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Contests & Prizes : Shane's Favorite Project in Our Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts

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I've worked for Martha off and on over the years. These days I'm freelancing with the Crafts Dept.
I am a novice sewer for sure.  I can sew a basic stitch forward and backward.  That is about it.  The prepping for sewing is often intimidating. Before I can start sewing I have to clear out the room, consolidate all messy piles of paper into totems of peace, and quiet all distractions.  Then I can lay out my fabrics to measure and cut.

Although it is great to find the most interesting color or fiber content at the fabric shop I often long for the most direct solution which involves looking around the house and reusing something.  Rather than endlessly consuming more and more fabric it is a great idea to breathe life into something worn out or tired.

The "easy tuxedo pin-tuck pillow" from the new "Encyclopedia of Sewing and Crafts"  is just the right project for me.  I love that the project is  "predetermined."  You're already half way there with the design embedded in the material.  Even if you don't have a pin-tuck shirt, I think any shirt would look great, including t-shirts with a pocket.  I also appreciate the subversion of the tuxedo shirt into something softer and casual.

Maybe this summer I will recycle some stained shirts I have been hoarding into these pillows.pillow.indd


Want to win your own copy of our new Sewing and Fabric Crafts Encyclopedia?  Leave a comment in 50 words or less explaining what you like to sew, or would like to sew, along with your complete name and valid email address. All comments must be received by 6 PM Thursday, 4/15. We’ll choose two commenters at random to win a copy Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts.

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Comments (180)

  • So cool! I would LUV to learn some more tips! You guys rock!

  • I want to make a simple quilt for my husband. His grandmother made him one (she died when he was 11) and it was lost by family members before he became an adult. Now that my daughters are grown, I have some time that is my own. I just need some guidance!

  • I love to sew for myself, now, after having made my kids' clothes for years. Summer dresses are my favorite.

  • I enjoy sewing simple things like pillows, but I'd like to more on to more advanced things like clothing.

    Sarah Lisle

  • I like to sew all kinds of things: quilts, pillows, curtains. Right now, I need to shorten a pair of curtains I bought into valences. I'm going to use the leftover material to make some decorative pillow shams.

  • My next project is going to be one of those bag-keepers from this site, though I have some material I want to use, rather than using a tea towel.

  • How I love this book! I would love to win a copy. I flipped through it the other day at the bookstore and mentally added it to my list of books to purchase. I have read many great reviews of people saying this is a must have reference book.

  • I love the shirt-as-pillow idea and would like to try that. Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to sew a slipcover for my great aunt's footstool.

  • This pillow is super cute - I'd love to try sewing projects like these with this book!

  • I would love to sew up a sweet doll like the Black Apple ones that Emily Martin shared on Martha a couple of years ago. While she's a little too young to play with it now, I hope that my goddaughter, Quinn, will treasure it some day!

    Marissa Jacobs

  • Love the pillow! Like my grandmother before me, my hands were created to create. Would love a new source of inspiraton!

  • Ahh...I would love this book. My wonderful mama-in-law got me Martha's Encyclopedia of Crafts and as gal new to sewing...I would love to also have this book. I'd love to sew anything for my dear friend who appreciates handmade goodies.

  • I love to sew creative items for truly individual people. I love interesting and unusual items for children and adults! I am also starting to sew for our little one due in the summer - so much fun!

  • I love to sew purses. Clutches and totes are my favorites, but I enjoy sewing almost anything. Handmade is the way to go!

  • I get so proud of myself when I get to be creative at sewing, my favorite craft of all!!

  • There are SO many things I would want to sew, though I haven't gotten set up to start, just yet.

    My mother has given me her mother's sewing machine (who passed before I was born). I currently don't have room in my house for it but am trying to figure out a way to make it work and to start using it.

    I have a whole folder of bookmarks of things I'd love to sew, from pillows and curtains to children's clothes and decorative crafts.

