I have the priviledge of owning several of Laura's pieces, and always get so many compliments about the uniqueness and individualty of each piece. She is so talented and creative. Would love to see her on a Martha Stewart segment!!!

  • I've been attending Create-Your-Style in Tucson for 5 years now and learn something new every year. It is an amazing event, and the only one I am aware of that is geared toward increasing knowledge rather than selling products. Laura Timmons comes up with the most creative techniques every year, and is wonderful about mixing materials to come up with a brand new look.

  • Wow! The workshops sound like a lot of fun. I've been trying to teach myself crocheting with yarn with some frustrating results. Looks like I need to pull out my spool of wire and give it a try...I might have better luck.

  • did you go to canyon ranch? i love that place!

  • Hi Kristin,
    It was a pleasure to have you in Nick's Ferido Class. It was my first time working with the material and I am just as amazed. I cannot WAIT to begin creating with this wonderful material! Its just Fantastic!

    Sparklingly yours,
    Kellie DeFries

  • That ring is beautiful, my girlfriend would absolutely love it! Where can I get one from? Valentines Day's coming up and all...
    Also, another lovely post

  • Yes that Laura Timmons has creative juices shooting out of her fingertips dont you think?

    I too have some of her pieces that were so graceiously gifted to me. She is AMAZING!


  • I (& many friends) look to Laura to show us the upcoming trends in jewelry & fashion. We alwayus look forward to her shows & love her bubbly personality!

  • I love the ring that is made out of FeridoTM clay. I am very interested in trying this clay glue. Can you tell me how you will be buying this clay and how much it is? I would be very grateful for this information. I cannot wait to try this. Thanks so much for your time.

    Get back to me when you can, Sandra O'Shea

  • Do you have the steps to make the bracelet on this site, 2 part epoxy clay that can hold crystal fancy stones without any glue and it air dries!

    if so where can i find it or if someone can send it to me at

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