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Inspiration Board : The art of paper

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My favourite projects are those that use everyday things and don't require special equipment or supplies.  There's something MacGyver-esque about being able to transform a common item into something special.
paper dogwood flowers
Case in point:  paper.  Although it is a broad category and can be hard to source (if, say, you are looking for 17th-century Dutch hand-marbled paper) I think most of us have a few sheets of tissue, cardstock, or coloured paper tucked away somewhere that could be put to better use.

Here are some ideas for flowers, lanterns, cards, and other projects that make the most of this everyday hero.

Looking for more inspiration?  On my first visit to the Guggenheim Museum I saw these incredible pieces by artist Yuken Teruya.  Using ordinary (and often disposable) materials, his works highlight social and environmental issues. Paper ingenuity, indeed.

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