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Tools & Materials : knitting needle gauge

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With drawers full of knitting needles I never know which one is which. I have US size and metric size, often the number is no longer visible, and if it wasn't for this little tool, I would probably never start a new project out of frustration for not finding the right needles.

needle tool

So thanks to Page from Purl Soho for giving me this little tool:  No more guessing. No more frustration ... now if I could only find the time for more knitting.

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  • I'm sorry to post 'off topic' but selected the 'craft dept' as I'm watching Martha today making the jumping monkey. Please, Please, Please, talk about power tool safety...Martha needs safety glasses AND ear protection when using wood and power tools. Inexpensive to purchase, but saves eyes and ears. If she demonstrates the proper safety, others will follow, and enjoy years of making crafts. Thanks!

  • This is a good idea. I like the kind of needle that have it written on there so make it easier. :)

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  • i can never find DPN in the right size how do you switch needle gauge? as in makeing somthing that says it needs a size 8 with a size 2 needles?

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