  • I know basic sewing but I have been saving up for a machine so I can make more handmade projects instead of purchasing them. I get a since of pride from making things adn giving them to people! This book would be great for new ideas!

  • I learned to sew 7 years ago when we bought our first home. I now make all gifts our family gives for birthdays and Christmas. Clothes, quilts, purses, doll clothes...every project is a chance to learn something new!

  • I just got new beds for my boys, so I'd love to make them each a personalized quilt.

  • I love sewing purses and totes. I would love to try this tuxedo pillow, it looks great!! And what a great gift these would make to a new homeowner!!

  • Well, right now I really need to hem a tablecloth, but I'd love to try some of the more fun projects in the new book---maybe some over-dyeing! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I am adopted and I don't have anything to remember my birth mother with. I have a son who is 13 years old. I would like to learn how to sew so that he can have something to remember me by when he gets older.

  • I love to sew, because it makes me feel good. I love to make quilts. I get the joy of buying fabric, cutting it up, sewing and making beautiful quilts. Then I give them away and make someone else happy. It is just a win win situation.

  • Actually, I won this book on the first day you gave it away here. I have not seen it yet, and I can't see how to contact you.

    Does it seem like it's taking too long? I hope someone reads this and can check it for me.

    It's one of the best things I've won on a blog. *S*

  • very nice and fun book! Id like to have it! Crafting is such fun!

  • I would love to make a rag quilt and this pillow. It is absolutely genius!

  • I would like to learn how to make my own clothes.

  • That's a great idea. I am a guy and have some button down shirts that I can repurpose and would look awesome on my leather couch.

    Watch this video, I guess guys also like to sew:

  • Pillows I desperately need to sew some pillows. I love this ideal it is so fun and pretty.

  • My daughter and I are going to tackle a lined bag project. We are both new sewers so this could be fun/interesting. :)

  • Since I am just learning something simple like an apron.

  • I want to make a bench cushion for the top of a short filing cabinet in my office to create additional seating.

  • I can never seem to find skirts that fit in interesting patterns. I'd love to be able to make my own! I actually have a pile of men's shirts that I've been meaning to turn into skirts, but haven't gotten to it yet.

  • I like to sew baby gifts, I know babies grow fast and it is nice to have something home made for a bit of time when they are small. It also seems like you can get away with a few mistakes with baby clothes since "fit" is not as big of a deal as with adult clothes.

  • I would like to sew a duvet cover.

  • I would LOVE this encyclopedia. I want to learn to sew all sorts of things including curtains, pillows, and unique items.

  • There are so many things that I would like to sew - from clothes to quilts to curtains to toys. But my experience in sewing has been very limited to a few household items and one or two simple shift dresses. I would love to win the new book!

  • I just started sewing 2 years ago, at age 29, and have loved it ever since! My favorite things to make are quilts. I really want to start trying to make clothes, but for some reason feel really intimidated.

  • I would love to learn how to sew a cushion for my kids' wagon (and a matching pillow) for those long rides.

  • I love sewing clothes for my kids. Although I would really love to sew some for myself! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I would be sewing some slipcovers for my loveseat and sofa. I also have been making some felt food toys.

  • I would love to sew up some home decor for summer! Pillows, curtains, etc...

  • pillows! i have some hideous red ones we got free that need covers & our bed could use some new color too!

  • i love to make sundresses but right now i'm making an overblouse of sheerest lawn to pop on over top of these sundresses...

  • I'm just about to sew a babydoll top for myself, and some curtains for our bedrooms!

  • I love making new pillows and table runners for every Season.

  • I am just now learning how to sew. I think this book would make learning to sew easier and more fun! 

  • I am loving sewing things for my baby who will be arriving in August!

  • I love making anything for kids, though I'd *love* to some day be able to make my own clothes!
    Sarah M

  • I'd like to make some curtains for the house.

  • I'm a total beginner at sewing I would love to learn everything there is to know about sewing.

