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Contests & Prizes : Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts

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Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts is finally here this March 31st !

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For the past year we have been working hard on our second craft book.  It is truly our approach to Fabric Crafts and includes techniques most sewing books don’t normally cover.  In addition to sewing, quilting and embroidery we also give in depth instruction for fabric printing and dying.  We go to these techniques often here at ‘Living’, and to me sharing them with you in these comprehensive chapters with many projects to follow, makes this book all the more special.

The first part of the book is separated into 6 technique sections - sewing, applique, embroidery, quilting, dyeing and printing. Each section guides you through the technique from basics to more skilled levels.    All are filled with tips, glossaries on tools and materials, and have plenty of surprises.

The second part of the book applies all those techniques in 150 projects from A-Z with step by step instructions, templates and patterns (which come on an included CD !). All sure to keep you inspired and busy crafting with fabrics for quite some time.

This month marks the 1 year anniversary of our blog , the first birthday of Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts and now the launch of this new addition.

Reason to celebrate !

Join our celebration and win a copy Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts:         Leave a comment in fifty words or less explaining what you like to sew, or would like to sew, along with your complete name and valid email address.

All comments must be received by 6 PM 3/18/10. We’ll choose two commenters at random to win a copy Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts.
See official rules here Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.

Good luck !

Comments (181)

  • I would really like to learn how to sew pillows and window coverings. I often see such beautiful fabrics, but am intimidated about sewing on a machine and would love to learn.

  • I like to sew craft inspired items that I can wear such as unstructured jackets that do not require linings or buttonholes. I just love the tactile feel of all sorts of fabric and the visual stimulation of beautiful cloth.

  • I would like to sew a table runner. I cant find one that i like!

  • So far my sewing projects have all been throw pillows. I would love to branch out and learn some more from this book!

  • I don't have a machine, and sewing by hand takes quite a bit of time, so a lot of my projects are "would love to" projects that I'll get to one day. I'd love to get back into cross-stitch, though!

  • I am definitely a basic-level sewer but have always been fascinated with how the more advanced-level things like sewing a bias tape, using applique, embroidering, are done. This book will be such a helpful resource (as all of Martha's books have been for me) to me! Thanks for the chance to win one.

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  • I love to sew, I just wish I had better skills to do more complicated items like clothes. I can't wait to see this new book and learn from it.

  • I enjoy sewing a variety of projects, from little around-the-house type projects (I just finished making little reusable face pads) to clothes and accessories (I definitely need more practice with the clothing). I like having something to do with my hands, and I really like that I have something to show for my work, even if it's not perfect.

  • I love the excitement of picking a project, then fabrics, doing the work, and finally a (hopefully) beautiful finished product! Sewing can be very gratifying.

  • I picked up sewing again when I had kids and I was surprised at how much I remembered after 18 years! I love to sew decorative items for my children's bedroom. I want to make a crib mobile for the baby and a banner to hang over my son's bed.

  • I like to quilt and do home dec/crafts projects. I used to make clothes, but hate trying to fit the patterns. Most definitely the part I dislike most about sewing. Maybe Martha can show me an easier way?

  • i love sewing pillows, curtains and other household items. most of my sewing knowledge is self taught, so this book will definitely be a great instructional resource for me!

  • I love to sew. I've sewn most of our window treatments, costumes/clothes for the kids and Christmas decorations. My nine year old daughter recieved a sewing machine for her birthday and is so excited to learn more sewing!

  • I would love to learn how to sew a skirt. I'm fairly new to sewing and this book would definitely help with alot of questions I have. Thanks for this opportunity!
    Erin Dermody

  • I am still a beginner sewer and I enjoy many types of projects. From mending household items and clothing, to creating new quilts, and even embellishing with embroidery. I am really looking forward to the new book for inspiration!

  • I come from a long line of seamstresses and would love to continue in their footsteps. I recently just bought my first home with my husband so most of my projects revolve around home decor (window coverings, pillows, etc) but I would also love to make my own clothing.

