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Contests & Prizes : I love embroidery

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Picture 3My favorite part of our Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Craft Book is the embroidery section. Embroidery has the ability of transforming a simple piece of fabric into something incredibly special. The tools and materials you need to get started are quite minimal and inexpensive. It is also a craft that can be done almost anywhere. I am currently proficient at some basic stitches but this chapter has inspired me to learn even more. I think there will be embriodered gifts in store for my friends and family this year.

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If you would like to win a copy of the book tell us what things you will be embroidering (in 50 words or less), along with your complete name and valid email address. All comments must be received by 6 PM Sunday, 3/28. We’ll choose two commenters at random to win a copy Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts.

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  • It would be fun to add some embroidery to the pillows that I am hoping to sew for our living room :)

  • Embroidery can be so beautiful! I'm dying for this book and to embellish handmade purses with embroidery, the possibilties are endless...

  • I am currently designing some embroidery to embellish my second daughter's wedding dress, which I am making. It's a grass green linen, and a 1950s cocktail dress pattern. I'm also knitting a shawl, so the embroidery will be relatively simple.

  • I would make embroidered tea towels for friends and family for birthdays & the holidays.

  • I actually just started embroidering! I'm currently working on a pattern from Follow the White Bunny, but I'm planning on embroidering some pillowcases and an apron. I love to cook, so the apron is definitely going to be put to use!

  • I've been planning to embroider monograms on tea towels and then something more fun, like a floral pattern, around the bottom of a favorite summer skirt.

  • I can't afford the embroidered pillows that I'd love for our den. I'd love to try my hand at making something similar.

  • I would like to go beyond my basic skills. Back stitch seems to be my limit right now!

  • I would be embroidering tea towels as gifts for a very very long time. So cute, so useful, and so easy to personalize!

  • i embroider often, but can't wait to see what martha has to say about it.

    my next project will probably be some monogrammed pillowcases for my bed. in fact, i will probably sew the pillowcases, too!

  • I am teaching my eldest daughter (there are 3) to embroider at the moment. She's really enjoying it, she finds it relaxing which is wonderful because she has ADHD so sitting still can be quite a challenge. I want to show her how you can embroider items and may start with a pillowcase that she can keep for herself.
    I thought this book could make a gorgeous 10th birthday present for her in June :)

  • My sister-in-law just had a baby, so I would love to embroider some pillows for her!

  • I want to embroider a linen challah cover that I made for my preschool class. I also want to embroider some napkins for my children, and I have a very ambitious project of reproducing the adorable "birthday pictures" my grandmother cross-stitched for each of her grandchildren.

  • What will I embroider? I think it's more like what WON'T I be embroidering. I think a few t-shirts just in time for summer would be perfect.

  • baby onesies!

  • I would love to learn to embroider! I would embroider a cute handkerchief for my best friend to use in her wedding in a few months. She would love it and I would be so happy to give her such a personal gift.

  • I've been embroidering a chambray jumper of my daughter's. It was begging for some flash & panache!

  • I love embroidery because it can take the simplest piece of fabric and make it really special. Last Christmas I monogrammed handkerchiefs for my friends. I can't wait for this book!

  • I would love to embroider the edge of a tablecloth or handkerchief, an easy project to carry on the go!

  • I plan on stitching some of my son's drawings to decorate his bedroom. Currently, I'm stitching some new pillowcases for Spring.

  • I'm working on embroidering some little illustrations in a banner for my baby's nursery!

  • One of my favorite crafts is embroidery, but my favorite things to embroider? Anything baby. Whether for my own small children or gifts for baby showers, I LOVE baby embroidery. It adds that simple and innocent touch :)
    Sarah M

  • I learn to embroider from my grandmother back in the 70's. I would embroider Christmas decorations for the tree and gift for family members. I really enjoyed doing that again.

  • I just finished embroidering some onesies and swaddling blankets for a friend's baby. I love that embroidery is an inexpensive hobby that can transform simple gifts to truly special ones.

  • I'll be stitching vintage designs on tea towels. Pretty towels make washing dishes by hand much more fun.

  • i have been wanting to learn how to embroider! and as soon as i do, i'm going to make 50s days of the week tea towels like my grandma had.

  • Table linens and pillowcases to start, then perhaps the ends of towels and some small zippered bags.

