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Make It : Cocktail Party!

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One of our favourite people here at the department is Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. Not only does she exude incredible style, she imparts such humour and wit in her work.  Fresh off the heels of the National Stationery Show (word on the street is she was a huge hit.  Huge.) Anna has come up with this delightful project for us.

So roll out the red carpet, sound the trumpets, and please allow me to introduce the talented Mrs. Bond:

"Summer is in full force here in Florida so lately I've been dreaming up a refreshing cocktail party out by our pool. This DIY project is a fun and clever way to invite your guests to attend your own cocktail party. The invitation has a simple cutout of a martini glass and when you pull the tab the glass appears to be filled up by a cocktail shaker and reveals the invitation wording. With a little cut paper and some glue you'll be on your way to inviting your guests in style!

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Don't let the this project intimidate you. It's actually quite simple and I've included templates to make cutting out each piece easier.


colored paper (at least 3 colors), glue, pencil, eraser, scissors,  craft knife


1. First, cut out a 4.5"x12" piece of paper (paper A) and fold it n half making it 4.5"x6"

2. At the top of the fold cut a slit that runs 4 inches long (leaving a quarter of an inch on either side). This is the slit that you will slide the second paper through to reveal the design and wording.

3. Next, using the margarita glass template, cut out the shape of the glass on the front of paper A.

4. Glue a different colored piece of paper (paper B) on the inside of paper A. This is where you will write your invitation wording so fold over paper A and trace the shape of the margarita glass with pencil. Write your wording inside the shape and then erase the outline.

5. Next, you'll create the second main paper that will slide in and out (paper C). This paper is 4" wide and 6.25" inches tall with little quarter inch "feet" on either side (this is to catch the paper so that it doesn't slide completely out of the slit).

6. Using the templates, cut out the shaker, the hand, and a strip of paper to create the liquid pouring out. Before gluing, slide the paper underneath paper A's cutout and be sure that your shaker shape is completely covering the opening so it appears as a solid color through the hole. Then, glue all of the pieces in place.

7. To finish the card, slide paper C through the slit in paper A and then glue paper A closed on the bottom and edges. Trim the top of paper C if necessary.


project by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.

Colored Paper: Michael's
Tools: Martha Stewart Crafts"

Now that you're set with invitations, choose some signature cocktails to serve at your party!

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