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Make It : Spring is Here!

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Spring has come early in New York City, it's 72 degrees today!  It is the perfect day to start saving eggs to decorate for Easter.

You may not know this but I have a collection of blown out eggs, big and small, white and brown, cracked and whole, dyed and not dyed, and all of them can be used to make beautiful spring decorations.  A lot of my eggs actually come from Martha's farm, which she generously brings into the office every week.  I always try to get the Aracanda chicken ones, which range in color from blue to green to pink.

Using just a few materials I made these  little flower arrangement eggs.  I used dyed eggs from my collection and some of the natural eggs from Martha's farm, but you can easily blow out your own eggs and dye them for this project.


Right now in the Martha Stewart Crafts line we have huge assortment of spring-themed self-adhesive stickers.  I simply embellished my eggs using a few of the floral sticker sheets.  Here I used a broken egg (save the broken eggs from making breakfast and you can dye those also) as a vase for a little floral arrangement using the Lily of the Valley sticker, which is one of my favorites because it reminds me of my mother's perfume.

Lily of the valley


lily of the valley2

For the next ones I used the Dogwood branches and Daisy stickers.



Here I used the Fern stickers to decorate an Aracanda chicken egg and added a ladybug as a finishing touch.


Besides flowers there are also some 3 deminsional glittered bird stickers.


I used egg cups to display my eggs but wouldn't it be great to fill an egg carton with your creations to give as a gift?  This is a fun and easy project the whole family can enjoy.  Check out our April issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine for other great Easter eggs decorating ideas.

All of these stickers and more are available at the Martha Stewart ShopMichaels, and other fine craft stores.

Have fun crafting!

Comments (10)

  • These are very fun eggs! And it is something the even the kiddos could help out with. I would have never thought of using the stickers with the broken egg - very sweet.


  • Those are so charming!!! I love the fern and bird stickers!

  • OMG those are amazing stickers!! I am in love with what you did with them on the easter eggs. Brilliant!

  • Great idea, I think my kids will have fun with this project too! I love the daisy sticker eggs...

  • Amazingly beautiful so creative and elegant idea!
    Love your blog so inspiring
    Thank you

  • oh my goodness!! these are beautiful!! thanks so much for sharing the ideas!

  • Oh my gosh! i love these.. especially the lady bug one <3

  • All the eggs are lovely - but I love the broken egg!! Very creative-

  • What a great idea. I think my kids will join me and have fun too. Thank you!

  • Dear Hannah

    Is there anything in the whole universe more beautiful, more harmoniously shaped, more perfectly textured than an egg, any egg!

    For the sheer pleasure of it I'm working on making natural eggs, stronger and resiliant by applying a special (bleeding type) of tissue paper and the effects are fantastic.

    If you are interested in this 'eggciting' idea, please let me know.

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