  • Baby bibs for my friends twins that will arrive this summer :)

  • I need help with embroidery! I love it, but I have a hard time with it. I love embroidered illustrations hung in a hoop on the wall.

    jenna [dot] knits [at] gmail [dot] com

  • I would embroider pillowcases - nothing like a sweet little embroidered pillowcase! I also love monograms.

  • I love the sneak peek into the embordery...I can use this on my yarn projects to added a little something extra

  • My embroidery always involves making somthing for my two sons. I like to embroider on knits as well as woven fabrics.

  • I'm fairly new to embroidery but I've been wanting to make some gifts for friends who are soon to be welcoming little ones to their I was thinking of embroidering bibs or little blankets. I'm sure the new Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Craft Book will have all sorts of inspiration for me!

  • This summer I look forward to embroidering tea towels as gifts for friends and a shirt or two for myself. In addition to embroidering on fabric, I also enjoy doing it on paper when I make greeting cards.

  • I am currently making some fabric picture frames and I think adding some embroidery would make them extra special. Hope I win!

  • I am trying to start being creative everyday and one of the ways I want to start making this a reality is putting my own designs on fabric. This book would be most helpful for me to learn the correct techniques for creating beautiful embroidered craftwork. Thanks!

  • I would embroider on an ATC!

  • I will be embroidering traditional Swedish designs on my great-grandmother's linen napkins, handed down over 3 generations. As our family heritage becomes more blended, it will be nice to have a traditional craft of our ancestors.

  • I'll be embroidering on some wool felt barrettes! Not a very big project, but I've got to start somewhere!

  • I am new to sewing and crafting in general, but I would also love to learn how to embroider. My favorite projects are gifts for others, especially for the little ones. I would love to learn how to embroider a design on a baby blanket or a burp cloth.

  • I would like to try anything! I know the most basic stitch and always envied people that can embroider. =)

  • I would embroider my 1998 stone washed Gap jean jacket with the saying "If it ain't broke don't fix it"

  • I would embroider a portrait of my min pins b/c everyone despises them b/c of their awful disposition but it's become a bit of a joke...

  • Embroidery is my passion...Embroidering on gift bags in my new passion. i love to add more into that..thank you for the chance to win...i would love to win this book..please add my name for the draw

  • My next project will be embroidering some kitchen towels.

  • love to embroider.....definite de-stresser...presently I am embroidering pillowcases for each of my neices & nephews for their Easter baskets...themes include farm animals w/french names, 3 little birdies in a row, a moose w/ his track & Darth Vader....ideas for are endless!!

  • I would add emboidery to my art quilting projects. It gives such a lovely touch. Here in Ukraine we are starting to get a nice selection of embroidery materials.

  • I would love to do an embroidery of my child's artwork. It would be fun to create another piece of art from her wonderful drawings.

  • I like to embroider tea towels with various holiday and seasonal designs.

  • I think I'd like to monogram some pillows for my bedroom. Yes, that would be nice...

  • Our family is making a "friendship and family quilt" for my nephew and his new bride. I'll be embroidering my square and want to teach my daughter how to embroider too.

  • My first embroidery project would be to jazz up some white pillowcases with a pretty border pattern.

  • I don't usually enter competitions but I'm intoxicated with crafts. I educate my children at home and I would like to use it to cultivate their creativity with the hope that they may derive as much pleasure as I have. As for what we will make the possibilities are endless.

  • I haven't embroiderd for many years but would love to get back into it. My daughter is pregnant and want to embroider baby things.

  • Can't wait to get this book! I love to embroider pillowcases and on quiltblocks. I've been embroidering since I was a kid, and that is many years ago!

  • I don't know how to embroider yet, but would love to learn how.

  • I would like to embroider my kids names onto one of their shirts or their backpacks.

  • Embroidering anything sounds fun.

  • I have some napkins that need a little something extra. I'd like to embroider those!

  • I will be embroidering one of my daughter's drawings. She draws these funny looking people and hearts that would look perfect embroidered and put onto a pillow to last forever.

  • I enlarged a rubber stamp image to embroider on a pillow for my daughter. I would love to have another embroidery project to do while I watch my son's baseball games. I know that there will be some great ideas in this new book.

