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Contests & Prizes : Sweet Hearts Punch Around the Page Set (contest expired)

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February 14th is just a week and a half away.  This "Sweet Hearts" Punch Around the Page set is perfect for card making, food packaging, and table setting crafts for Valentine's day and beyond!  They’re available at Michaels, or win one here.  Leave a comment describing how you’ll use your new punches in 50 words or less, along with a valid e-mail address by 6 PM Friday. We’ll choose one commenter at random to win these sweet punches.


Though these punches aren't just for Valentine's Day, I've got to admit they make some mighty fine Valentines.

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Comments (171)

  • I would use these punches to make favors for my upcoming wedding 10/16/2010.

  • Oh so pretty! I love these punches, I would use them to make cards, bookmarks and even make my own doilies?

  • I HEART those punches and would LOVE to add them to my collection of faves.

  • I'm stationed overseas in Japan, and I would LOVE to get my hands on these cute punches to make Valentine's for my Japanese friends! Paper crafting isn't very big here so this would be awesome!

  • I love making treats and goodies for my co-workers. I was planning on making little goody bags this year and the punches would be a perfect addition to the project!

  • I would use it to make Valentine's cards.

  • I'd use that punch for EVERYTHING! Definitely Valentines, but also anniversaries, birthdays, any occasion which requires making a card for a loved one! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  • I would use this set to make tags for the goody bags that my daughter and I make for her friends for Valentine's Day.

  • So fun!! I'd make place cards and Valentine's cards - who knows what else?!

  • adorable!

  • I'd use it for my wedding name cards. The punches are so romantic.

  • Wow, I love this punch! I would help my little guy make some valentine's for his buddies at school and, of course, make an extra nice card for my valentine.

  • I would use these to punch along a single edge of a card, and line the inside with a colored tissue paper for contrast. Love them!

  • I love this punch! I saw it at a local craft store on Monday, but was unable to get one because my hands were full of other Martha Stewart Crafts items. Last night I made 2 cards using ribbon from her V-day 4 ribbon pack and a few of the self adhesive heart stickers from the V-day sticker assortment pack. I would use this punch to finish the edges of the cards I created alreay.

  • I would use these to make frames for pictures that I could make into cards for Valentine's Day!

  • Those punches are fantastic! Every year I have several Valentine's I send out and this,!!!!

  • I'm putting together a scrapbook with all the cards we received for our wedding. I'd love to use this to add to the detailing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • For Valentine's Day cards, of course!

  • These would be great for the college scrapbook I'm trying to finish!

  • I love making stamped valentine cards for loved ones.

  • I would love to use this punch not only for Valentine's Day notes but also for postcards, I like to send unexpected notes of encouragement.

  • I love punch around the page! I bought the candy and cupcake stickers and the red and pink set of microbeads to make Valentine cards. This punch would make a great addition!

  • These would be perfect for decorative cupcake holders!

  • I would punch frames for valentines, wedding, anniversary, and love cards- (and save the little punch outs for confetti too!)

  • This punch would be great for my little granddaughter & I to make her Valentines for the school party..she is only 4 yrs old, but she really likes to craft..and she is starting to scrapbook too.

  • Gorgeous! I would make charming (and somehow useful!) Valentines for my co-workers.

  • ooh ooh ooh! I love those craft punches! I work at a camp and they would be perfect for our arts and crafts time, especially when kids are writing letters home or decorating cards for new friends.

  • I'm crazy about the Martha Stewart Craft punches! I would use them to make handmade valentines to send to my best friends.

  • I would use this punch to make Valentine's cards and little treats for my family and friends. It is cute enough to use all year on other projects too!

  • I'd use them to add some punch (pardon the pun!) to post-it notes, calendars, and of course for valentine's cards. :)

  • Martha's punches are amazing and I am on a mission to collect every one of them. I find these incredibly useful for making unconventional and collectible holiday cards for my friends and family. :)

  • I think this punch would be great to use to make a doily-ish paper liner to put on a cake plate. A cake or cookies or brownies, or any special treat, would be all the more special bordered by a row of little hearts.

  • I'd use these punches to embellish the cards my son and I are making to give to our friends and family for Valentine's day. What fun!

  • This is a great addition to any card making stash, and I'd be so excited to have it!

  • I work at a hospital in the Volunteer Department. Cards are always being made amongst the volunteers, for guests, patients, etc. This punch would make a lovely and wonderful donation to our craft supplies.

  • These are so fun!

  • Perfect for embellishing Valentine's table decor for that special dinner I'm making for my hubby :)

  • i would love to make frames for pictures with these punches

  • I love anything hearts would love to add this to my collection. In addition to my valtine crafts I would use it on thank you notes and place card settings.

  • I love these punches. They would be perfect to set up for my 4 year old's Valentine Tea Party! I would use these to transform plain paper place mats into something beautiful and fancy for the little girls!