  • I'm moving to a new apartment soon and I love to sew pillows and home decor items. I'm also really baby hungry so anything baby is really catching my eye!

  • I love to sew unique pieces to wear myself -- so when someone asks me, where'd you get that? I can tell them, I made it myself! :) I'd love Martha's new book.

  • In college, I loved sewing sorority letters. Lately, I’ve been sewing everything from tote bags to bows and flowers for the headbands I’m selling in my etsy shop. I would LOVE to learn more about sewing clothes, which I think will be the next thing I try!

  • As a young lady, I refused to learn any 'girly' skills, including sewing. I went so far as to get special permission to take wood & metal working instead of home economics. Little did I know that later in life I would come to greatly enjoy fiber arts! In the last few years, I've taken up all sorts of needlecrafts, and I love it. Being a 'late bloomer', I need all of the help I can get!

  • I love embroidery and table linens...
    sounds like a plan!

  • I'm in the process of learning to sew, but so far, I love projects for my home. I've made a few pillows and I'm working my way up to curtains. I've been really looking forward to this new book and I'd LOVE to win a copy!

  • I have a newborn and I want to make him a special quilt, but it's been a long time since my sewing lessons in fifth grade!

  • I am new to sewing but am taking classes at my local craft store. I struggle with techniques and sewing terms and would love a copy of your new book to help me with this learning process!

  • I love sewing. Right now, I'm so into making patchwork quilts. I've got lots of projects on the horizon and want to expand my abilities to different styles of sewing-related crafts. This looks like a great book! It's definitely going on my wishlist!

  • I like to sew items for my newborn daughter such as cute little shoes, fabric blocks, and other nursery items. Homemade has so much more character!

  • I'd love to learn how to sew the tiered ruffle kitchen curtains I'm dreaming of. I already bought the fabric, but probably I'm chickening out and taking it to the tailor.

  • I love hand embroidery, but am limited by what items are available for me to do it on. I'd love to read this book so I can learn how to sew my own shirts, blankets, tote bags, etc and then embroidery them all!

  • I enjoy creating items for my home such as pillows, window treatments, placemats, blankets, etc. I look forward to moving onto clothing soon - especially skirts for spring!

  • I want to move from always being a consumer to being a producer! When I sew, I produce something new that could not be bought or reproduced exactly the same.

  • I like to sew because I love the satisfaction of having completed myself. Plus, with sewing the possiblities are literally endless. You don't have to have an off-the-shelf item. It's more personal.

  • I like to sew items for the home, such as placemats, napkins and potholders. They are easy to design and fun to make. I am looking forward to Martha's new sewing book. I really like Martha's crafts book that I got last year.

  • I would love to sew a baby quilt for our baby due on the 10th of April. Handmade gifts are so much more meaningful to me.

  • I taught myself to sew on my mom's vintage machines. It makes me feel closer to her and I love to use vintage fabrics and vintage style prints to make things for our home. My mother was very skilled but we didn't have enough time to share everything. I'm looking forward to this new book because like all of the Martha "how to" books, the ideas and skills are look so well detailed and explained that you can feel comfortable attempting anything presented. I would like to attempt some simple clothing and accessories next.

  • I like to sew most anything, from home decor items, purses, bags, and totes, to clothing. Currently my obsession has been sewing for my new grandaughter - she's 9 months old and just underwent successful major surgery. I've been sewing bishop dresses I've smocked for her, as well as other items. I am so looking forward to this book, I received the Crafts book last year as a Mother's Day gift and have worked my way through many of the projects!

  • I love to sew items for our home (curtains, pillows) and clothes for my kids. I'm currently working on a felt playhouse for my daughter. I would like to learn how to do the basics better.

  • I like to do embroidery but I would love to learn more about how-tos of quilting.

  • I want to go beyond my limited skills. I see beautiful fabrics everywhere and want to be able to utilise them. I cannot wait for this book to be released!

  • I just bought my first sewing machine! So far, I can sew a straight line, but I hope the Martha book will provide me with ideas for projects and improve my skills. I want to make something baby related as I am expecting my first in June :)

  • I love to sew and make fabric crafts because if I can imagine it, I can usually make it! It's such a wonderful feeling to image a new outfit or pillow or something and then make it yourself!

