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Celebrate : Packaging Treats for Purim

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The Jewish holiday Purim starts Saturday night. The celebration includes costumes, noise makers, wine, triangular cookies called hamantaschen, and best of all, mandatory gifts of well packaged treats. Purim treats, also called mishloach manot, must include at least two kinds of food that are ready to eat, and should be exchanged on Purim day.

Here are a couple of my favorite food packaging ideas, perfect for this weekend's celebration.  How do you package your mishloach manot?

Click on each image for templates and instructions.




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  • In a pinch (like this year), we reuse styrofoam mushroom containers. You can find them in all sorts of colors - pink, blue, taupe, white. We line them with waxed tissue (our favorite is the polka dot one from Martha Stewart Crafts), wax paper, cupcake liners, doilies, or even printed napkins. We fill them with various treats and then wrap with plastic wrap. We usually tie them off with ribbons and noisemakers (the miniature plastic one's from the party store are the perfect size).

    *It's great to give these containers a little longer life since we have no styrofoam recycling facilities locally, and I hope to inspire some people to see that they can have a use beyond mushrooms!*

  • You have done it once more! Amazing article!

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