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Make It : Mini Wreaths

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We have lots of half-used sticker sheets (ahem...Martha Stewart Crafts sticker sheets) around the office. I still love playing with stickers as much as I did as a kid. Today I used some of our stash to make a couple of tiny wreaths. Because they’re self-adhesive, it was a super easy and fast craft.

IMG_9690_1A flower wreath...trying to feel Springy on a grey New York day!

IMG_9680_1To make a little wreathform, I took a bowl and traced it onto chipboard. Mine is about 3/8" wide and 4 3/4" in diameter. I eyeballed the inner cut--it's getting covered up anyway--but you can trace a slightly smaller bowl for the inner circle if you prefer.

IMG_9681_1I cut the sticker sheets up but left the stickers on their clear plastic backing so I could arrange them before I stuck them down.

IMG_9685_1IMG_9687_1After I adhered the stickers, I covered the exposed sticky parts with a little tape.

IMG_9688_1Because it was well taped together, I could snip away at some of the chipboard that was showing through.

IMG_9683_1These are the butterfly stickers that I used. After I finished, I made a ribbon loop to hang them, sliding it between the stickers to hide the ribbon in the front. (see above pic's)

IMG_9699I used a stickers from four different sheets: red-pink dahlias, pink cosmos, daisy wreath and hydrangeas...but I had lots leftover!

What do you do with all the fun stickers that you have?

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  • Nice idea. They're very cute and the process seems pretty easy. Thanks!

  • Well I have lots of left overs, stickers, which I will put on envelopes, like birthday cards sent etc, I love doing that. Just the flat stickers of course, but makes the mail for someone just that much more fun to get in the mail.

  • Great idea sooo beautiful and inspiring!

  • Beautifull idea i am going to try it!

  • What a cute idea! So simple and great for kids, too. Thanks for sharing!

  • These are cute and a great idea. Thanks!

  • I use stickers for my art journal pages at times! There are so many beautiful images out going to Michael's craft store and drooling over Martha's stock! ciao!

  • I make the sweetest bookmarks with leftover stickers, my favorite doily-lace scallop-edge punch from Martha Stewart Crafts collection, ribbon and colorful cardstock! I love these wreaths too :)

  • I love these! I hate putting such gorgeous dimensional stickers away in a book. A little wreath would be a perfect addition to an Easter basket.

  • I would like to make a suggestion for a product (a punch); this seems like the place to do it. If the decision-making powers read, please consider producing a punch (small rectangular) that would allow creating letter stickers for cards and scrapbooks using our own fonts. Here is an example of what I'm looking to achieve (see "thanks"):
    The commercial letter stickers are great, but when a foreign font, for example, is needed, this tool would help create a professional looking "sticker".
    Thank you.

  • i have all of these stickers! i will be making this with my daughter izzy! great idea and fun!

  • Love this idea - perfect for some craft time with my 3 year old - and pretty too! :)

  • I totally love this and can't wait to make one!

    Thanks for the tutorial :)

  • Lovely wreaths and great use of leftover bits and bobs, our house has got so many stickers from the kids' old Filofax's, this'll give them a new lease of life, thank you!

  • LOVE this! I'm not a fan of using dimensional stickers in scrapbooking, but love them still and this is a great idea on what to use them for! I would have never thought of it! Thanks!

  • [...] Mini-wreaths – Ok, so I would need to spend some money for this one, but the butterflies wreath is just adorable. And if you’re into Dumpster Diving I’ve known people who can find AMAZING stuff in the dumpsters of Michael’s, Hobby Lobby etc … stickers like this even. So if you wait for it, you might be able to pull this one off for free. I’m just saying. [...]

  • These wreaths are very airy and pretty. The perfect Spring decor item!

  • oh how beautiful and simple, i want to try this tonight!

  • love the mini wreathes. those butterfly stickers are amazing!! i have a question:
    my mom gave me the new MS multi purpose bone folder for christmas. what is the little tiny tip thingy that keeps coming off every time i try to use it to make a sharp crease? there is no information on the packaging as to what the heck it is. how i wish she had just bought me the no bells and whistles version instead of this frustrating "ferrari".

  • Stickers are the best! My kids mostly use them for collages but this is a great idea. Thanks!

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