  • I love to sew bags and other little things for my home. I am very much a beginner sewist, and I want to learn to make quilts and garments.

  • I love to sew, but right now it's pretty much just basic stuff like simple curtains, pillowcases, and throw pillows. I'd love to learn more advanced techniques!

  • I have recently finished piecing my first quilt and I hope to do another one in the future. I want to continue to learn and practice different sewing projects including applique.

  • My husband would be thrilled if I could sew my own flowery peasant tops intead of dragging him along to every store to hunt for them! He gave me the sewing machine for Christmas and I'd love to start sewing some cute ones for my spring wardrobe!

  • I love sewing period. lol. And at the present moment sewing dresses and fabric flowers to adorne my 2 year old daughters clothing is at the top of my list of fav sewing projects.

  • I am such a fan of Martha's books and I bet this one will be a wonderful resource for new ideas and techniques. I would love to sew my own table clothes since it is hard to find any for my large square table. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • My grandmother has six children, 15 grandchildren, and 28 greatgrandchildren. She has handsewn a quilt for each one of them. Not one of her children or grandchildren has learned and my grandma can no longer see well enough to sew. I would like to contiue the tradition with a quilt for my coming niece/nephew.

  • I would like to sew new slipcovers for my horrible, horrible living room armchairs.

  • I love sewing handbags and quilts! I'm sure this new book would give me loads of inspiration for some new designs, and I'd love to see the techniques you teach in this book.

  • I make mixed media tapestries with painted cloth and beading. This would be perfect for learning new techniques to add!

  • Right now my daughter and I are into ideas for doll clothes. I would love to work my way up to things we could actually wear too. :)

  • Right now I'm doing basic sewing with small projects. I hope to soon start sewing myself some A-Line work skirts! Also, I have one nephew now and one on the way and I am dying to make them some cute, matching outfits!

  • I am expecting my first baby in July and would love to sew curtains, bedding and wall hangings for the nursery. I have very basic sewing skills but need all the help I can get!

  • I love to sew home decor crafts and am just getting into sewing clothing and purses. I have done some quilting in the past and want to revisit the craft of quilting. I'm looking forward to Martha's book to inspire new craft and sewing ideas and techniques.

  • I am just learning to sew and can't wait to get my hands on this book.

  • When my children were young I loved making Halloween costumes for them. Nothing store-bought for my little sweeties. Plus, it was budget friendly. I really only had basic sewing skills but got better with each outfit. My kids were thrilled and never noticed any little mistakes. Waiting for grandkids!

  • I am just learning to sew and can't wait to get my hands on this book. I want to sew some home decor projects.

  • After enjoying Martha's Encyclopedia of Crafts, I know this one will be just as informative, beautiful and inspirational for everyone interested in sewing ! I'd love to own it !

  • I loved Martha's Craft Encyclopedia and I can't wait to get my hands on this. Currently, the only sewing I do is quilt related. I'd love to learn how to do anything else, especially pillowcases (so that they'll match my quilts!).

  • Last May I got a sewing machine (Singer Confidence!)as a college graduation present. So far I've only used it for hemming pants and altering shirts...I can't wait to start experimenting with pillow cases and curtains. And I'd love to learn to quilt!

  • I have a series of projects in mind that would require me to learn more about applique and hand-stitching delicate materials. I hope the new book includes some ideas for beading and embellishment, too!

  • I am a fairly new, self taught sewer. I have made a handful of tote bags, a million burp cloths, and a few minor repairs.

    I have two young sons, the youngest was diagnosed last year with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. I would love to be able to sew theraputic toys. Some of which, in retail, are too expensive to justify purchasing them when I could make them myself!

  • My mom doesn't know that I know this, but a little birdie told me that she is getting me a sewing machine for my birthday in a few days. I've never used one before and I'm really excited to learn. I would mostly love to make decorations for my home, but I'm also interested in sewing clothing as well.