  • I like to sew easy things like pillow covers. That's all I am confident sewing.. :-)

  • I recently took an intro sewing class and I LOVE the craft! My next projects include a sewing machine cover and my first garment - a summer top. I love having templates and tutorials to work from. I can't wait to own this book!

  • As a tall girl, sometimes it is hard to find skirts that are long enough. So I love to sew clothes that fit me perfectly.

  • Id love to quilt and make clothing and accessories!

  • Hi Martha, I would like to sew my clothes and not buy no more. thanks for the chance

    My name Leia Harmon
    My email

  • I've taken a sewing class before, but it's been several years. I know I would really get into sewing if I just had a little push. Plus I want to make my future kids some cool outfits. I am a firm believer in recycling fabrics/clothes and repurposing them.

  • I just completed a sewing course and am in love with the craft. I would love to make a fun, modern quilt. I have a wonderful sewing machine and my own craft room (thank you, hubby). This book would nurture my new hobby.

  • I want to make dresses for my little girl! My mom made matching dresses for my sister & I when we were little and we were always the 'hit' at the party...I want my own little girl to have special handmade dresses of her own!

    Nicole Pankratz

  • I love to sew quilts currently. After seeing the Qee's Bend exhibit several years ago I became a lot less intimidated by quilting. I realized these quilts were all amazing and had tons of imperfections to them, which gave them personality and style. So now I just go for it and it's a lot of fun!

  • i love to sew numerous things...but right now i'm sewing aprons for my etsy shop. totally channeling my grandmother who was an amazing seamstress and designer.

  • Would love this. Have a sewing machine that's begging to be used.

  • I have this beautiful toy chest at the foot of my bed that my father-in-law made for my husband as a birthday present when he was 5. I would love to be able to sew a nice box cusion to put on top of it to help feel a little bit more part of the room.

  • Recently, I decided I wanted to learn to sew. Even though I'd never used a sewing machine, I skipped all basic classes and took quilt making instead. It was both peaceful and exhilarating! I'm now ready to try a new project and Martha's book could help me!

  • LOVE this! I have so many shirts I just can't seem to part with, this is a perfect idea to recycle them and keep them. Better yet, I will get to see my favorite shirts more than ever in my living room, rather than hidden in my closet.

  • There are so many wonderful options of delightful items to sew, but I am particularly excited about making bags and purses. All Kinds, tote bags, purses, clutches, small zipper bags to organize various items, it's endless.

  • I would love to make that tuxedo shirt pillow. My husband has dozens of shirts that are too small and this would make great use of them and make great gifts.

  • I love to sew all sorts of things, and love to upcycle fabric and reuse things in my home. This book looks incredible, would love my own copy!
    Cat Taylor

  • i'm dying to get back to sewing some clothes for myself!

    fingers crossed....

  • I don't know how to sew, but I’m eager to learn. I want to surprise my husband as he has been the one doing all our sewing and hemming projects for years! He actually recommended that I get this book for inspiration. I’d love to sew him an electronics/camera bag.

  • I would love to start sewing because growing up my grandmother would sew all the time for us and recently she passed. Since then there are a lot of projects that I found myself wishing I could ask her about. My mom let me have her sewing machine, but right now its not getting used because I have no idea of what to do. This book would be so helpful :)

  • I'd like to be able to look at one thing - an old sheet, carpenter pants etc, and know how to turn it into something else - pillows, camera case, kitchen curtains.
    I'd love for my sewing to help us save some move by reusing things we already have.

  • My mother made my three sisters and I countless Halloween costumes, matching Easter, and Christmas dresses, not to mention Prom dresses. I wish that I could do that for my children too! If you pick me I know that the book would be put to good use. Thank you!

  • I can sew simple things but would love to move advanced This book looks amazing I drooled over it at Barnes and Noble the other day.

