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Celebrate : far away birthday

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Somehow many of my loved ones are far far away, and when there is a celebration in their lives I can't physically be part of, I always find myself having to come up with new ways to throw them a 'party' from here. Not there to make a Mothersday breakfast for my mom inspired this box. Not being able to throw my best friend a baby shower became this story.

For my father's big 70th birthday we had hoped he could celebrate with us in New York. But since that's not possible, I thought I'd bring New York to him. I bought one of those great maps from Karen O'Leary I had shown you a while back. The kids drew some pictures (Lady Liberty with pants and the beloved New York Yankees). I embroidered hankies, found some New York music and got these little City blocks from Muji for fun. A tacky tourist mug fit in well, as did a memo paper block.


Subway maps and the New York Times made for perfect wrapping paper. And since I just saw my mom, I packed it in a suitcase for her to take home to him.

presents in suitcase

Happy Birthday, Papi, with greetings from New York !

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  • This is a great idea! It goes beyond sending a card, because you are sending a piece of yourself with all the customized, personal touches. Love it!

  • that's so thoughtful. I love how you used the maps as wrapping paper!!

  • these tipps come in sooo handy right now, cause i was planning a similar gift for my sister aswell! i recently moved from cologne to berlin, and miss my sister very much. so a box with berlin vs cologne stuff seems like a good idea. i'll take yours as an inspiration...

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