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TV Crafts : Cats & Crafts

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I think anyone who has a cat is familiar with the scenario of getting set up to craft, or already totally immersed in crafting, to suddenly find a feline friend who is extremely interested in what is happening.

Equally amusing and frustrating I present my two non-helper helpers. It never ceases to amaze me that they want lots of attention at the precise moment when my hands are their busiest.


After finally getting my embroidery floss organized so I can get to work on a new project, FN decides it's the perfect moment to distract me with her pretty eyes.


Slate finds that the bag full of poly-fill is clearly the best spot to observe the progress of my glove animal.

If you are looking for more entertaining/distracting photos of helping paws, check out the flickr pool Crafting with Cats.

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  • what adorable kitties. it really is so funny that they get all attention hungry as soon as you're busiest: writing, knitting, sewing, anything :-)

  • Too cute! I recently blogged about this same topic. My cat Oliver has always been very helpful, whether it's crafting, cooking or cleaning. He loves to watch me sew on my new (new to me, anyway) sewing machine. Here's a pic:

  • my "helpers" are the same way. FN is too cute. Maine coon?

  • i can see cats are like children in this way.

  • Click on the photos!!!! Those links made me laugh out loud! Thank you so much for that much needed respite. Love the kitties!

  • I have, more than once, chased a cat with painted feet through our house. Entertaining!

  • My Izzy Girl loves to choose the moment when I have a lap full of knitting to jump up and demand and I mean DEMAND attention. She then bats at the knitting needles and gets tangled in the yarn. But I love her and her sis, Tilly to pieces.

  • Tic,Lily and I have an understanding. I don't play with their toys, they don't play with my yarn. But do they watch very closely as I crochet away.

  • This morning Bob, my marmalade cat demonstrated his ability to snag the thread from bobbin winding. As soon as he hears--and he always hears--the bobbin pop out of the machine, and or my bobbin holder open-he is present and alert for opportunity. During machine sewing he sits with back up against the machine. I must move his tail to have room for fabric to go through. I might add that sewing time is only tine he strongly demands attention. Too bad he is so darn cute.

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