  • As a future first-time mom expecting in 7 weeks, I would like to learn how to sew any and all things baby! I am amazed at the women around me who can create such beautiful baby things.

  • I'd like to sew anything! Lots of sewing projects come to mind! The first project comes to mind is a fabric pouch to organize all my art tools and color pencils.

    I'd also love to be able to make my own apron and also throw pillows. Those makes great gifts and being able to give someone something that we create by our very own hands is just so gratifying! :)

  • I learnt how to sew in university when i was getting my degree in fashion design, and i used to sew only women's clothing at that time. I have recently started sewing bags and would love to sew clothes for my son.

  • I like sewing things for my home.

  • Oh man, do I need this book. I just started sewing and have so far been winging it. Which is great for stuff with straight lines. Not so great for just about everything else. Please pick me!

  • The ability to create something from simple fabric is a great feeling. I don't sew as often as I would like, but the few items I've made have given me such a great sense of pride. I would love to learn different techniques and short cuts.

    During a time when everything is rushed and money is tight, sewing is not only soothing, but cost efficient.

  • I'm just learning to sew, and just finished a purse and a few headbands- can't wait to start on another purse!

  • My love of sewing started when my Mom sent me to sewing camp as a child! I attended several years and I have loved sewing ever since! I love quilts but usually lack the patience and love quick afternoon projects. I love how different fabric choices completely change a project!

  • My mother taught me how to sew and enjoy crafting. I have started to quilt and have much to learn. I am now retired and have the time to explore the world of quilting.

  • My mother taught me how to sew and enjoy crafting. I have started to quilt and have much to learn. I am now retired and have the time to explore the world of quilting. Bette Metzen

  • I haven't bee sewing that long but I love to sew totebags for the Morsbag ( project. It feels great to sew for a great cause. I know that I am helping marine animals by promoting the use of fabric shopping bags and helping the enviroment by using recycled fabrics.

  • I'd like to broaden my sewing knowledge repertoire.I've only used my fancy sewing machine to mend clothing and make some simple curtains. I want to teach my children as well because sewing is a skill everyone should have.

  • i just received a sewing machine for Christmas & would love to start sewing pillows, window coverings, purses and some simple clothing. i'm up for anything on this new sewing adventure!

  • I love love love to sew holiday goodies to decorate my house with and send to my favorite little friends.
    I *wish* I had more time to sit down and tackle my growing list of quilts.
    I am committing myself to making a few summer tops for myself this year!

  • I learned to sew when I was in 4th grade and have never looked back! I remember in 8th grade home ec ripping out the collar of my dress 10 times until it lay just the way it was supposed to. My teacher loves to tell that story to my mom whenever she sees her. I'm 54 now, wonder if Mrs Nunn is still alive?

  • I love to sew just about anything. Last weekend I made a dress for my daughter and a purse for myself. Next up our slippers!

  • I love to make things, whether it be window valances, pillows, duvets, napkins, quilts, or my own clothing. There is always something new to learn from reading your books. Laura G.

  • I'd love to sew a quilt and do some embroidery.

  • I mostly enjoy sewing quilts and little patchwork items for the home. I'd love to branch out and learn other techniques!

  • I've been sewing since childhood. In the past, I've sewn quilts and home decor, but recently, I've been teaching myself how to sew (and alter) clothing. Eventually, I'd like to work off of just some basic slopers for most of my wardrobe.

  • I love to sew easy, quick projects like small bags or quick blankets. If I could find more time I'd love to do more elaborate projects, such as quilting.

  • I love to sew quilts and anything crafty. This book would be a great addition to my craft libary! Thanks!

  • I learned to sew (decades ago) in middle school when we all made aprons...and here I am all these years later looking at, of all things, the cute apron patterns at the fabric store! I love to sew fun but useful things like baby quilts and purses. But, I would love to sew things for my home...if I had more time!

  • I am so excited for this book to come out! I got a sewing machine for Christmas, but it is still sitting in the box because I had no idea where to start. I have 2 little girls, so I'd love to learn how to sew blankets, toys, even custom curtains for their rooms.

