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Tools & Materials : Storing Scraps

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I was inspired by Athena's post on her scrap-box- here's my  method for storing those precious bits and pieces.  Using a presentation book with plastic sleeves, I store paper scraps according to color.  This makes for a fairly neat and easily accessible stash of papers for card-making and small paper projects.  Though I find it very satisfying just to look at the jumble of colors!  How do you store your scraps?  And what do you use them for?

Paper Scraps Red

Paper Scraps Blue

Paper Scraps Purple

Paper Scraps Gray

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  • Great! I'm off to buy one of those binders this afternoon!

  • This is a great and very simple idea. Thank you!

  • I store my paper scraps in large (2 gallon) Ziploc bags sorted by color. I can grab the color I need and see lots of the paper without having to open the bag. I keep my trinket "scraps" or really odd's 'n ends, in an old clear glass bread pan. I have to look through them every once in awhile to remember what is in there.

  • I am a demonstrator for Stampin' Up! and I have PLENTY of scraps - no scrap is too small! LOL!

    I have mine in flat cello bags and I use the Tab Punch from our line to punch a color coordinated tab that I staple to the top of the bag. I write the name of the color on the tab and file them in a pretty basket grouped by color.

    This works really well for me because if I am trying to match an exact formula I can use the color names (Stampin' Up! has an exclusive 48 colors grouped into color families with several neutrals and six annually changing In Colors) or if I am "browsing" for an interesting look I can use the tabs as color cues.

    Customers love this system, too, because it is very easy and inexpensive to replicate and appeals to people who are visually oriented or to people who like a "system".

    Thanks for sharing this - I think there are a LOT of people for whom a problem will now be well solved!

  • Ah! This is a really great idea. I love the way each little collection of colours look together too.

  • For the really small stuff, I use a mini divided accordion-type folder--the kind you might sort coupons with. It's clear and so are the dividers, so I can see what's in it. I store larger pieces in an open-top accordion file, might have to switch to something like this.

  • Good Ideal :)

  • it's a (very) good thing!

  • i have a ton of binders set up like these, but i have trouble figuring out what to do with larger items that won't fit into the sleeves. the rest of what i have is in a filing cabinet :( i know - bad. i've been trying to think of some kind of rack or vertical storage contraption to no avail..
    i'm very curious to know how other people store their scraps and goodies! great post!

  • yes! perfect!

  • i use manila file folder jackets (they expand) and sort by color. all the folders go in a milk crate and it sits next to my drawing table. (i have a scrap and just drop it in the appropriate folder) I don't save really tiny scraps - I used to and it just wasn't worth it. (i accumulated way too many and i didn't use them) I save only scraps that are probably around 3 inches or larger. I make cards and scrapbook so scraps this size are very useful.

  • i have always stored mine in a clear plastic tub according to size so they are all easily visible, but this is much more organized! and i love the idea of grouping them by color - why didn't i think of that?

  • We do the same thing using those binders and clear folders. We have a binder for each season where we keep all our photo inspirations for that season in a binder. As for keeping solid color we usually just keep color tissue scraps in a huge clear box that we use for decoupage.

  • I have a long, open 6(w)X18(l)X5(h) Rubbermaid container (it has holes like a milk crate style) that can sit at the back of my desk or slide in and out of my deeper shelves. I stand my bigger scraps up in it the long way and can easily sort through and find whatever color I'm looking for. I also use these containers for my 5X6 mat stacks and invitation size envelopes.

  • let me see....pile them in one big box! ugggh! i love this idea! i make crowns and wings,invitations,etc.! great post!

  • I began storing my scrap paper in a notebook that zips shut. I have the notebook filled with plastic page protectors and organize by color. I have another notebook for embellishments/stickers/etc(anything flat).

  • Oh my gosh, what a great idea. I am a serious craft supplies pack rat, but I love to be organized too!!

  • I use gallon size bags (as was mentioned her previously). It's used mostly for card-making as often the smaller scraps are good for journalling, punching a few shapes, etc.

  • This posting made my day. I thought I was the only person who conserved small bits of leftover fine materials for use in future projects. Thank you all! Here is my addition for storing larger sheets of paper: ten years ago, I spotted a huge five drawer flat file cabinet in a dumpster and rescued it for my workshop space. It holds full sized sheets of art paper, and a ton of cut-offs. Five years ago I found another one on Craigslist for free and stacked it on top of the first one. I have very large ziplock bags filled with papers and drawings, pressed flat in large drawers, archivally preserved waiting for their next use. Waste not, want not!

  • I use Ziplock bags which is a very aesthetically DISpleasing solution! I love all the alternative solutions offered here. While I didn't think I was the only one who saved scraps, I did worry I was a little compulsive about my own scrap saving. I do lots of MSLO craft projects--usually in furtherance of something for my children but sometimes as little surprises (or embellishments for little surprises) for my friends.

  • [...] (part of Martha, shows how to use a presentation binder to organize scraps by color. Click here to go to post You may also [...]

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