  • Currently I'm a novice: I can make simple curtains, pillow cases...but I really want to learn more. I want to make Halloween costumes, quilts for our beds and so many other things. I never get over the high of creating something out of what looked like nothing.

  • I'm still a novice with the sewing machine, but eventually I'd like to sew dresses and skirts from vintages sewing patterns.

  • I like to sew valances using old pants (denim, chinos) for the trim. Also coasters, halloween costums, re-useable snack bags, and small wall quilts.

  • I would love to sew a t-shirt quilt. I have a pile of shirts that I can't quite bear to get rid of and would love to repurpose them into something useful.

  • I love to sew sock monkeys! I've sewn other plush creatures but keep coming back to the monkeys.

  • I love to sew clothes. I used to sew for myself but I've been sewing my my 4yo daughter. Since she's small, the dresses don't take long to make at all!

  • I am a new sewer with a brand new sewing machine and five yards of fabric. Can't wait to take the plunge and start this great new hobby. Marthas book would steer me in the right direction!

  • My current thing is bags/purses. I have sewn a lot of different things and just enjoy the process. There is always something new to learn or a new twist on the old. It's also great to introduce someone to sewing. Thank you for the chance to win this book:)

  • I normally make small quilts and pillow covers, but I'd love to start trying new projects – especially a shirt pillow.

  • I'm dying to sew a quilt for my husband's grandma. I want to put a picture of her late husband on there so she can wrap it around her when she needs him.

  • In 6th grade home Ec Class I was makeing a Heart shaped Pillow, I adjusted the needle wrong needless to say the needle went flying. I never wanted to sew again. I would like to make t-shirts and yoga pants for myself. Who new I would want to sew again.

  • I would love to sew a big canvas bag to carry all my stuff. I know exactly how it should look like but have never found the right pattern. Maybe in the book!

  • I consider myself to be still very much a novice when it comes to sewing and as such, I tend not to hold much faith in my own creations. I'd really love to be able to sew something for myself that I felt really proud of and hopefully one of these days I shall. Practice makes perfect allegedly!

  • Lately I have been renewing my stash of bibs for baby gifts, but these pillows are really cute!

  • I like to sew things I can give as gifts like baby bibs or place mats etc. I would like some other ideas so I would love this book.

  • I am currently sewing a dress for the neighbor girl for the River of Time and I can't wait to finish so I can start some of the things I've been wanting to do-like baby items and such.

  • I am planning on sewing my first skirt ever this weekend! And I will be sewing some pillow covers in the near future too!

  • I like to cut old shirts into small squares. Then sew the squares together to make quilts. I would like to try the projects in Martha's new sewing book.

  • Pick me! Pick me! I have such an oddly shaped body I have been learning how to sew so I don't look like I'm wearing a potato sack all the time. I also don't have a ton of money so I study things I like and learn to make them myself. Martha rocks.

  • I haven't made anything new for a couple of years now. I would really love to win this book so that I can be more inspired to sew something new. I hope to make 2 baby quilts for my best friend's children.

  • I am a beginner and would love to make a pair of pants

  • I love to sew because of the thrill of creating something out of nothing. I love trying to make things that I see and also make new things. I love to sew clothes and things for my house the most.

  • I don't know how to sew. At all. Not even a button on a shirt. I don't have a clue how to thread a needle. But, I see stuff everywhere - from curtains to clothes - and I think "That can't be that hard to make if only I knew how..."

  • I've always wanted to learn to sew! I recently acquired my deceased grandmother's sewing machine and I can't wait to learn how to make my own clothes, clutches, and more. This book would be a great way to learn!

  • I made my first quilt last summer, and I'd love to make some pillows to coordinate with it. Really, I'd love to make just about anything! I would love to get some fresh new ideas from such a great book!

  • I would love to sew curtains, as well as throw pillow covers for my apartment next year. I'm moving into my first apartment and want to actually make some of my decorations!