  • I would like to sew an apron.

  • I am a super fan of Martha and would love to learn the process of dying fabrics and then printing them or adding embroidery. Those little details make an item more special and unique.

    I will be making purses!

  • I have been a cross-stitcher since I was 8 but I was inspired by a friend this past year to start sewing. I started by making clothes for my daughter's dolls and when I realized I could actually follow a pattern, I moved on to clothes for my own little dolls!

    I recently copied a beautiful dress I saw in a catalog and today I finished two adorable spring skirts.

    I would love Martha's new book to help me along my sewing journey!

  • Oh my many projects! I am getting ready to move into a new home and will have the opportunity to change my family, living and master bedroom decor! So much to sew! Martha's books & magazines always provide wonderful inspiration and direction. I also use sewing in papercrafts!

  • I like to sew unconventional quilts and recently joined my local chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild. What fun!

  • I love to sew all things! I am working on things for my toddler son currently. I also love to quilt. Would love this new book!

  • I love to sew just about anything, and often do. Adult clothing is daunting though, with all the adjustments that need to be made from stock patterns. I'm gathering the courage to practice on them some more though.

  • I just got a sewing machine for Christmas from my mom and have not learned how to use it very well yet. I would love to make a quilt like the Island ones from the Living Issue August 2009!!

  • I want to sew some bags to organize my kids activities supplies - swimming, church activities, and small toys for my 2yo that we can grab and go. I need ideas!

  • I love sewing totes and want to expand into clothing embellishments and actual clothing.

  • I have had a love affair with fabric since I was a little girl. There is nothing to me as thrilling as taking random pieces of fabric and making something useful, beautiful and treasured. My latest obsession is sewing plush owls for my daughter.

  • I just know that I will want to sew all 150 of the projects in Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts!

  • This book will be a must have for me to pass along to my daughter. I learned to sew in Home Economics, which is no longer taughtin sschools. My last sewing project was my daughters costume....would love to expand my horizons on fabric crafting & share it with my daughter.

  • My best friend is due to have a baby boy in May, so I'd love to learn how to sew her the perfect baby blanket in anticipation of his arrival! :)

  • I LOVE the Craft encyclopidia book! I would love to get this new addition as I have just recently started sewing and this would be the perfect time for a few more tips and ideas:)

  • Thirty-four years ago, I sewed T-shirts for my son. Now I have two little granddaughters, ages 1 and 3, to sew for. Ribbons, bows, and lace -- what fun!

  • I love to make quilts- mostly art quilts. This allows me to dabble in other crafts to apply to my quilts like beading, blockprinting, collage, photo transfers, dyeing, stitching, burning, painting, you name it!!!

  • I have always wanted to learn how to sew but I have always been too overwhelmed to know where to start. I am excited to see this book coming out, because who better to learn from than the queen of crafts!

  • I'd love to learn how to sew a sun dress.

  • I have sewed for the past 30 years. For both myself, my daughter and now for my Grandchildren. I just finished making 12 T-Shirt dresses and two bubble skirts for my 5 year old and 3 year old Grandchildren.

    Nothing gives me more pleasure than creating with my hands. I would love to learn how to make balloon curtains or roman shades for my kitchen and to learn the art of taking different pattern parts from dress patterns to create my own one of a kind design.

  • I have been sewing since I was 10 years old. My mother taught me the basics and then I continued to learn how to sew things in home ec classes in school.
    I made myself a coat and a skirt/blouse outfit.
    Now I sew my dresses and skirts but I would like to learn how to do more crafts so that I can make gifts for my friends and family. I just finished a quilt for my grandson for his birthday.

  • I have been sewing since I was 10 years old. I continued sewing through school years. Now I make all my dresses and skirts. A quilt was completed for my grandson but I want to know about more crafts for gift giving.

  • I don't have a sewing machine yet but I would love to learn to sew so that I can make skirts, blankets for the kids and curtains.

  • I would like to find crafts that I can use for gifts for family and friends. My clothes are homemade and I would really like to learn something new to do in my spare time since I am retired.