  • Me encantan!! no sabía que existieran tralados con formas! Serían perfectos para usar en los bordes de las fotografías, y pegarlas en una cartulina gruesa!

  • Punch up the love in your valentines...would be a wonderful addition to my collection. I would love to use these to trim the edges of my kids lunch bags that day with a matching love letter inside or to leave sweet little place cards at the breakfast table that morning.

  • I would use the wheels off a set! I provide party favors for so many church functions - bridal showers, baby showers, dinners and such. Think of me when you choose! Thanks!

  • I would love to use these for cards and for outlining pictures in frames! So cute.

  • I would use the punch to create an extra special note in my baby's lunch box.

  • These punches are perfect for cards and scrapping. I love the new corner punch. Great Idea!

  • So cute! My daughter and I are talking about starting a "mother/daughter" crafting blog (we just secured the name today actually!). We aren't pros, but it's something fun that we can do together, and promote mother/daughter relationships at the same time. We would use them to make our very first "crafty" post!

  • Ooh! I love this set, I'd love to win! I've been ogling the heart punch sets at Michael's. I would make Valentines to send of course! And it would be great for love notes. I have the "confetti hearts" punch, so I would enclose said confetti with my notes!

    Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  • To celebrate Valentine's Day (on a skimpy budget) my boyfriend and I have decided instead of gifts to spend the day making some homemade treats for our friends and delivering them on Valentine's Day. We could use this punch to make some tags to go with our packages!

  • Oh wow! I would use these in making cute cards & inserts for my sweet resin jewelry on etsy! I already love martha's glitters for my I just know this punch would be a "good thing" too!

  • I love MS punches! I would use these to make handmade cards!

  • I would love to use these punches to make Valentine's Day cards with my daughter for school!

  • I will use these to make lovely candy wrappers for Valentines Day, as well as, pretty paper placemats for the table.

  • O Valentine Heart Punch
    Thy potential is outweighed only by thy prettiness.

    I have always loved the idea of old-fashioned calling cards, and these Martha Stewart ones would make a very sweet border along the edges.

    That's just to start with, of course!

  • I'm helping with decorations for a friend's baby shower next month. The punches would be so adorable to edge the kraft paper tablecloth, napkins and favor bags!

  • I would use these punches to create a goody bag and table decorations for my upcoming baby shower! I bought a different MS Valentine punch this past weekend and I absolutely love it!!

  • The “Sweet Hearts” Set will be GREAT for both valentines & greeting cards all year. Finding that I am too busy to prepare Christmas cards, I make valentines instead. It’s a creative outlet for me and a surprise for those receiving the valentines.

  • The “Sweet Hearts” Set will be GREAT for both valentines & greeting cards all year. Finding that I was too busy to prepare Christmas cards, I postpone it & make valentines instead. It’s a creative outlet for me and a surprise for those receiving the valentines.

  • I've fallen in love with the Martha Stewart punches.I hadn't seen these before. Winning them would be a Sweet Valentine Treat for me!

  • I approve them Jeanie

  • I'm hosting a Valentine's crafting party for first-grade girls as a fundraiser for our PTA. I'd let the girls use the punches on the Valentine's banners that they'll be making!

  • I could use this in my sister's baby shower. She's expecting a girl and this would be so sweet punched on pink design papers or cardstock.

  • I would make Valentine's Day, birthday and Mother's Day cards with these sweet punches!

  • I would use them to make gift tags!

  • I a have set of Martha's very pretty glitters and some of her ink, but none of her punches. I would love to have a chance to win these fun punches. I am working on ideas for some lovely Cards for valentines day this would just be the cherry on top!

  • I would punch a border in a strip of decorative paper to add to a lampshade

  • Love the punches - want to scrapbook a Valentine's page and maybe a wedding page and punch the hearts on the photos!

  • I'd love to use it to make some special cards for my mom :) I know she appreciates gestures like that now that I'm off in college!

  • what pretty punches
    I'm addicted to alot of your punches
    the uses are unlimited
    I'd love to create some pretty writing sets with them
    envelops and paper for teachers for gifts

  • I love that they face out instead of in like other punches would be. It gives a nice scalloped edge. I'd use these to make place mats for a romantic dinner with my husband!

  • Cute punches! I would definitely use them for Valentine's Day cards, and I think they'd be cute for wedding thank-you cards as well. Maybe I could use them on tags for wedding favors? Possibilities are endless!!

  • These are so cute! I would make cards wih my preschooler. She loves using punches, and these types are easy for her.

  • Martha, your punches have CHANGED MY LIFE! I have 19 of your border punches so far and want them ALL! I make cards, home decor projects, and the QUALITY of your punches is PHENOMENAL! I have over 600 punches and yours are BY FAR my favorite and most used!