  • I really like this idea. From what I've seen here on the blog and on Martha's show, the book looks like it has lots of inspiration and ideas in it. I've gotten out of the habit of sewing, but this makes me want to get back into it.

  • I am new at sewing, but I have a long list of things I would like to sew! Some of those things are headbands, skirts, and napkins.

  • At the moment my mum and I are sewing a quilt from scraps and leftover fabric, its for my grandmother who is most definitely the doyen of our family. I am also working on two of the beautiful 'Black Apple' rag dolls, for the special little girls in my life, and attempting to make a 50's style balloon skirt, not having much luck though, so a book like this would be amazing.
    Living in Australia I find craft book hard to find or very expensive and I am always so jealous of all the wonderful craft stores and fabric you have in the States.

  • Ages ago I'd seen a shirt that had rows of tucks down the front that were sewn together in a pattern so it looked like diamonds! I'd love to make a pillow using that idea!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I love to sew baby clothes, and am starting to sew more stuff for my home.

  • Thus far, I've finished one dress for myself (& it wasn't great). I'm dieing to get better so that I can actually make something wearable!

  • I would love to embroider something special for my children. I've personalized some handkerchiefs for my husband, but that's about it. I've started to see the value of working on a project that takes a bit more time. There's love sewn right into it!

  • That pillow is fantastic! I recently found a pattern for a Union soldier's uniform that will hopefully make a great fall jacket.

  • Right now, I'm loving sewing diaper bags, but i have a ton of old clothes that I'm trying to figure out how to upcycle!

  • I most often sew quilts, but I'd love to learn about Martha's ideas for other goodies for around the home, like pillows and stuffed animals!

  • Twenty years ago I taught myself how to sew a straight line. My designs always included a gather so you couldn't tell if it was straight or not. I've moved on to fleece blankets and paper projects and not needing a gather. But, I am soo bored with straight lines.

  • I would love to learn to make children's clothing.

  • I would love to sew new curtains for our family room.

  • This would be a great way to use shirts found at thrift stores that I'd never want to actually wear. I'm so excited for this book because it will be great to have all of these ideas in one place.

  • I would love to make comfy chairs for my 4 and 5 yr old sons. I bought a pattern, really neat fabric, and my grandmother gave me her sewing machine. But I'm clueless! I would love the book to teach me what I need to know! :)

  • I love to sew for my grand kids. Books, blocks, blankets, banners, if I find a cute project I can't resist. I would love to add a copy of your book to my reference library!

  • I have a handmade patchwork wristlet-like thing that I really love for concerts and haven't been able to find any more of. I would really like to learn to craft some more for myself.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I would like to learn how to sew pillows. I need some accent for my too neutral apartment.

  • Oh, how I miss taking the time to sew! As a small business owner, it seems I rarely do what I really want to do (or get back to doing). I love color, and prints and have a huge desire to get back to dressmaking, with some accessories thrown in!

  • I have just started dabbling in the world of sewing and crafting and would love some guidance from this book!

  • I would love to sew some pillow covers and totes for shopping at the grocery store.

  • I want to make reversible tennis skirts for my girls.

  • I'd love to sew a nice new summer dress. Nothing says "summer" like a cute sundress!

  • My wife does the sewing, but she is always looking for new ideas and would, I am sure, really appreciate this "Encyclopedia".

  • I love to sew sun dresses for toddlers. I love mixing different fabric and adding ribbons for a fun look. I'd love to have this book to have some fun sewing ideas. Thanks!

  • I love that pillow and have some perfect plaid shirts that would look cute in the playroom.

  • I love to sew and create - I am a maker of sweet, silly, fun & happy things.

    That tuxedo shirt pillow is really cute. I think I would only use it for formal occassions ;)

  • I recently got back into sewing after quite a few years. My first project is making draperies for a 12' patio door in a very lightweight fabric.