  • My 12 year old is excited about embellishing pillows, blankets and handkerchiefs with embroidery. I am eager to encourage her.

  • I'd love to embroider some tea towels for my friends who are getting married soon!

  • I would love to embroider some of this fantastic grey flannel I have that I want to use to back some old pictures of my mom and her family. I was thinking of framing them in a larger frame and really letting the fabric show, so some embroidery would be fantastic on it!

  • I've been planning on doing a couple of tea towel sets for a long time now - I just need to get going on that!

  • I'd embroider my daughter's shirts and jeans

  • My mother made me a stuffed kitten with a hand embroidered face when I was little. From then on, I was obsessed with hand embroidery. I started my own menagerie last year, making bunnies, kittens, scottish terriers all with embroidered big eyelashes!

  • Right now, I am embroidering my son's name and birthday date on a handmade quilt. Next up, adding some yo-yos and embroidery to a dress of my daughter to cover a moth hole.

  • I am making a baby blanket for a friend and would love to do a design on it.

  • I would like to embroider flowers on a cardigan sweater. Is that possible?

  • I would love to add embroidery in fun colors to some basic tote bags for Spring.

  • I'd like to embroider small totes to use as gift bags - personalize them with embroidery & add then add other small items inside.

  • I would be embrodering my sheets and pillow cases also personal gifts for my god children

  • I have recently been obsessed with thoughts of embroidery. But the picture at the top of this post of the bird just gave me a great idea. I could use some of the MS stamps as an outline to embroider images on all kinds of fabric. I recently purchased the bird stamps and the flower ones. I think a dogwood on a hankie would be quite beautiful.

  • So far I’m the only guy who has entered! You should give me a copy because I'm willing to admit I want it.

    If I won I'd start making my Christmas presents. That gives me 9 months to make everyone some tea towels. We could all use tea towels, right?

  • I will embroider some pillow covers.

  • I would love to learn to embroider initials for a baby's bib.

  • I'd love to learn how to embroider. Right now, I'm most tempted by the idea of adding some detail to sheets and pillowcases. I'd also love to be able to customize some t-shirts for my son & daughter.

  • I remember doing some embroidery and cross-stitch as a youngster, but haven't done it in years. I think it would be fun to pick up again... and teach my girls too! How cute would it be to embroider some linen swatches and make a banner for a child's room or nursery. I am expecting another baby this summer and would love to handstitch on tee's and little hats too. I think you've inspired me! =)

  • I would be making fancy towels for an upcoming wedding.

  • With a little luck, I'll tackle this skyline pattern I've had sitting around for way too long.

  • handkerchiefs, small fabric books, sampler fabric book, abstract designs, paper ephemera...thank you.

  • As a girl, I always embroidered but I've never shown my daughter the neat things you can do. Giving an embroidered gift to a friend is so special...I'd like to have her start with a pillowcase for a friend. There you go...I did it in exactly 50 words!

  • Place mats in holiday themes

  • I would probably embroider Christmas gifts. I've always had a goal to make towels, ornaments, etc that I have handmade for family. I'm almost there, but I think I need the final "nudge" to do this for them!

  • I will embroider pillows with words and sentences from my childhood diaries as a gift for my grandmother on mother's day.

  • If I knew how to do it I would embroider the summer dresses I'm making for my girls.

  • I like to sew gifts, so I'd love to learn to embroider to make them even more special!

  • [...] of Fabric and Sewing Crafts come payday! Here’s more great news: You can win a copy! Click here to find out how. While you’re there, check out this elegant easter egg [...]

  • I would be making some embroidered pillow forms. Either with some fancy borders or some cute animals in the middle.

  • My grandmother taught me to embroider. The first thing we made was a table scarf with a monagram on it. Padded and satin stitched. When I make a special quilt, I like to embroider the label for it.

  • Every time I see the stitches on an embroidered vintage fabric, it invites me to embroider. I know the basic stitches but would love to learn more.

    I want to embroider a skirt to wear during Spring/Summer. :)

  • I have been wanting to embroider a family tree wall hanging. I think it would be a beautiful keepsake that can be passed down.

  • some baby things for my new little nephew

  • [...] I love embroidery « The Crafts Dept. [...]

  • I'm going to embroider some shirts that have bleach stains - hide the stain and make them look pretty!