  • I would like to use them to make cupcake wrappers for my Valentine's Day cupcakes.

  • I would love to make some cute bookmarks with these punches...

  • i'll punch around a page, a piece o'cardstock and anything else that i can get my hands on. Seriously, I love punches and I'd use them in my cardmaking and scrapbooking (and think of the confetti!)

  • I just got a banner die and would love to win the Sweet Hearts Punch Around the Page to decorate each one to give to friends. Who knew punching could be so fun?

  • I love these! I'm working on a "52 Things I Love About You" project for my husband and am decorating each card in a deck of playing card- these would be so handy for my project!

  • My daughter and I would have so much fun crafting together!

  • Oooooh!! Homemade Valentines for my children!!

  • Definitely use them for all sorts of scrappy goodness!

  • I would like to make placemats, and place cards with this heart punch. Thanks.

  • These would make perfect borders for special coupons for Valentine's Day. Example? A batch of his favorite cookie, a snuggle together under a blanket watching a movie/show of his choice, taking his car in for an oil change.

  • Scrapbook Valentine cards for friends and family (my sweetie's card is already done).

  • I will make gobs and gobs of valentines. It's my favorite holiday and what else is better than giving homemade valentines

  • I would love to make cards and decorations for all my family and friends.

  • What fun! I would use these punches for love notes in the lunch boxes, for craft projects, for cards, for wrapping paper--- the ideas are endless!

  • I would love to use this sweet heart punch with
    the children I work with in the YMCA School Age
    Child Care Program (After School Program.)
    We are making cards for our veterans as an expression of love to remember them for their sacrifices for our country.

  • I work with children in the YMCA Afterschool Program.
    We are making Valentine's Day cards for our
    veterans. The sweet heart punch would be a great
    tool to use for making great cards for our veterans.

  • I would make a special 5 yr anniversary card for my husband. Our anniversary is Valentines Day.

  • I would use this set for adding hearts to notes and tags and letters. I think MS punches are so well made, easy to use and the designs are fabulous!

  • Would love to add this set to my ever expanding collection of Martha punches!! Especially love how it goes around a circle too!

  • I would use them for Valentines, cards, tags, scrapbooking. . . . so pretty. :) Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Not only would I use the heart punch for my valentine's day cards, I would also use them for the random I love you/I miss you notes I write to my husband, family and friends throughout the year.

  • I would use them, not only for Valentine's Day, but all year long for notes to family members!

  • i would use them for a multitude of scrapping projects thanks

  • Too cute! I'd use them for all of the craft projects my little girls love to work on.

  • I would love to have this punch for for my scrapbooking and card making projects.

  • I would use these punches for decorative punches on my handmade christmas cards.

  • ooo! these would be so fun for valentine's day!

  • I have a few craft punches, but haven't tried yours yet. They're absolutely beautiful. They'd be great long after Valentine's Day too!

  • I would use this for card making and scrapebook making.

  • I would use the punches to make gift wrapping paper for my valentine gifts.

  • I love the punches - my kids would have a ball with them!

  • Oh the crafts we could do with these. Very pretty.

  • I would use these adorable punches to make Valentine's Cards! :) They'd also be great for making borders for pictures!
    Amanda Barnes

  • very cute punches.

  • Would use such pretty punches to decorate my art studio for valentines, and let the little ones help me. Punches are great for yournger kids when supervised!

  • I would use them to decorate the flaps on envelopes for wedding invitations.

  • i scrap book-what a useful tool

  • I would love to use this punch to adorn my Valentine scrapbook pages. I would add character to the pages.

  • these punches are to die for! What a creative way to punch my cards!! I Love it!

  • These punches are so pretty! I would use them to make beautiful valentines for my sweethearts Nick and Wesley.

  • I will make Valentines Day cards for my family. When did cards get so expensive?

  • I currently working on a scrapbook for my son and I would love to have lots of hearts on the pages. This would be perfect. And of course I would use them to make homemade Valentine's.

  • I would love to use these to make Valentine's for my daughter's kindergarten class!

  • I would use this product to put hearts in my kindergarten kid's conduct books for days that they are good.

  • Oooh, these are gorgeous. I'd love to make some cards with them and also use them for my scrapbooks.

  • I think these punches would be great to decorate my correspondence with my niece and nephew!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I would use the punches to create some gorgeous valentine's day cards for my son to send to his grandparents.

  • I would use it for cards to my husband. I've been married for a year now & I would use this to help decorate my "love notes" to him.

  • I would use these with my grandchildren on projects to bring us closer together.

  • I would use these for scrapbooking pages.

  • I would use them to make the cutest Valentine's Day Cards!

  • I would love to use the punches to make Valentines for my child's class.

  • I love the punches! I would use them to make cards and surprises for my 4 grandchildren.

  • These punches ars so pretty, first I would use them to make Valentines Day cards, but I can also see using them for scrapbooking.