  • I have a lot of possibilities to sew- new throw pillows (recycled forms); jeans blanket, duvet cover, new curtains for my son's room. I'll start with a purse! I'd enjoy the new encyclopedia, as I enjoy the baking, cooking, homekeeping!

  • I'm in a "take care of myself" phase right now, so I think I would sew myself a wonderful summer maxi dress using the decorative/embroidery stitches to enhance the neckline and hemline.

  • Now with the economy the way it is its great to make your own clothes

  • I like to sew just about anything, but I really enjoy sewing costumes for a local community theater group.

  • I would like to be able to make curtains for our home and be able to fix the fabric seats on my dining room chairs.
    thanks for the giveaway.

  • I've been cutting up my husbands old cotton plaid shirts to make a quilt. I saw an antique one in a magazine and have been accumulating since. I'm almost there! I also save the hubsters old ties which will someday be a crazy quilt. AND I save old jeans that I turn into monsters ala John Murphy's on-line video. No wonder I'm not using up my stash! I'm recycling.

  • Wow! What a neat idea.... I really like it....
    maybe I could ask each of my 42 grandies to send me a favorite blouse or shirt they can no wear anymore and want to preserve. Then I could make a pillow out of it for Christmas..... I have been looking for an idea especially for the boys. I would love to win one of your books.Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts

  • I would like to know how to sew a quilt. Have tried before, but it was just off the top of my head.

  • I want to sew a skirt for kids. I have so much fabric to use.

  • I want to sew a dress.

  • I just recently started sewing. My sister and brother in law are having their first baby in a month. This will be my first niece or nephew. I have been sewing like crazy, I made some bassinet bedding, fun burp cloths, and am in the process of sewing 3D birds for a mobile. I am now addicted to sewing, and I want to try more!

  • I would love to make some new curtains for my laundry room. Time to start thinking Spring!!

  • I like to quilt with our ladies in my church. I do the machine stitching for the quilts. The women of the church donate the materials. We are currently making baby quilts for the newborns. Quilt making has been done in my family over the year since my Great-Grandmother.

  • I would really like to start to sew clothing for myself. Being short it is really hard to find things that fit right. Thanks!!!

  • quilts, all different sizes of quilts. If I am truthful, any thing fabric.

  • When my uncle died three years ago, my aunt collected his Etro shirts, which he loved to wear, and I made a simple quilt with the fabrics. It turned out beautifully and she really treasures it now.

  • I intend to teach myself to sew - after acquiring a sewing machine, that is - and I plan on making quilts. The projects in the book would be icing on the learning-to-sew cake. : )

  • Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Right now I love to sew baby stuff - bibs, blankets, etc. Very forgiving, and manageable in size.

  • I'm a novice sewer myself; trying out a ruffle skirt for my daughter and really interested in upcycle sewing right now. Thanks for the opp!

  • clothes for my 2 daughters

  • I would love to make a cute summer dress. I've been inspired recently by Amy Butler's new Love line of fabrics and would love to make a simple dress out of it.

    vintageleslie [at] gmail [dot] com

  • I love this idea. I wish I knew how to sew!!!

  • I'd like to sew new curtains and pillows for our home. I'd also like to learn to sew some simple baby things for my first grandchild.

  • I can't tell you how many pages I have bookmarked on Martha's website of new sewing projects to tackle.

    Right now I am wanting to do the napkin-folded pillowcases features in the spring sewing project section. My old pillows need a spring pick-me-up and adding some new pillow covers will do just the trick!

    After reading Martha's new sewing and craft book, I no doubt will have a dozen more on my to-do list! :)
    Thank you for offering such fun and beautiful stuff to make!!

  • I would love to make a t-shirt quilt for my special guy - he's been collecting and saving cool t-shirts for years and really wants one. If that worked out, I would probably do the same for all the t-shirts I've collected from my daughter as she grew up (16 now).

  • I'm expecting our first baby (a girl!) on Monday. I've been nesting like crazy. Using only the simplest skills, I've made blankets, rattles, bloomers, a crib skirt, an ottoman... I dream of becoming a better seamstress and making her fun things over the years.

