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TV Crafts : Inspired by: Scissors!

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Scissors 001

In honor of the new Martha craft book, and well, crafting in general, I share my favorite tool...scissors!

The large tailor's shears above were the first pair I ever became obsessed with.  They belonged to my father and I recall as a kid loving them and needing to use both hands when he occasionally let me hold them. Now that they are mine, I leave them out on my home desk to enjoy the sculptural shape and to grab when I am cutting fabrics (NEVER paper!)

Since then I have acquired many. I have never counted, but I have all sizes and shapes. At least one pair lives in every room of my home. Sometimes more. The collection spills over to work as well, with some favorite old ones on display at my desk, and another ready for use.Scissors 002

Scissors 003

Something to keep in mind is to maintain scissors for different uses.

Fabric only for fabric, paper for paper, a strong pair for in the kitchen and so on. Labeling them is a good idea, so if other people pick up a pair they know what to use them for. Also, it's important to care for them on occasion.

But not only do I love scissors for function, I love the form as well....


1. My all time favorite fabric scissors by Ginghers.   2. A sweet pin for accessorizing by CK Metalsmithing.   3. Music to craft to by Scissor Sisters.   4. Bookends to keep craft books organized.   5. Scarf from Snoozer Loser.   6. Cuff bracelet by Toy Me! (it moves!)   7. Great graphic tunic dress by Circular Accessories.   8. Scissor fabric to make things with!

This final photo is of the current display on the TV set in the craft room. Several of us shared some of our favorites to create this layout. Seems I am not the only one collecting scissors in the department!

Scissors 004

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