  • My granddaughters put hearts on everything they make so this would be great for sending THEM notes to tell them how much I love them.

  • This punch would be great for making my Valentine ’s Day cards for my friends and family. It would also be lovely to use for my wedding scrapbooking pages.

  • Very sweet, I would love to use these

  • These punches would be so great to have! I'd be able to make Valentines so easily and they'd turn out beautiful! These punches would make great wedding shower invitations too! They'd be adorable! I would love to own these punches!

  • OOooo so many uses - of course for Valentines, but also for gift tags for the homemade sweets I love to give. :)

  • I'd use this for scrapbooking.

  • I would use these punches to make Valentines and Just because cards through out the year.


    i love it, I would use the hole punch to make all my x-mas cards and birthday cards for those that are close to me-definitely would add a nice touch.

  • I would use these punches when making my handmade greeting cards and tags.

  • i would use these in my scrapbooking and to make some nice cards

  • Use the punch for crafts with my Grand daughters. So much fun!

  • I'd use these punches with my twin daughters to make Valentine's Day bookmarks for their classes.

  • Lovely punch and offer.

    I would use for valentines and other gift cards and scrapbooking too.


  • I would use these to make my own cards to send to friends and family-and include pictures of the babies.

  • I would use it to make some cute bookmarks and tuck them inside some blush-inducing, cheesy romance novels for all my single girlfriends!

  • I would use it on all my letters and cards!!! I would love to have this!

  • I would love this! Getting married this year and this would help in creating the invites

  • Cute! Sign me up.

  • Going to use this to trim all the bags that are use for lunches. GO LOVE GO

    Then all the paper gift certifcates (movies)

    Also the outside envelopes so you can see a little of inside the letter of love.

    Just anywhere that needs a little more love! and a little more Martha!

  • I'd make Valentines for my daughter's class.

  • I would use the punches to make valentines and for my scrapbooking pages.

  • I would use these punches not only for Valentine's craft project but also for gift tags, bookmarks, scrapbooking, greeting cards... this world just need all the LOVE effects :) .

  • CUTE! I like to make "How much I love you" notes to my sisters, this would be perfect to make for them.

  • I love these punches! My mom and I make cards for soldiers overseas and they love getting 'I love you' cards. We would definitely use these to create cards for the soldiers! They would look great with some of the Martha Stewart Valentines paper we recently purchased!

  • I love these punches. The possibilities are endless. I would make them into party coasters, paper doilies, cards, gift tags, etc. So many ideas for these punches.

  • These punches are so adorable! I love MS punches! =)

  • I'd give it to my crafty daughter who would love it for her card crafts

  • My girls love to make cards for everyone they know so I would let them use them. Thank you!

  • I would use them for cards and scrapbooking!

  • I would give it to my friend Sherrie who is a whiz at crafty and scrapbooking things. Thanks for the contest.

  • I would use this with my Girl Scout troop. We are making cards for people at our local senior center.

  • I love to make cards and would use this punch to make really cute cards! I'd probably use it in scrapbooking also.

  • What a great prize! I'd use it to make treat bags and boxes and cards..not only for Valentine's but for Wedding, Anniversary, New baby and so much more!

  • I would use this all the time. I am getting back into scrapbooking because I have 3 beautiful children and they need to have beautiful albums for all their pictures. My sister is getting married in June and I have been appointed creative planner! I could use this for so many projects!

  • What scrapper, card maker, mother, gift giver, tag maker, punch happy and fun person wouldn't want these awesome Martha Stewart Sweetheart Punches? I know I sure would!!

  • I would use this with the kids in the Boys & Girls Club here in Broward. They make special cards for patients in Hospice. I'm sure they'd get great use out of them.

  • I think these punches would make incredibly lovely paper placemats for a special event, holiday celebration - or just a suprise romantic dinner for two!

  • I would use these GLORIOUS punches to make paper crowns made from old photographs and crepe paper!

  • I would love these gorgeous punches as they would be perfect to make my son and his sweetheart's wedding stationary with. After making the stationary I would use the punches on their anniversary cards each to remind them of their wedding. Thank you for the chance to win them.

  • Well I would use them for Valentines of course ! And they would be added to my huge collection of Martha punches that I already have.

    Thanks !

  • i love to bake all sorts of treats then send them to the doctors office i just retired from. there are about 25 people working at that office and i have been supplying them with treats for many years.i always like to decorate and embellish whatever i put the treats in , if i had the heart punch kit i would make beautiful dollies and hearts . they all appreciate both the treats and the decorations i send. thanks

  • i would love to use the "sweet hearts" punch around the edges of all of the post-it notes i plan to stick in various places on valentines day in honor of Operation Beautiful!

  • I use the Martha Stewart's paper punches nearly everyday in my preschool classroom! I love them!

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