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Make It : My Favorite Book Project

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There are so many projects in this book I want to try, make as gifts, for my house .... but my very favorite project, I have made often for friends’ as well as my own children, are these dolls.

Picture 9

Since I hardly ever have time to sit still at a sewing machine, I love projects I can carry around with me, work on during my long commute, while I wait for the kids at their classes or games. For that these dolls are the perfect project. But there is also something magical about making them. They seem to come to life in your hands, often showing surprising resemblances (people have insisted that the one in the middle is me ?!)  It is a very emotional craft !

And so will be the reactions when you give them to your friends and children. I made ‘kids’ from around the world, as the jersey used for the head, hands and feet comes in many various skin colors and you can use any color / texture yarn.

.... endless possibilities .... endless joy ..... endless emotions. Just like real kids (big and small).

Have fun !

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