  • I am planning to sew some girly skirts for my nieces and I really want to learn how to quilt. I would love to make a special quilt for each of my children.

  • I really enjoy sewing baby items to use as gifts.....cant wait to see Martha's new book!!

  • I love Martha! She is my mentor an go to grrl for living a more beautiful cre8tive life! I found out about here new book coming out at end of March an have been giddy about it! I am a beginner embroidery artist and hand sewer. I love making pin cushions an needlebooks!

  • I have tried contacting the MS press people about getting a copy to review for our site, Hand Embroidery Network. We have over 500 followers on our blog and our ning network has almost 2,000 members. We are worldwide and I am the Blogger for USA. My column is Stitch ON Grrl and I mentioned Martha's new book on the blog an started a ? about Martha's upcoming book and if they would purchase it and there are so far around 40 comments and what I found out is that many of the members from Europe didn't know here or care for her. I would like to expose the book to those folx and turn them onto Martha an share some Martha Love!
    Thank u!
    Stitch ON Grrl

  • I love to sew because I can express myself, make something unique, be really frugal, create something useful and beautiful at the same time! Giving sewn items to others is a way to share love and warmth!

  • I would love to learn to sew (and who better to teach a novice than Martha Stewart?)! I would really like to know how to tailor my own clothes and, maybe eventually, make a complete garment myself.

  • I love hand sewing, but there's definitely a limit to the size of things I can sew by hand. I'd love to learn to machine sew so that I could start making dresses and shirts, as well as duvet covers, curtains, and some day... upholstery!

  • I spend my days designing on a computer, so when I get home at night I gravitate towards more tactile projects ~ like knitting, crocheting, felting, and embroidery. While I do hand sewing to finish these projects, I plan to make use of my new sewing machine in the near future. Julie Reed

  • Life's tough and full of multiple time consuming tasks. Sewing is a time out - a chance to accomplish something small and often the chance for socialising as friends get together to spur each other on to finish our projects or start new ones.

  • I just learn to sew. I would love to sew my daughter a sundress.

  • Just last week, I bought my very first sewing machine. I grew up with a mom who sewed several of my clothes and always in awe of the sewing machine. & now with my very own, I am excited to try to learn.

  • I want to sew a cupcake mobile for my newborn daughter.

  • I am moving in the near future, and would love to make all the window treatments for my new house. I love the feeling of "I did it myself".

  • I like to make quilts, and I'd like to make handbags, soft toys, and clothing.

  • I would learn so much if this was in my library! I am self-taught with much to learn. Martha Stewart's books are helpful- I've enjoyed learning the why in cooking and baking in the other books, and will look forward to doing the same with sewing.

  • Sewing allows you to make every project your own. Ten people can be given the same pattern or instructions and ten very different projects would result. I love the chance to make something nobody else will have.

  • I love the creative process of sewing clothing and costumes. I have been volunteering with a local community theater and have been able fulfill my love for sewing while creating fun costumes for the actors. I would love to learn new techniques to add to the costumes.

  • I would love to sew a cushion for my new window seat and some perfect pillows to go with it.

    Hailey Mann

  • [...] Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts « The Crafts Dept. [...]

  • I am a reasonably competent crafter, but this is an area that I am VERY interested in but a little intimidated by! There are several projects I've been procrastinating - mostly the creation of a new bedskirt and new curtains for my daughter's "Candyland" themed bedroom. Aside from projects I need to do to improve my home, there is a great craft listed on the site for kids rooms that look like giant pumpkins. I desperately want to make one for my daughter! (And I imagine I would do that before I'd do anything else!)

  • Since reading Little House on the Prairie as a kid, I've always wanted to quilt!

  • After years of admiring other people's sewing skills, I finally purchased my very first (basic) sewing machine--and I love it! I've started sewing paper crafts and fabric flowers but would love to explore new sewing horizons. This book is just the thing to get me started!

  • I would love to win this book! I am making a fort made of felt (fits over a card table) for my nieces, and I just love how it is turning out. The sewing details are taking me forever, but it's so fun and relaxing!

