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Tools & Materials : Zenith Staplers

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One of my favorite office supplies- the Zenith Stapler!  These Italian staplers are sturdy, and come in fun colors.  They are easily stored flat in a desk drawer (at 3/4" wide, they are very sleek!).  Best of all, the staples are tiny- 6mm as opposed to the 12mm size we are accustomed to.  Zenith Staplers are hard to find in the U.S., but Silver Crow Creations has a great selection of several different models.

Zenith Staplers

Zenith FUN

This model is called the 590FUN- how can you not love it??

Zenith Instructions

And on the box you'll find instructions for loading staples.

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  • Thanks for sharing these. I have been looking for a new stapler and I think that I like these little ones and also the large lawyer one!

  • These staplers look like for kids. Because in these staplers use more transparent plastic.

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