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Our Sources : Mother's Day

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Much as I hate to admit, dates always seem to escape my memory.  I have missed appointments (as well as consequently rescheduled appointments), shown up the day AFTER a party (gulp), and even forgotten a best friend's birthday (double gulp)...

So if you are anything like me, mark your calendars now:  May 9th is Mother's Day.  One of the busiest times for restaurants, florists, and chocolatiers worldwide, this is the day we fall on our knees, bow our unworthy heads, and celebrate the family matriarch.

Since I can't attend high tea this year (a staple in our family), I'll be sure to send my love by post.  Here are a few stationers to help me do just that:

gc_mom_mRifle Paper Co.

il_430xN.67941910Dutch Door Press

sh1927AEgg Press

(If you feel like making  your own card, don't forget to head here for ideas!)

There's just something unequivocally heartfelt about a handwritten message, don't you think?  What are your plans for Mother's Day?

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  • Martha, Is so great. I watch her everyday, if I am not going to be home I aways tape the show. I love to craft and she has so many wounderful products.
    I have some and just love them. It is like Christmas waiting every day for her show. Martha keep up the
    GRFAT WORK. You are all we need to keep our hopes up
    and a laugh. For being such a star you are like one of us. Thank You. SOOO Much
    Again Thank You

  • Love the cards, great ideas.

  • Lovely cards, Stephanie. We owe so much to our Moms. Right now I have a giveaway on my blog featuring aprons made by Global Mamas, a fair trade company in Ghana.

    Stop by if you care to... I will be featuring "Fair Trade Friday" giveaways on the last Friday of every month to spread the word about the fair trade movement and all the amazing craftswomen around the planet. These women so need what we in the western world take so often for granted.

    All the best to you,


  • I think you meant afternoon tea, not high tea. Americans tend to use the term incorrectly. High tea is actually a working-class person's lunch not the finger-sandwich-and-tea affair I think you're talking about.

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