  • I like to sew baby clothes, and I don't even have a baby (is that crazy?) Somehow I feel it's somewhere between doll clothes and adult clothes, which come a close 2nd and 3rd.

  • I enjoy making items such as: tissue holders, coasters, bookmarks, quilts, laptop pouches, plastic bag holders. I make many items by recycling old clothing

  • I would like to sew some decorative pillows and curtains.

  • Gosh, always was envious of Martha's sewing projects -would love a new easy machine to learn 2b better seamstress! My mom has old machine, that you run using your knee!! Egads! Would love to make outdoor pillows out of sun-fabric for chaise lounges. Thanks for ideas of inspirational sewing! :-)

  • I love sewing aprons.

  • I used to sew children's clothing, but now it's household items, like pillows and such. I like to use up the extra material I have around.

  • I love to make neat and useful things for my kids! Thanks for the contest!

  • I would love to make some quilts.I love crazy quilts and have always wanted to make one using the kids old clothes.My mom made a couple of them and I loved looking at the squares and remembering a dress or shirt that we had worn.

  • I love using my imagination to create something and sewing relaxes me.

  • I love to sew with my daughters, teaching them, by letting them help sew their Girl Scout Patches onto their vests. I sew many other things, but it is these patches that give us something we do together, and celebrates the hard work they have done to earn them!

  • I love to sew quilts in any sizes without using patterns. I work in fashion & I like to use our discarded swatch cuttings & samples to make quilts. The fabrics never match, but that is what makes them so unique and beautiful gifts.

  • I do not know how to sew, but would love to be able to make dresses for my niece :)

  • I am a beginner sewer, and I am working on some outfits for my 1 year old daughter. I would love to learn how to make more crafty things with my sewing machine.

  • Lately I've been sewing cuffs and collars with some vintage fur, silk and tapestry fabrics.

  • I recently purchased a pattern for a smocked dress for my granddaughter. The Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts would compliment this project with the embroidery “how to” right at my finger tips. Fabric dying looks interesting; I would love to make an ombre dress for her as well.

    i have always admired those that sew clothes from fabric alone-I could see myself sewing my little daughter some cute dresses from the fabric of my choosing.

  • I like to sew doll clothes. I would also like to try all the projects in Martha's new sewing book.

  • I want to sew my own blouses.

  • I like to sew softies. I'm a kid at heart - most craft lovers are, you know. Having six kids of my own, though, gives me all the excuse I need!

  • I love to sew although I'm not entirely great at it. I've sewn pajamas for my kids, decorative pillows, and curtains.. pretty basic but I'm gradually getting better. I've fallen in love with applique as well. :)

  • i want this book!

  • I would love to win this to pass along to my beautiful daughter-in-law.

  • I have always wanted to sew. I'd love to be able to make beautiful pillows and housewares and blankets and linens! I would love to be able to dress my home with my own creations!

  • I just got a new sewing machine, and can't wait to see what it can do. This book would be great to try out some new projects.

  • I have admired Martha's skills and abilities and have tried to adopt as many as I coold. I work in all areas of crafting from sewing to crocheting, painting, silk screening to embrodering, including cake decorating. I can not knit ( I'm left handed and have been unable to concure that) nor have I quilted, but am planning to. I have basically self taught my self. Last year my house burned down and my craft/art room burned to. I lost all my supplies, organizational tables, book by martha everything, and of course no insurese. I am starting over and currently trying to replace these items one at a time as I am now on disability and no longer have the priviledge of my previous shopping sprees for craft items, material and equipment.I enjoy crafting for my grand kid. Everything I make is geared for them. Dolls, clothes, T-shirts, portraits, painting, pictures. They have all participated at one time or another and I have 3 very talented artist in the family, i mark it up to them helping me when they were 2 and 3.

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