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Behind the Scenes : Origaminizing

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While I appreciate the art of it, I've never been able to get THAT into origami. Maybe it's that i just have too many craft hobbies already (geez), or that once I've made an origami thingie, I don't know what to do with it. But one particular paper creation that I love, and have found many uses for, is the ubiquitous and simple origami box. Instead of buying expensive pre-made organizers for my top desk drawer, I made a bunch of these tiny boxes out of 6 x 6 scraps, and came up with a neat and pretty way to contain all my tiny office supplies, trinkets, change, and -- of course -- candy.


A piece of double-sided tape on the bottom of each keeps them from slipping around.

drawer closeup

Here's a lovely, well-illustrated tutorial for making these boxes that I found online (some scrolling down required). Let us know how you put your origami to use!

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