  • i will be doing some pillow cases

  • Pillowcases would be the first thing I tried, with a simple outline pattern.

  • Embroidery has become one of my favorite crafts. This Valentine's Day I embroidered the cover to a mixed CD for friends. It was a hit! And I've been meaning to get to Martha's embroidered birds for years now...

  • we have a new baby coming to our family in 2 months so some custom onesies would be fun to make

  • anything Martha is wonderful

  • I have a number of crewel embroidery kits I bought several years ago; I hope to complete them all!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I have been thinking of embroidering a wall hanging with a nice verse about family that I found.

  • I don't embroider much. I occasionaly do complete cross stitch patterns.

  • My husband wants me to embroider him a patch for his backpack---we'll have to see about that. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Other than a mini embroidery project my grandma had me help with, I haven't had the chance to learn how to embroider yet. I think it'd be great to decorate a dress with embroidery - maybe one day!

  • I'd like to embroider the ring pillow for my wedding.

  • i like to embroider little love notes on the insides of things i sew

  • I would love to improve my current "freestyle" embroidery technique and embroider some hankies for myself and friends. No more paper tissues!

  • I would like a embroider a table runner.

  • I would love to embroider a quilt and some dish towels!

  • I will be embroidering a wall hanging/stitch-art for a special birthday present. It is Art Deco-inspired, and although it will be quite basic, hopefully it will be loved!
    I'd love to learn more and more about embroidery - such a beautiful thing!

  • There are some napkins I'd like to embroider as well as some wall hangings

  • pillows for my kids

  • I have always wanted to embroider the border of my pillow cases

  • My son is knitting toys, so I am doing things like embroirdering the eyes, details, on them that he is not able to do. I am also doing some pillow cases.

  • This is so crazy! I just decided I want to learn how to embroider-I've always loved embroidery and decided I need a new hobby...I was coming here for some tips and voila saw this article on your front page!
    I would embroider a vintage handkerchief for my best friend who is getting married next March. I've got one year to learn how to make something spectacular!

  • I'll embroider little gifts for new moms -- burp cloths and onesies.

  • A memorial pillow with my parents names on it.

  • I'd like to try and incorporate a few of my embroidered squares into some of my quilting panels.

  • I'm embroidering some couch pillows right now.

  • I love how embroidery can elevate a thrift store find into something one of a kind!

  • It looks like I am going to be a first-time grandmom, so I'll be embroidering baby goodies like bibs, jackets and blankies. I'll also be embroidering tea towels and new kitchen curtains.

  • An ideal win for my daughter.

  • My grandma passed down depression-era flamingo printed pillowcases to me from her mother. My great grandma never started them, she just crocheted trim on the edges. They are so cute with weeping willows and I am embroidering them for my wedding in December.

  • Im not sure my dear elderly friend would embroider but since she's been in remission she has been on bed rest - so I am sure she'd do some pillows!

  • Lovely giveaway.I will try something for my daughter

  • i would like to stitch a drawing of my babies hands....

  • I emroider to honor my Mom whos done it 60+ years.

  • I am currently planning my wedding, looking for ways to incorporate family wedding heirlooms (great-grandmother's, grandmother's, and mother's) into the ceremony and what I am wearing, to represent the long lasting bonds of holy matrimony. I would like to learn how to embroider on handkerchiefs that I can give to my mother, sister, sister-in-law, and future mother-in-law.

  • This book would further add knowledge to my craft for home projects that I can pass on to my granddaughter

  • I would love to get beyond the blanket stitch :) I love to embellish everything from blankets to birthday pennants! Pick me!

  • Mom would love this !

  • I would like to embroider some pillows to use on the couch.

  • It's kind of a lofty goal, but I'd love to embroider portraits of my daughters' to hang in their room. I'm hoping Martha can help me along the way!

  • I want to try on my jeans

  • I am addicted to embroidering cupcakes onto tea towels! Chain stitch makes amazing frosting.

  • I plan on embroidering some pillowcases. I received beautiful ones for my wedding shower (39 years ago) and I still can't bear to discard them. I want some new ones that I can use now and enjoy like I enjoyed and appreciated the original ones.

  • I love the old style pillowcase embroidery like my grandmother did.

  • I learned to embroider from age 9 and have always loved it. The article about Bird Embroidery inspired me to take it up again, some 31 years later and although I’ve made many embroidered gifts for friends and family, I think I now have the time to finally treat myself.

