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Around Town : great sources

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I thought this post would be a nice follow-up to Silke's recent post on care packages. I've been putting together a package myself, to send to a best friend and her family who moved far far away a year ago.  Taking inspiration from Silke's advent calendar,  I'm sending lots of small gifts to be unwrapped one per day just for fun... I've been gathering my offerings for quite a while (this was originally conceived as a christmas package, yikes) so I thought I'd share some of online sources I've made use of - some of which are new to me. Pictures of the package to come in a future post... and Hope, if you're reading this, stop.

The plate above was found on etsy, made by the ceramicist Whitney Smith, whose work is really nice. Collected by Tas-Ka is a really sweet online store selling a combination of handmade and vintage products. I love their selection. Bell'Occhio is an old favorite of many here at our offices and has so many beautiful and charming things. KIOSK is a great shop with such an inspiring approach in every way, definitely have a look if you haven't already. I love these paper balloons from Ugisu. And though I think we've posted about this amazing source here in NYC, its worth doing so again, because what's better than a great candy store! And I recently purchased no less than five copies of this book to give as gifts to the little people in my life- it was my absolute favorite growing up and has been out of print for a long time. Anyway, we're wondering what your favorite sources are!

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