  • I love to sew just about anything and everything for my home,my family and friends. Clothes, quilts, toys, etc. I would love help with finishing techniques, fabric selection and new craft ideas!

  • My first sewing projects were hand-sewn Barbie clothes as a young girl. The love affair began--"home ec" in jr.high; decorating our first apartment; clothing my four children, myself, even my husband; countless homemade gifts. My latest endeavor is quilting. Fabric+idea+machine=happy place!

  • I taught myself to sew and love seeing my finished projects put to use. I've made curtains, pillows, costumes(my favorite) and many things for our sailboat including cushion covers. I would love to learn how to sew beyond the basics.

  • I love sewing and quilting. My grandmother taught me to sew when I was 6 - it was a hand sewn 'applique' house made in felt. She still had it when she died. It is relaxing, creative, can't come up with enough words to say how much I love it.

  • I've been sewing a lot of baby gifts lately. I want to make myself a handbag because I can't find exactly what I want in the store. This book would be a great resource and would match my Encyclopedia of Crafts! ;-)

  • I just began a beginner's sewing class and made my first T-shirt! I took this class because I wanted to learn how to sew, so that I can start making my own Christmas ornaments and to make fabric bags so that I can take them to the supermarket to use.

  • I love to sew- quilting, costumes, home dec, embroidery. I refer to the Martha Steward website often for guidance and would love to own the new book!

  • I would really like to learn to sew some simple clothing shapes like skirts and dresses.

  • I am so excited about the new Craft pupblication from the fabulous world of Martha Stewart! I love to kmake fabric projects for our home; duvet covers, cutains, table linens, etc. And I think giving handmade gifts is the most heartfelt expression there is. Owning this book can only broaden my efforts and save me from my own experiments that often fall short of my expectations. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I would love to have this book to be able to brush up on all of my 8th grade sewing techniques! My mom is a fantastic seamstress and this book would be a great first step to learning more! Thanks!

  • I like to sew ruffled hedgehogs. I really want to get better at sewing piping because I want to make lots of pillows.

  • I Love Sewing pillows and table runners

  • I love to make quilts, although I am woefully behind on making a few right now -- sometimes it's hard to make that first cut.

  • I got a sewing machine as a gift for my 30th birthday in May. So far I've sewn burp clothes and bibs for my 3 month old baby. And pillows and curtains for his room. Looking for more unique, creative projects for baby and around the house.

  • If I could, I would craft a new craft every day of the year, and that would make me a very happy and satisfied woman.

  • I would love to learn to sew curtains for my two baby girls bedrooms. Your new craft book would be a huge inspiration!

  • I like to sew appliques. I would love to sew a baby's blanket filled with animal or ABC appliques and I think the new craft book will give me great suggestions on how to do this.

  • I general sew quilts, but would love to really be able to sew my own clothes!

  • I just bought my first sewing machine, after wanting one for several years. I look forward to learning all the techniques to create my own clothes, quilts, and accessories. I love textiles and feel like I've entered into a whole new level of expression with my new sewing machine!

  • I LOVE to sew anything and everything, yet have been shy of my ultimate goal (to make my own clothing). I love to applique, sew lots of things for children & babies, and love to give away handmade items for gifts!
    Sarah M

  • I love to make quilts for the babies born into the family. Would love to have Martha's book and learn to make more things for the babes.

  • i like to sew all sorts of things! i made mother-daughter apron set for my neice and sister-in-law for christmas that were fun fun. recently i made some bean bags as party favors for my son's birthday party (we also used them in the game we played). i love to create!

  • can't wait for the book!

  • I am an avid sewer and machine embroiderer, but I've never experimented with fabric dyeing – that will really set Martha's book out from the other sewing books. I love her Encyclopedia of Crafts, and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this one!

  • Well it's been a few years since I've really sewed and I definitely don't know very much about it! This would be great!

