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Make It : Birthday Balloon Garland

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Inspired by Blake's "Easy Valentines" post last month, and in a rush to decorate for a friend's birthday party, I came up with another use for those Bistro Chalk Markers.

happy birthday garland

I used mini clothes pins, monofilament, and a bunch of balloons to make this colorful birthday garland.  The bistro markers wrote on the balloon beautifully, and it's easy to wipe off if you're nervous about your penmanship.

balloon garland

Comments (8)

  • What a great way to save the day. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • I'm going to have my kindergarten class use this for our spring decorating project.

  • garland is that little addition to make it really look like a party. simple and oh so sweet! neat markers too!

  • Hi Martha,
    This is definitely a good way for someone to decorate with balloons when they are in a pinch. If you would like I have some other ideas I would love to share with your viewers about how to decorate with balloons in a slightly different way. I can show your viewers how to make easy balloon napkin holders or fun games for the kids with balloons. My friend Addi Somekh was on your show a couple of years ago creating balloon hats. Love that you support the balloon community.

  • I too have some ideas for creating fun balloon decorations that are inexpensive, easy to do and FUN! They will also WOW your friends! Cost for enough to decorate (or Mess up! HAH!) an entire house will be quite low. Under $30-35! and My Friend Robbie Furman is one of the most SPECTACULAR artists you will EVER see! GET HIM FOR YOUR SHOW! He is a fantastic artist! You will not regret it in the slightest!

    He is also in New Jersey, and I am in IOWA! So transport will be inexpensive with Robbie! But If you ask me, I will come!

    Papa Balloon

  • So clever! And you don't have to figure out how to get all the (expensive) balloons home in the car! lol

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  • Hi!...I accidentally stumbled on your blog site and what strike me was the use of the chalk markers in the balloons...I've been looking for something that is gentle enough to write on inflated balloons, but wasn't successful...So where do you purchase those chalks?...Just thought I'd ask...

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Shiela,

    Those chalk markers are the Bistro Chalk Markers, by Marvy. You can find them here-


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