  • I'd embroider dresses for my granddaughters.

  • I will be embroidering my initials on handkerchiefs just like my Grandmother used to.

  • I have been in love with embroidery since Grade 3 when my very dear teacher taught our class embroidery - we all embroidered simple apple outlines on flour sack tea towels (for Mothers Day). My latest project is to embroider my daughters initals in a heart and the date to the back of her First Holy Communion Dress. A very special day!!! We are able to create heirlooms using this simple crafts.

  • Well I just found out that I'm expecting my second child so I'll be embroidering onesies!

  • i would love to start adding embroidery into my mixed media pieces.

  • I have loved embroidery since Grade 3 when my very dear teacher taught us embroidery - simple apple outlines on flour sack tea towels. My latest project is to embroider my daughter's initals in a heart and the date to the back of her First Holy Communion Dress.

  • I have been embroidering a table runner for many years. I put it down and forgot about it. My mom passed in 2003 and pick up my embroidery again to reconnect. I am doing the design (flowers)in black work.

  • I am embroidering a flower design on some pillowcases.

  • I like to use embroidery in various projects that I work with. It adds a different dimension and texture to anything. Adding color is great too. It is something I can take with me anywhere to work on. This book would be a great guide to have! I am new to embroidery so the stitch guide would help immensely.

  • I LOVE embroidery! Isn't it so cool how it can turn any plain everyday thing into something beautiful? I especially love embroidery that looks like it could have come from the '30s or '40s. I've embroidered several pillows for family members' birthdays, and they've all appreciated the work and thought that went into them.

  • I plan to embroider squares of a quilt. My mother loves flowers so each square will highlight blooms from her garden. I intend to use vintage ribbons and embroidery thread from my great-grandmothers collection.

  • oh I want to learn embroidery so badly! this would be like my own personal teacher.

  • I want to teach my daughter some embroidery and have her make a sampler.

  • I would love to embroider some pillows for each of my kids. Also some handkerchiefs for friends for Christmas.

    mcapel4444 at

  • I would love to embroider some towels for Christmas presents.

  • I embroidered Christmas presents! I'd love to embroider some of my dinner napkins as my next project.
    Thanks again for the contest!

  • I have been learning to embroider to embellish things around my home!

  • Hello, Martha!
    I seen this woman embroidered a car, and bloons etc. on cloth dipers for a baby shower that were beautiful, and perfact! I'd love to do that with a sewing machine.
    I want to learn more about all you teach, cooking, arts-n-crafts everything you care to teach!
    Thank-you for your time!
    another admirer,
    Sarah Prater

  • If i were to win this sewing machine,the first things that I would make, are some beautiful embroider accessories for my bed room. I recently moved and I am still decorating. I have always wanted an embroidery sewing machine.

    I have been sewing for many years and I love being crafty and creative. Sewing is my most favorite craft.

  • My first project would be a quilt, with embroidered panels of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, with their names and the state they live in what they like, and favorite things to do.It would almost be like a family tree, from my house to their house. Then embroider the state flowers around for the border.

  • I would love to embroider a new bag I'm planning to make for church. Was thinking about adding doilies, but I love embroidery!

  • I have always wanted to do machine embroidery and this would give me the incentive to do just that. There are many projects, too numerous mention,to do with this machine. I would enjoy making quilts for the needy children.

  • I will monogram all my towells, my husband shirts,
    and everything I could get my hands on.

  • My first project would be to complete these pillows that I have been making for the past two years. The pillows that I speak about are on a white canvas with wool felt cut outs embroiderd on th white material. The cutouts are what I call Mingles,characters with no arms ,Flat heads with long legs and instead of feet round wheels . They are just fun to look at and render smiles when I give them as gifts. I would really need this machine to complete my idea, a more polished finish.

  • I did embroidery as a child and loved it. I would like to try it again, I got a redwork panel that I would like to start with. ThenI would like to make items for my children to pass on to their children.

  • This is the first time I've done this; I'm not computer savy. I was hoping Mother's day would bring
    Martha's book, Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts my way, but the kids didn't catch any of the hints I threw at them. Their lose, I make the crafts for them. Oh well, I guess I will just have to buy it myself.

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