  • I love sewing! My mom is a talented amateur seamstress, and she taught me how to sew. I would love to created better-quality clothes, and I want to make more home textiles, from dolls to pillows, to window treatments. I am also interested in creating my own fabrics through dye processes and embroidery.

  • I love to sew things with straight (easy!) lines: curtains, pillows, stuff for the home. Fabrics right now are so beautiful I want to make things all the time!

  • I know how to sew a little bit, but would love to learn new techniques to make more handmade gifts. I love the Encyclopedia of Crafts and as excited about this new book too!

  • I would like to know how to make floor length curtains lay flat. I would also like to know how to embellish store bought pillows

  • Right now, I'm sewing tutu shirts for all of the little girls I know! I've been sewing for years with direction from my mother. Now that I live in another city and she isn't watching over my shoulder, I've realized I need more tutoring! :) I'd love to read this book!

  • I'd love to sew a quilt someday for my mother. Then again, she would rather have the equipment herself and the book. Good luck.

  • I love making quilts...except for the cutting. Love the sewing and particularly machine quilting. Would like to make clothing as well.

  • I'm slowly teaching myself to sew by making clothes for my daughter. I'm tackling real challenges and loving every moment.

  • I'm still learning but I am interested in all sorts of sewing methods - apparel, household projects, quilting, knitting - almost anything! Will this book help me learn? I love Martha's books!

  • I made my first Sashiko place mat when I was in my 5th grade for a home economics class. I am so thrilled that Japanese art form such as Sashiko is being introduced by someone like you, Martha, who can reach so many people in this country and all around the world. Thank you!

  • I have longed to hand and machine sew tiny little shoes and cozy blankies for my grandchildren since my first granddaughter, Sadie, was born.
    It has been 4 years and we just had identical twin girl granddaughters born 2 months ago!
    I still have not learned how to sew; but, the longing continues.
    I was elated to see a sign-up at our local Joshua Tree Community center for beginner sewing lessons in April.
    I am hoping to attend the Stitch fest to infuse myself with sewing inspiration !
    Happy Spring !

  • I am an activity director at a nursing home. I have the first book and love all the things I can use with my residents. Although I can afford all the tools usually I can improvize and make do. The paper flowers are a hit on our tables and bulletin board. Look forward to seeing the next one.

  • My favorite thing to sew are baby quilts to give away to friends. I'm at the age where friends are having babies like crazy! I make 3-4 new baby quilts each year. Some are simple, whole cloth quilts that I hand tie, Others are pieced patterns with a hand sewn binding. I love giving something that was made with lots of love and care for a new baby.

  • This is my "Dream Machine"! I am 61 yrs.young and have always wanted a machine like this. My first project would be is to try "Everything" this Wonderful Machine does!

  • I would love to win this for my wife! She is always creating new things for our 19 mo old and 2 week old! This would inspire her, I am sure!

  • I would love to learn how to applique. I love to make quilts and I have always loved the look of applique.

  • I would love to learn how to dye. And I have learned so much from Martha Stewart already I believe that she could teach me how to finally dye fabrics. The creative poosiblities are endless!

  • I love to sew and most of time I make quilts for grandchildren. They still have them that I made for when babys. I sure could use a new sewing machine; because mine seen it's better day.

  • As a recent empty nester I am always looking for new things to get my creativity going. Married to a Veterinarian I would love to be able to sew clothes for dogs and use proceeds to help those that need help with their Veterinary Bills. People love to dress their family pets.

  • I have a rather elderly 1972 Elna which has given me very good service, but I long to be able to do machine embroidery such as monograms. If I am lucky enough to be a winner, my granddaughter will inherit my old Elna.

  • I would love to know how to make some custom made window treatments, decorator pillows and wall art for our new house. Enclosing a CD with step by step instructions, templates and patterns takes away the stress from trial and error creativity by giving us concrete examples that we know work well. Many thanks for taking the extra step!

  • Help... I am making covers for square cushions. An upper and lower piece with side panel plus welting on upper and lower edges. Having trouble with keeping the corners true to match perfectly, top and bottom. The outside corners are pulling on an angle. Is there a secret of keeping them true ?

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